Tech Talk: 2018+ Mustang GT Coupe xMOD Series Exhaust System

Here at MagnaFlow, we’re big fans of the new Ford Mustang GT. Independent rear suspension and that visceral, Gen 3 Coyote V8 make the GT more versatile than ever before, working equally well as a daily driver for some, a weekend show car for others and even a serious corner carver for track-day enthusiasts. Despite their varied needs, one thing these drivers often have in common is a desire for better sound and performance — that’s where MagnaFlow comes in.

All MagnaFlow exhaust systems feature stainless-steel construction, straight-through muffler design, mandrel-bent tubing and dyno-proven performance, and our new xMOD Series performance exhaust takes that proven recipe to the next level.

To meet the diverse needs of Mustang drivers, we developed xMOD, our new modular performance exhaust system for the 2018+ Mustang GT Coupe. We took input from our engineers, test and validation data, and even consumer feedback to develop the best exhaust system on the market for the new Mustang GT. Since our xMOD Series performance exhaust system is customizable, it allows Mustang GT owners to get the exact sound they crave. Swappable modules allow owners to change the sound of their Mustang GT with ease, tailoring their car to specific needs. xMOD for Mustang GT is an exhaust that’s personalized for you.


How Does xMOD Work?

Realizing that everyone uses their car in a unique way, and sometimes for multiple purposes, xMOD is designed with swappable modules. These unique modules are located at two main spots in the exhaust system: the front swappable module is located where the factory mid-muffler would be, and the rear swappable module is located where the factory back boxes would be. 


The xMOD Series exhaust’s unique modular design is made possible by race-bred V-band clamps that allow for easy module installation and removal. V-bands, compared with conventional U-clamps and flat-band clamps, are high torque and create a much tighter seal. This tight seal is achieved with a reaction block that transfers bolt torque into clamp strength. The end-to-end nature of V-band joints also make for quick and easy connections.

When an exhaust system has swappable sections, it’s important for the rest of the system to have adequate rigidity when the sections are removed. MagnaFlow re-engineered the exhaust mounts for the Mustang GT and added a center support brace to increase structural support. The factory mounts were replaced by a thick steel rod welded to two side supports and an upper support. This design creates a strong, boxed-in metal mount. The added center support brace also joins each of the two sections of pipe, ensuring they stay in place while exhaust modules are removed.


Front Module

The front most module section comes with two options: the xTreme Delete X-Pipe and the MagnaFlow TRU-X Muffler. Both offer similar performance, but a marked difference in sound.

    • xTreme Delete X-Pipe Module: As its name suggests, the xTreme Delete X-Pipe replaces a factory mid-muffler with an X-pipe module, fully uncorking the Mustang’s Coyote V8 for race car-inspired sound (recommended for track use only). X-pipes are fantastic for increasing sound, but also for extracting extra horsepower. An X-pipe works by joining each bank of cylinders and therefore equalizing exhaust gas pulses. This, in turn, more effectively scavenges exhaust gases from the cylinders, helping your engine exhale.



    •  TRU-X Muffler Module: The TRU-X Muffler is for the driver who wants performance gains with a more restrained increase in volume. The TRU-X muffler module is designed with our TRU-X core, essentially a perforated X-pipe within the muffler. The TRU-X core maintains Magnafow’s industry-leading straight-through design, while the perforations and packing material inside of the muffler allow for optimum flow and MagnaFlow’s signature deep sound, but at a controlled volume.


Back Module

The back module of xMOD for Mustang GT has two main components. A muffler section featuring our new NDT (No Drone Technology) mufflers and a valved section that changes depending on your car’s OEM exhaust configuration. These two sections are joined by a Y-pipe and function differently depending on your configuration. 


    • NDT Resonator Modules: MagnaFlow’s new No Drone Technology resonators are designed to eliminate unpleasant sound frequencies commonly referred to as drone, while still letting all of those great V8 notes escape through the tailpipe. The NDT resonators are mounted using the same race-bred V-band clamps found throughout the xMOD Series exhaust.



    • xTreme Bypass Module: For Mustangs equipped with standard exhaust, the xTreme Bypass module allows for sound level changes using a simple 11 mm tool. The Bypass module is composed of a small section of pipe with a block-off plate at the end. When closed, the block-off plate forces all exhaust gases through the NDT resonator. The block-off plate can be manually opened, however, going from stealth to competition with the Tru-X Muffler module in place, or from street to race with the xTreme Delete Module in place.



    • Valve Module: Mustangs fitted with the factory Active Exhaust benefit from a MagnaFlow-designed valve that does the same task as the xTreme Bypass Module but remotely. The MagnaFlow valve seamlessly integrates with the stock exhaust flap actuators, allowing you to change the sound of your exhaust on the fly from the cabin. If a more aggressive sound is always desired (for example, maximum exhaust sound even in the comfort drive mode), the remote valve can be removed completely with the xTreme Bypass module, providing for that race-inspired exhaust experience at all times.



    • Tips: At the rear, MagnaFlow has a number of exhaust tip options to finish off your new xMOD Series exhaust in style. Classic tip options like stainless steel and black are available, along with a new line of carbon fiber tips that add some exotic flair to your pony car.



Performance Gains

The 2018-2020 Mustang GT Coupe xMOD Series modular performance exhaust nets 16-18 horsepower and 15-16 lb-ft torque at the rear wheels. All modular exhaust configurations perform within 2 horsepower of each other, meaning that performance is always better than factory regardless of your desired setup.

With MagnaFlow’s new xMOD Series modular performance exhaust for the 2018+ Mustang GT Coupe, a plug-and-play personalized exhaust with the fit and finish you expect from MagnaFlow is finally here. Find your sound today with xMOD.

Have questions? Give us a call at 1-800-990-0905 and we’d be happy to help.