Tech Talk: Overland Series Exhaust Systems

The team here at MagnaFlow shares overlanders’ spirit of adventure and love of the great outdoors. For those in the overlanding community, always being prepared for anything is the nature of the experience, and like them, MagnaFlow designs its exhaust systems to be ready for whatever comes next. Add MagnaFlow’s dyno-proven power and deep, rich signature tone to your stalwart off-road rig.



Overlanding is a combination of off-roading and camping that has its origins in Australia, where finding ways to shepherd livestock across the mostly arid continent was not recreational and instead driven by economic necessity. Today, overlanding attracts explorers everywhere who desire to test their mettle while getting more in touch with Mother Nature.

Hardly an elitist bunch, overlanders wholeheartedly enjoy welcoming ever more members to their tribe of adventurous off-roaders and exploration enthusiasts. These tenacious travelers see the journey as their destination and the wilderness as their beloved backdrop.



Preparation is by far the most important factor when it comes to successful overlanding. From what you pack (food, first aid, fuel, etc.) to the skills you bring with you, a successful overland adventure requires you to be ready for anything. That preparation includes your vehicle, which is where MagnaFlow comes in. In addition to the roof rack, tent, winch, and more that you’ll need to bring with you, making sure that your ride has the utility and performance to handle the journey is vital. MagnaFlow’s new Overland Series exhaust systems offer the enhanced capability and performance that overlanders are always looking for in their trusty internal combustion packhorses: increased power, higher ground clearance and improved departure angle.



The engineers at MagnaFlow designed the Overland Series from the ground up with overlanding in mind. To start, they made sure that each MagnaFlow Overland Series exhaust system mounts closer to your vehicle’s body than the stock positioning of the OEM system and has a high clearing exit without an exhaust tip in order to improve ground clearance and departure angle. Additionally, each Overland Series exhaust system features mandrel-bent tubing, stainless steel construction and is covered by a limited lifetime construction warranty so that you can trek wherever you please without worrying about your system failing and leaving you stranded.

  • Improved Ground Clearance: Using 3D laser scanning the engineers at MagnaFlow were able to accurately map out the undercarriage of each Overland Series compatible model with extreme precision. This allowed for Overland Series exhaust systems to be specially designed to significantly increase ground clearance by allowing the main piping and muffler body to sit much higher off the ground than was the case with the stock exhaust system.


  • High Clearance Exit: By designing a system without an exhaust tip, the engineers at MagnaFlow arranged the mandrel bent tubing of the main piping to closely hug the underside of the vehicle. With the Overland Series exhaust, gases now exit the rear of the vehicle at a point much higher than the stock configuration, all without any part of the exhaust sticking out beyond the rear bumper. As a result, both ground clearance and departure angle are greatly improved, allowing you to travel to more far-flung places than ever before.


  • Dyno-Proven Performance: Vehicle performance is also an extremely important factor when it comes to overlanding, especially with all the heavy gear that your steed of choice will be carrying to support you on your journey. The extra dyno-proven power enabled by a MagnaFlow Overland Series cat-back exhaust system will allow you to carry all your cumbersome overlanding gear much more effectively.


  • Versatile Tuning & No Drone Technology: MagnaFlow hasn’t solely focused on improving utility and performance, but road manners as well. Every Overland Series exhaust system incorporates MagnaFlow’s new No Drone Technology (NDT). NDT quarter-wave resonators work their magic by cancelling out the droning noises that can sometimes occur in aftermarket exhausts, allowing Magnaflow to offer a system that improves performance both on and off-road while maintaining a calm and relaxed ambience in the interior for long road trips to your ultimate wilderness destinations (or even mundane highway commutes).


  • Easy Installation: Many in the overlanding community are DIY inclined, and those people will find the easy installation process for the MagnaFlow Overland Series particularly enticing. Because of 3D scanning techniques and CNC precision robotic manufacturing, all exhaust systems in the Overland Series bolt on easily for hassle-free installation that you can take care of yourself without resorting to a professional.



Currently, MagnaFlow offers Overland Series performance exhaust systems for some of the most popular overlanding vehicles, including the  Jeep Wrangler JK (2012-2018), Toyota 4Runner (1996-20022003-20092003-2021), Lexus GX460 (2010-2021) and Lexus GX470 (2003-2009).

Stay tuned to MagnaFlow on our website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel and Twitter for news on upcoming Overland Series exhaust systems for other popular rigs.


There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your ride with a MagnaFlow Overland Series exhaust system; chief among these is the care that MagnaFlow takes when developing each new exhaust system. The engineers at MagnaFlow use 3D laser scanning to measure clearances exactly, CNC precision robotic manufacturing to ensure consistently perfect fitment and mandrel-bent pipes to promote greater efficiency as exhaust gases pass through the system. Such meticulousness means that all Overland Series exhaust systems bolt on and fit exactly as they should for hassle-free installation. MagnaFlow covers all Overland Series exhaust systems with a limited lifetime construction warranty thanks to such precise engineering and the durable stainless steel used in construction.

  • MagnaFlow’s Famous Exhaust Tone: We here at MagnaFlow are known for producing high quality exhaust systems that produce a deep, rich, smooth tone that brings out the best acoustics your engine has to offer. The Overland Series is no different, enhancing your rig with a powerful exhaust note to match its upgraded performance.



Unlock the untapped potential of your off-road rig with MagnaFlow’s all-new Overland Series of precision engineered performance exhaust systems. No road or trail will be able to contain you thanks to the dyno-proven performance, ground clearance and departure angle improvements granted those who run this system on their rig. MagnaFlow’s deep, rich signature exhaust tone is the star feature of the Overland Series. Thanks to innovations such as No Drone Technology (NDT), the Overland Series confers your ruggedized ride with all these benefits while maintaining proper road manners and a relaxed highway driving experience. These enhancements are easily accessible thanks to each exhaust system’s hassle-free bolt-on design. For a much-improved rig with numerous upsides and no drawbacks consider the all-new MagnaFlow Overland Series of performance exhaust systems.

Available now for Jeep Wrangler JK (2012-2018), Toyota 4Runner (1996-2002, 2003-2009, 2003-2021), Lexus GX460 (2010-2021) and Lexus GX470 (2003-2009).

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