Lite Brite Nation: Welcome to Team MagnaFlow!

Team MagnaFlow would like to extend a hearty and warm welcome to Brittany and Kevin Williams, better known on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as Lite Brite Nation! This fun-loving, automotive-obsessed duo, together with their friends and builders Chris and Bec (And their dog Jelly!), spend most of their days living their lives to the max, often living out of their various vehicles as a result.

MagnaFlow Ambassador Lite Brite

Living The Dream


Chasing their on-and-off-road dreams while inspiring others to pursue their own passions is what Lite Brite Nation is all about, and we’re excited to join them on their epic journey to capture and share everything we all love about automobiles with the world: car culture, awesome rides and the people and products that make it all possible. Brittany and Kevin both come from a background in drifting, but their love for all things automotive hardly stops there.

MagnaFlow Ambassador Lite Brite with MagnaFlow Exhaust

From installs and travel vlogs to event appearances and off-road racing, when it comes to automotive, Lite Brite Nation leaves no wrench unturned. Whether clambering over the rocky terrain of Utah in their  mechanically cantankerous Jeep Wrangler that they’ve lovingly dubbed the “Stepchild,” or tackling the notorious Nordschleife in a race-prepped Mercedes, the pair is always pushing themselves and their Lite Brite Nation of fans to take it to the next level.

MagnaFlow Ambassador Lite Brite

A perfect example of this was their participation in this year’s King of the Hammers, where they raced as a team to a solid 23rd place finish in a used buggy. This was especially impressive considering only 35 of the nearly 100 participants even finished the race at all.

MagnaFlow Ambassadors Lite Brite at KOH 2022


Stay Tuned!


The future looks bright for Lite Brite and we can’t say enough how happy we are to have them as part of the MagnaFlow family. You may have already seen some of our recent collaborations, including an Overland Series performance exhaust system install on their new Ford Bronco (if you missed it, you can check it out here). We can’t wait to share with you what we’re working on next!

Interested in joining the Lite Brite Nation? Follow them on YouTube (Lite Brite), Facebook (Lite Brite Nation) and Instagram (@litebritenation) to stay up to date on all their latest adventures.

Welcome to the team, Lite Brite Nation!


 Lite Brite Chris under Jeep