MagnaFlow x Monster Jam: 20 Years of Mayhem

For decades Monster Jam has delighted longtime fans and newcomers alike by showing off what a truck can do when modified and enhanced beyond nearly all reckoning. Between the racing, jumps and other tricks these impressive rigs pull off, few vehicles have to be built to withstand the kinds of physical stresses that these trucks put up with on a regular basis. 20 years ago, that same driving spirit is what led MagnaFlow to partner with Monster Jam. The goal? To create the ultimate performance exhaust for the ultimate trucks.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of our partnership, we recently caught up with a couple of the drivers at Monster Jam in Anaheim, California. Ryan Anderson, who drives “Son-uva Digger,” is the son of monster truck legend Dennis Anderson, whose now world-famous truck “Grave Digger” became one of Monster Jam’ first monster trucks to reach celebrity status and has been going strong for more than forty years.

Son-Uva-Digger Monster Jam Truck

The Andersons have been at it since the very beginnings of Monster Jam and have several world records to be proud of. Ryan currently holds the record for the longest “bicycle” (891 ft). The trick involves balancing the truck on its side on only two tires.

Meanwhile, his sister, Krysten, currently has the high jump record and his brother, Adam, holds the title for the world’s longest wheelie. The records are hardly monopolized by the Anderson family though. Another driver we spoke to was Bari Musawwhir, the driver of “Zombie,” who hold two record himself: the most donuts in one minute (44) and two minutes (58) respectively.

Such amazing feats are possible in part thanks to the technological advances that the trucks themselves have undergone over the years, which we here at MagnaFlow have been so proud to be a part of.

From the beginning of our partnership back in 2003, MagnaFlow has helped oversee a complete revamp of the exhaust technology used throughout Monster Jam, with the results leaving drivers, audiences and venues alike more than pleased with the results.

To begin with, monster trucks essentially didn’t have exhaust systems, with their builders instead opting for open pipe setups. These flame spitting pipes sure were exciting, but as the technology changed, so did the thinking when it came to the vehicles’ exhaust.

The biggest technological change that affected monster truck exhausts came when all the vehicles switched over to electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems. To make the most of this upgrade, it was necessary for MagnaFlow to design all-new special headers as part of a precision engineered, stainless steel exhaust system designed to make the most of each truck’s staggering ~1,500-odd horsepower.

Not only does the revamped exhaust produce more power and a deeper, richer engine note—it also just looks plain awesome. As Ryan puts it, “the look of the MagnaFlow exhaust, to me it looks like two big muscled up arms down the side of the truck. Man, those things let everybody know that we’ve got the power and we’re not here to play.”

Bari appreciates how the exhaust enables an improved all-around experience compared to the simple straight pipes of yesteryear: “as a fan in my earlier, younger days, the trucks didn’t have exhausts, so they were REALLY loud. I mean, they’re still loud now, but the loudness has become finetuned thanks to MagnaFlow. Because we can still allow these trucks to still make horsepower but breathe a tone that’s decent for our younger fanbase that might not be so ear-piercing and be able to enjoy that event and still get that sense of horsepower. So, it’s definitely something that’s evolved along the way when it comes to Monster Jam trucks, and it’s a high quality product. It sounds great. It looks great, and we’re making horsepower!”

Apart from an awesome exhaust system, what really brought MagnaFlow and Monster Jam together all those years ago is our shared passion for big, powerful, loud machines that accomplish awesome feats on four wheels. Like Ryan and Bari, our love for these mighty machines goes back to our early years. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us about Monster Jam and MagnaFlow and reflect on how things have changed over the past twenty years. Here’s to another couple decades of high-octane stunts and epic exhaust engineering!

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