Ryan Sheckler’s MagnaFlow Factory Tour & TRX Exhaust Upgrade

Skating phenom Ryan Sheckler recently stopped by our offices to see for himself what the MagnaFlow difference is all about and to upgrade his new Ram TRX  with our Ram TRX xMOD Series Performance Exhaust System. While he was here, we got a chance to talk with him about everything from skating and cars to his businesses, as well as numerous charitable causes. 

Check out the video for yourself for our interview with Ryan and join us as he tours our state-of-the-art facilities. Our team had a great time talking with him and showing him what it is that we do here at MagnaFlow. We hope he enjoyed the experience as much as we did, and we look forward to collaborating with him on future builds.


MagnaFlow Ram TRX xMOD Series Performance Exhaust System


Ryan Sheckler's Ram TRX with MagnaFlow xMOD Series Exhaust on a lift
xMOD Series Ram TRX Exhaust System being installed on Ryan Sheckler's Ram TRX truck
Ryan Sheckler taking photo of his new xMOD series exhaust on his Ram TRX
Ryan Sheckler looking at his Ram TRX at the MagnaFlow tech center