Throtl’s Take on American Muscle

Our friend’s over at throtl have made a name for themselves on YouTube with their awesome content focused on car modification, particularly when it comes to Japanese imports. However, throtl’s Director and Lead Content Creator Mickey Andrade (AKA: “the beard behind the brand”) has recently made the uncharacteristic move of purchasing a sleek white 2020 Ford Mustang GT to use as his daily runaround and toy for tinkering.

The pony car has undergone quite the transformation in the several months since its purchase, with everything from the interior to the tires getting a significant overhaul. Of course, one of the upgrades is a complete performance exhaust system from MagnaFlow. As one of throtl’s brand partners, we were excited to hear about their new project and knew we had to be a part of it.

Throtl 2020 Ford Mustang GT

Hell of A Ride to Begin With


The 2020 Ford Mustang GT is quite the potent platform for a project car, even before any modifications have been made. For starters, the massive 5.0L (302 cubic inch) Coyote V8 produces 460 horsepower! That’s stock. With power approaching supercar levels of performance, it might seem crazy to some that such numbers are only the starting point for this build.

Mickey always knew he would own a Mustang at some point. Back when he was in high school, all his friends drove Fox-body Mustangs that their parents bought for them. Mickey bought himself an old Honda Civic and modified it to keep pace with his buddies. Of course, now Mickey is the proud owner of a muscle car that simply puts those old ponies to shame. The modern Mustang, with its independent rear suspension and advanced technology is more of a modern, nimble sports car than its straight-line speed demon ancestors ever were.


Building A More Muscular Mustang


The team at throtl have gone all-out in reworking this Mustang into a faster and more furious, street racing-ready tuner car. Modifications include a bevy of upgraded components from Ford Performance, including front and rear tow hooks, rear toe link kit, a red start button, aluminum pedal set, digital instrument cluster, upper and lower right-hand switch assemblies, front control arm kit, sway bar kit, hood strut kit, radiator cover, front and rear wheel hub kits, shift knob, 6-piston front brake kit and more. A Shelby GT350 Alcantara steering wheel has also been installed, which is a nice touch.

Inside of 2020 Ford Mustang GT built by Throtl

Anderson Composites provided throtl with a set of carbon fiber body panels, namely a rear valence, hood, front fenders, rear wing and side skirts. These new panels really increase the streamlined, sporty appearance of this American muscle-turned-sportscar. Despite replacing so many panels, the appearance of the vehicle remains tasteful, almost like something a crazy team working for Ford itself might have dreamt up.

throtl 2020 Ford Mustang GT with details

All-new steering and suspension components were supplied by Steeda. These include upgrades such as an Extreme G-Trac Brace, bump steer kit, ultralight chassis jacking rails, rear adjustable camber arms, camber plates for coilovers, a Stop the Hop kit, diff bushings and more. Steeda also provided a TriAx Short Shifter and ProFlow Power Pack, which includes a cold air intake and SCT tuner. XTA Coilovers from ST Suspension are also used. 

Mishimoto provided throtl with everything necessary to keep the ‘Stang running nice and cool, such as a new radiator, upper and lower radiator hoses, ancillary hose kit, coolant expansion tank and oil cooler kit. Additionally, Mishimoto also sent them a strut tower bar. Speaking of keeping things cool, the Mustang also benefits from a Full Tilt Boogie Racing Front Brake Cooling Duct Kit with a 10’ neoprene hose.

Other upgrades include APR carbon fiber coil pack covers and canards, as well as Gramlights 57DR 19” wheels wrapped in Falken Azenis RT660 tires. Additionally, stainless steel brake lines can be found all around. Lighting solutions include a Clear Corner Lights set from Diode Dynamics and Morimoto LED License Plate Lights. RTR supplied both the front grille and front lip for the car.


The Most Important Upgrade of All


That leaves us to discuss one of the most vital upgrades for the Mustang: its MagnaFlow Cat-Back Competition Series Performance Exhaust System (#19368). This exhaust kit is designed to bolt directly onto the catalytic converter and is packaged to fit snuggly along the same path as the stock exhaust. Gone is the stock exhaust’s resonator. It has been replaced by the cross-pipe found in this kit, which also features durable 100% stainless steel construction and 3” diameter, mandrel bent main piping.

2020 Ford Mustang GT with MagnaFlow exhaust

Exhaust gases flow through the system until it separates into a quad-split rear exit, with each side featuring a straight-through muffler before the exhaust tips. The system is dyno tested to improve performance while providing aggressive exhaust notes on the exterior and moderate sound levels on the interior. The system is covered by MagnaFlow’s lifetime warranty.

Mickey and the rest of the team at throtl didn’t mind the sound of the stock exhaust system at all. However, they love how the Mustang sounds with its MagnaFlow upgrade. It’s one of those situations where you don’t know what you’re missing until you experience it. The guys at throtl were enamored with the Ford’s newly throaty bark. It’s always great seeing other people enjoying MagnaFlow’s deep signature sound as much as we do!

 Close up of MagnaFlow exhaust tip on 2020 Ford Mustang GT

Another Great Creation


The team at throtl has done it again: creating another awesome, absolutely tricked out vehicle. People may have thought that throtl was an imports-only sort of enterprise, but they’ve been able to pleasantly surprise our team at MagnaFlow and viewers around the world with their headlong deep-dive into the world of American muscle cars. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them as one of their many esteemed brand partners and can’t wait to check out what vehicle they end up working on next.

Interested in the exhaust system featured in this blog? Here is a link where you can purchase the same upgrade for your Mustang. As always, on you can shop by vehicle based on your rides year, make, model, trim. You can also explore more for the exact exhaust system kitscustom builder parts and catalytic converters you’re looking for.

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