Tech Talk: xMOD Series Performance Exhaust for Challenger, Charger, and Chrysler 300

Here at MagnaFlow, we’re big Mopar fans with some of our favorite modern muscle cars coming from the historic moniker. The Dodge Challenger and Charger reimagine storied nameplates with brawny styling and potent performance, while Chrysler’s suave 300 carries on an American tradition of effortless power wrapped inside a luxurious cocoon.


Shared among all three of these cars is the famed Hemi V8 engine, which gets its name from the hemispherical combustion chambers that provide impressively large valves and remarkable flow. Although there’s a good deal of science behind why hemispherical cylinder heads are beneficial, the main takeaways are that they allow for higher peak pressures, more efficient heat dispersion, and impressive power figures. Maybe most important to our team at MagnaFlow are the larger intake and exhaust valves, which equate to better airflow and a menacing sound through the exhaust, especially when enhanced by our performance mufflers.



Although numerous other manufacturers have adopted the hemispherical-style chamber design since its introduction, the famed Hemi will always be synonymous with Mopar. Today, the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 found in the Challenger R/T, Charger R/T and 300 produces an impressive 363 horsepower, while the larger 6.4-liter Hemi V8 in the SRT Challenger and SRT Charger produces 485 hp. These models aren’t exactly hurting for power, but the Hellcat variants with their supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8s certainly make things a little more devilish, raising power output to an impressive 717 hp.



These Hemi-powered machines sound healthy out of the box, but here at MagnaFlow, we know there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’ve expanded our xMOD Series of performance exhausts with offerings for all Hemi-powered models of the 2017–2021 Dodge Challenger, 2015–2021 Dodge Charger, and 2015–2020 Chrysler 300 with the 5.7-liter, 6.2-liter, and 6.4-liter Hemi V8.

How Does xMOD Work?

The xMOD Series modular performance exhaust systems for the Challenger, Charger, and 300 feature lifetime warranties, full stainless steel construction, straight-through core muffler design, and fast-flowing mandrel-bent pipes. Dyno-proven power gains range from 14–21 horsepower across all models.


What makes xMOD Series exhaust systems unique, however, is the ability to configure the sound levels to your taste. With the included xMOD modules, you can easily switch from that signature deep, aggressive MagnaFlow exhaust note to a wild racecar-inspired howl. The modular design of xMOD is made possible with race-bred V-band clamps. The system incorporates end-to-end V-band clamps to make module changes quick and efficient with the use of simple hand tools. When compared to conventional U-clamps or flat-band clamps, they offer a much tighter seal to prevent unwanted exhaust leaks.



The xMOD Series performance exhaust systems decrease restrictions to airflow; the factory pipe diameter ranges from 2.50-inches to 2.75-inches, but with xMOD, that size is increased to a 3.0-inch diameter all the way from the header connection point to the tailpipe. Mandrel-bent piping also ensures uniform pipe diameter throughout, while a new MagnaFlow-designed X-pipe replaces the smaller diameter factory unit.


Front Module

The interchangeable front section of the xMOD Series performance exhaust systems replaces the factory mid-mufflers with two completely different module options. The first option is the new xMOD Muffler Module; the second option is a race-inspired straight-pipe design in the form of the xTreme Deletes. Both offer virtually identical performance gains, but notable differences in sound and driving experience.


  • xMOD Muffler Modules: The xMOD Muffler Modules are for the driver who wants that signature MagnaFlow sound with a controlled volume increase. The xMOD Muffler Modules employ MagnaFlow's proven straight-through core design with a 3.0-inch-diameter perforated inner pipe surrounded by a 5-inch diameter, 14-inch-long muffler body. These modules maintain an unobstructed flow of exhaust gases and restrain the volume of sound by way of the perforations and packing material inside of the muffler chamber.

    • xTreme Deletes: The xTreme Deletes are for the driver that wants the most sound from their V8-powered Mopar. xTreme Deletes are, as the name suggests, straight-pipe modules that fully unleash the sound of your car. While xMOD systems are entirely emissions-legal, the use of xTreme Deletes is recommended for track use only. Please check local noise regulations before installing these.

      Exhaust Valve

      Previously, Challenger and Charger owners who wanted to maintain the functionality of their factory valved exhaust had to cut out the factory valves and weld them into their new exhaust system. With differing pipe diameters between the two systems, this often resulted in a detrimental exhaust restriction. To remedy this issue, MagnaFlow designed new 3.0-inch valves for xMOD Series performance exhaust systems to maintain optimum flow. These new valves use the factory actuators as well, ensuring full compatibility and reliable performance.


      Rear Module

      The rear module of xMOD for the Challenger, Charger and 300 features MagnaFlow’s new NDT (No Drone Technology) resonators and interchangeable exhaust tips. 

      • NDT Resonator Modules: MagnaFlow’s new NDT resonators eliminate unpleasant sound frequencies — commonly referred to as drone — by way of quarter-wave passive noise cancellation. The NDT resonators are tuned for the natural drone frequency range of the stock Challenger, Charger, and 300 acoustics and also take into consideration some of the most popular bolt-on modifications. No matter which xMOD Modules you choose, the in-cabin experience will be drone-free. The NDT Resonator modules mount with the same race-bred V-band clamps found throughout the xMOD Series exhaust.


      • Interchangeable Tips: At the rear, xMOD allows you to use your factory exhaust tips or unique, model-specific tips from MagnaFlow. For Challenger, the optional tips are quad carbon fiber-wrapped 304 stainless steel tips that replace the rectangular factory outlets. For Charger, those same tips can be had in a dual configuration, matching perfectly with the factory exhaust tip openings in the rear diffuser. The 300 and pre-2018 Chargers have built-in exhaust tips on the rear fascia, requiring the factory exhaust tips to be used.



      Header Connection Pipes

      The header connection pipes are an additional benefit of xMOD Series performance exhaust systems. With xMOD header connection pipes, adding headers to your Hemi V8 no longer requires cutting your exhaust or dealing with the restrictive factory pipe diameter reduction at the inlet. The xMOD front exhaust inlets with the reduction to match factory inlet sizing are removable, allowing for a 3.0-inch direct connection with the provided connection pipes used when you install headers.

      With MagnaFlow’s new xMOD Series modular performance exhaust for Hemi-powered models of the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300, a configurable exhaust with the quality and finish you expect from MagnaFlow is finally available. Find the sound you want when you want it — with xMOD!

      Have questions? Give us a call at 1-800-990-0905, and we’d be happy to help.