Tech Talk: No Drone Technology with Jimmy Shine

In today’s Tech Talk, Richard Waitas chats with local hot rod building legend and MagnaFlow Ambassador Jimmy Shine about the background of No Drone Technology such as that found in our xMOD Universal Mufflers (#14006/#14009).

For the uninitiated, MagnaFlow’s No Drone Technology (NDT) uses passive quarter-wave noise cancellation to neutralize the tiresome, unwanted droning noises that often occur in other aftermarket exhaust systems, especially when the engine is running at typical highway cruising speeds. NDT works using the same physical principles that noise canceling headphones make use of: creating a reflecting sound wave in such a way that it cancels out undesirable frequencies, leaving only the sound you actually want.

Reflecting on how big of a deal NDT is, Jimmy and Richard talk about how droning has been an issue in the hot rod scene for decades. As Jimmy puts it, “that drone that just numbs your teeth and shakes your eyes. My God! We’ve had just some horrific examples of that happen with our vehicles, and when we started working with (the xMOD Universal Muffler) I was absolutely blown away.”

Jimmy can easily recount several builds that have since been upgraded or retrofitted with NDT via an xMOD Muffler, including an LS3 powered ’33 Ford Coupe.

As Rich points out, another advantage that the xMOD Muffler has is its packaging, which allows for flexibility in both placement and orientation. This means that it can be used in myriad more applications than a typical universal muffler. The modular nature of the muffler itself also allows for unmatched flexibility when it comes to sound.

Depending on the configuration you have it in, you can tune your exhaust for increased anti-drone or maximum volume without any major disassembly. All that you need to do is change which attachments you have connected to the muffler’s accessory port.

Check out the video to see the whole conversation for yourself and get a closer look at the what inspired Jimmy Shine in our latest episode of Developed for the Driven


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