MagnaFlow Meetups: Open House Event Recap

MagnaFlow Opens Its Doors


The sky was bright and clear last Saturday as friends, family and locals congregated at MagnaFlow HQ in Oceanside, California, for our performance themed MagnaFlow Meetup and Open House. After the success of our overlanding focused MagnaFlow Meetup earlier this year we were eager to host such an event again. The turnout of attendees and vehicles alike was fantastic, with a large crowd and a collection of cool and unique cars wrapping around the entirety of our main corporate office.

Not only did those at the meetup get the opportunity to get a close look at some particularly special rides, but they were also able to take advantage of the “Open House” aspect of the event. In addition to being able to check out the beautiful collection of vehicles in our lobby, guests were invited to experience guided tours of our headquarters, including our state-of-the-art Tech Center.

Several of good friends in the industry were there as well, including Bilstein, SOS Customs, HRE Wheels, Anderson Composites, Optima Batteries and our co-hosts Throtl (and their epic ice cream truck). Coffee was provided by Racer Coffee Company.

THROTL Ice Cream Truck at MagnaFlow Meetups
Racer Coffee at MagnaFlow Meetups

Our Friends Have Some Pretty Sweet Rides


The main stars of the show were, of course, the cars themselves, and the day’s automotive assembly didn’t disappoint.

A smorgasbord of Supras were present, both old and new, including one owned by none other than MagnaFlow Ambassador TJ Hunt.

TJ Hunt's Supra at MagnaFlow Meetups
Yellow Toyota Supra at MagnaFlow Meetups

Of course, there were plenty of Mustangs too.

Row of Ford Mustangs at MagnaFlow Meetup

Among these awesome automobiles was a DeLorean that traveled all the way from October 21, 1985, to make the show on time.

And a particularly awesome, well-patinaed old Chevy El Camino hiding a beautifully engine swapped Cadillac twin-turbo V engine under the hood and a complete V interior swap.

From lowriders to Lamborghinis, there was something there for everyone to enjoy.

Chevy Impala at MagnaFlow Meetup

Lamborgini at MagnaFlow Meetup

We had a great time giving attendees an up-close look at our operations as well, sharing some of the behind-the-scenes tools and technology we use to make MagnaFlow products stand out from the rest.

MagnaFlow R&D Tour at MagnaFlow Meetup

Stay Tuned!

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