Joey Logano: Ford Bronco MagnaFlow Exhaust Installs


As we mentioned previously, we recently stopped by the garage of NASCAR Champ and Brand Ambassador Joey Logano to upgrade the exhausts of his two new Ford Broncos. One of the venerable beasts is an original 2021 Sasquatch Edition and the 22nd Bronco off the entire production line (which also matches the number on his Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang). The other is a Big Bend Edition 2022 example.

The First Edition Sasquatch Bronco is equipped with Ford’s 2.7L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 and automatic transmission, while the Big Bend Edition features a 2.3L EcoBoost inline-four paired with a 6-speed manual.

A Tale of Two Exhaust Systems


Before the install, MagnaFlow Spokesman Richard Waitas broke down the differences between each exhaust system. The first major difference between this Overland Series system (#19556) and Street Series system (#19555) is the fact that the former utilizes a cat-back layout, and the latter is an axle-back setup. The cat-back replaces all the Bronco’s stock exhaust components from the catalytic converter to the tailpipe, while the axle-back system does the same starting with components near the rear axle. In addition to their varying layouts, another differing aspect of the exhaust kits is the sporty black powder-coated finish and dual rear exit setup with large tips on the Street Series system which stands in contrast to the subtler turn-down, high-tuck exhaust exit configuration and brushed stainless steel finish of the Overland Series kit.

Speaking of the visual differences between each of the systems, another major difference between the two vehicles is the fact that the Overland Series, while a good-looking exhaust in its own right, is a system designed to not really be that visible once installed on your SUV. That’s because, unlike the showy Street Series and its black coated dual exhaust tips, the entire Overland Series system was engineered to mount above the frame rail. This, combined with the adjustable turn-down exit allows the Overland Series system to accommodate a variety of aftermarket bumpers.

The guiding design philosophy behind the Street Series system results in an aesthetically pleasing performance exhaust that produces the deep, powerful exhaust note that MagnaFlow has built its reputation on. In contrast, our Overland Series system was engineered with more modularity, flexibility and driver comfort in mind, all while delivering that famous MagnaFlow sound. This is reflected not only in the adjustable turn-down exit, but also in the interchangeable components that you can attach to your Overland kit’s spare exhaust port. These parts include a muffler cap, u-pipe/j-pipe and NDT (No Drone Technology) resonator that can each be used in any combination to customize the Bronco’s exhaust note or minimize droning with the help of quarter-wave passive noise cancellation. The Overland system utilizes 3” piping compared with the Street Series 2.5” setup, both of which are mandrel bent to reduce exhaust turbulence and thereby improve flow.

Once Richard removed the stock exhaust from the First Edition Bronco to replace it with the Overland Series kit, he took a moment to compare the two exhaust systems. Unlike the stock system, the MagnaFlow kit features a much more compact muffler design and adjustable exit, which is highly conducive to future modification compared to the OEM setup.

Similarly, when removing the stock system off the 2022 Big Bend Edition Bronco to compare it to the Street Series system, the style and performance-oriented aesthetic upgrades are obvious, and that’s even before turning the engine over. Virtually identical mounting points allow for an easy-to-install bolt-on design, while a more compact muffler is used in order to generate more sound while retaining the same departure angle even with the added tip for improved aesthetics.

Installation of both systems was a breeze. By simply lubricating the stock exhaust isolators and loosening the clamps of the existing systems, the old system components could then be removed and replaced with the respective MagnaFlow kits using only basic tools. In the case of the Street Series system, Richard pointed out that he installed the entire system with nothing more than a 15mm standard wrench in only 15 minutes. That’s pretty impressive when you consider the final results of the installed kit. Richard also made the point that because the SUV is so tall, a lift isn’t even strictly necessary, making a true do-it-yourself installation possible.

Taking to the Streets


Next, it was time to take each beast out on the road to see what these performance ponies have to offer with their newly revamped exhausts. First up was the Overland-equipped 2021 First Edition, and the difference between the new kit and the Overland system was quite stark. Whereas the standard Bronco’s engine note is largely devoid of personality, the Overland kit offers that in spades. The other major difference that Joey noticed during his test drive was the more performant engine resulting in lower engine RPMs and an overall lack of droning noises while cruising. Joey really enjoyed the fact that be could now actually hear what was going on with his Sasquatch Edition Bronco, instead of just “wind and tires.” Both Joey and Richard got a kick out of the now audible turbo spooling sounds, which are always entertaining.

The final test drive involved taking out the 2022 Big Bend Bronco and its attention-grabbing Street Series system. Before leaving the garage, Richard pointed out that the dual tips of the system are actually clamp-on designs, which means they can be swapped out and customized to your liking.

Even before leaving the garage, Joey noticed that the exhaust went from non-existent to “much deeper.” The turbo noises were even more prominent with this system than with the Overland Series equipped Bronco. This enhanced exhaust tone is especially impressive in light of the fact that this Big Bend Bronco sports a smaller 2.3L inline-four turbo compared to the bigger 2.7L twin-turbo V6 found in the other truck. The goal with this system was to make the engine itself sound larger, and Richard points out that the sound profile of this system is somewhat the inverse of the Overland system. Unlike the Overland Series kit, the Street Series exhaust is louder at lower engine speeds while quieting down at higher speeds, whereas the Overland Series is tuned to get louder with more throttle input. Unlike the Overland Series, the Street Series system produced more drone by design for an added sense of “presence all the time” on the road.


Long-Term Testing


With both installs done and Joey visible happy with the results, all that’s left is for the NASCAR Champ to test out each system for the long term in order to provide us with feedback to inform future research and development of MagnaFlow exhaust systems. For his part, Joey is excited to see how each kit performs in the long-run and can’t wait to put some miles on them.

We’re grateful to Joey for spending the weekend with our team and are eager to see what he thinks of his Broncos’ exhausts after some extended seat time. For more awesome projects and collaborations like this follow us on  FacebookInstagramYouTube and Twitter to stay up to date on all things MagnaFlow.