NEO Series: Tech Talk | This is Exhaust Evolved

With the recent launch of the NEO Series, we’re bringing some of our latest innovations in exhaust technology to the 2018-2022 Mustang GT (exhaust system #19579), C7 Corvette (exhaust system #19581) and Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota 86/Toyota GR86 (exhaust system #19595). This is exhaust evolved!

As the name implies, the NEO Series represents something all-new for MagnaFlow. This line of exhaust kits is focused on meeting the needs of our tuner and enthusiast customers who are looking for that next level of sound and performance in their vehicles.

MagnaFlow NEO Series Exhaust System - Ford Mustang


Our NEO Series exhaust systems incorporate some of the high-end features you may be familiar with from our premium lines such as the xMOD Series. These include the incorporation of NDT (No Drone Technology) through the integration of components such as NDT resonators. Part of the reason behind the creation of the NEO Series is to utilize such technologies to create some all-new sounds that you’ve never heard from other MagnaFlow exhaust systems for consumers who want a more tailored engine tone to match the uniqueness of their ride.


MagnaFlow NEO Series Exhaust Systems - Chevrolet Corvette C7


As always, our goal is to make the best possible exhaust product out there for the enthusiast community. In our traditional exhaust systems, we make just about anything for any car on the road. The NEO Series is an extension of all of the things we’ve proven out in our standard exhausts with additional enhancements thanks to features carried over from our premium xMOD Series. The result is a system that isn’t as adjustable as the xMOD Series, yet offers many enhancements found in that product line at an unbeatable price point. Every NEO Series exhaust system is backed by our limited lifetime construction warranty.