Japanese Performance Showdown: Type-R vs. GR Supra

Our match-up today features two black-clad road warriors from the Land of the Rising Sun. Decades ago, Japanese automakers established a reputation for their expertise in producing fast, fun-to-drive cars in numerous form factors, from speedy sedans to purpose-built sportscars. Today we bring you two fine examples of modern Japanese performance cars, each rocking a complete MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust system: a 2017 Honda Civic Type-R and a 2020 Toyota GR Supra. Which of these sweet rides is more your style?

“R” You Ready?


2017 Honda Civic Type R

First up is the Civic Type-R, which owner Nigel Simon of Canada (@jusmytyp.r) has thoroughly customized from front splitter to rear spoiler to evoke an aggressive, angular aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern Midnight Club. This Vader-esque visage is made possible thanks to extensive custom touches, including a one-off paint job, carbon fiber trim and strategically placed vinyl wrap to name just a few. In combination with the car’s completely upgraded all-LED lighting setup, these adornments have quite a visual impact.

2017 Honda Civic Type R

The extent of such enhancements is hardly skin deep, however, as they’re backed up by a complete accompaniment of engine performance upgrades from the likes of PRL (custom painted intercooler, front pipe, downpipe, high-volume intake, titanium turbo inlet piping and charge pipes), PTP (downpipe wrap and turbo blankets), ACUiTY (Stage 3 short shifter kit, upgraded shifter bushing kit, ESCO purple shift knob and titanium shift collar upgrade) and more. The OEM fog light housings have even been turned into functional air intakes thanks to the wonders of modern 3D printing technology!

2017 Honda Civic Type R with MagnaFlow Exhaust System

These engine enhancements pair nicely with the Eibach lowering springs, Hasport rear motor mount and SPC adjustable rear camber arms that were installed with the goal of further improving the car’s already highly capable handling characteristics. This theme continues with a set of custom painted Brembo brakes and 18” O.Z. Ultraleggera wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advan Neovas 265/35/18.

2017 Honda Civic Type R with MagnaFlow Exhaust System

For the Civic’s exhaust, Simon decided to go with a complete cat-back performance exhaust system from our Competition Series (#19383). The triple exit of the system has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the Type-R’s somewhat special central exhaust exit. The owner decided to go with MagnaFlow based on his previous enjoyment of one of our systems that he installed years ago on his old E46 BMW 3 Series. With the track-ready sound of its Competition Series MagnaFlow system, this sporty sedan is sure to keep turning heads for years to come.

 Supra Power


Like the Civic Type-R, the Toyota Supra is considered one of the all-time great Japanese performance cars. This beautiful GR example, owned by Umar of Virginia (@nocturnal.a90), represents the culmination of all of Toyota’s performance know-how to date. Like the Type-R, the modern Supra loves flaunting the geometry of its bodywork. That said, the Toyota aims for a more sweeping, flowing aesthetic compared to the Civic’s outright aggressive angles. Its silhouette befits that of a classic sportscar, albeit with a modern and distinctly Japanese twist.

When it comes to upgrades and custom enhancements, Umar focused on the areas he felt would have the biggest impact, both visually and performance wise. These include a Sunveer Street Hunter style rear wing, a set of Velgen Wheels VRF5s, Nitto Tire NT555 G2s all around (275/30/r20 front and 305/30/r20 rear) and carbon fiber hood vents from A90 Shop.

Of course, rounding out these upgrades is a MagnaFlow performance exhaust system. In the case of his already attention-grabbing GR Supra, Umar decided against any sort of compromise and went for one of our top-of-the-line xMOD Series cat-back systems (#19495). This state-of-the-art exhaust offers unparalleled modularity that enables Umar to completely change the personality of his GR’s engine with little more than a few turns of a wrench. With such a system, his Supra can transform from a comfortable, drone-free GT-like cruiser into a straight-pipe racetrack menace at the drop of a hat.

Toyota Supra MagnaFlow xMOD Series Exhaust System

Not unlike Simon with his Type-R, Umar ended up choosing a MagnaFlow exhaust based off his prior experience with our products. Namely, the cat-back exhaust system he was running on his previous car: a 2018 Camry XSE. When the time came for him to purchase a new vehicle his heart was set on something with real performance. As such, he had his eyes set on a 5.0L Ford Mustang GT, but a quick test drive in his friend’s Supra instantly won him over.

Similar Taste—Different Flavors


Each of these vehicles represent distinct takes on what performance truly means for modern automobiles. While both designs hail from the same global automotive powerhouse that is Japan, each was originally created with the goal of appealing to a different type of buyer.

Which of these rides best suits your style? We always love hearing what you all think when we do these comparisons, so feel free to let us know on Instagram. Interested in being featured in one of our future matchups? Make sure to tag us in your Instagram post with #MagnaFlow for your own chance at greater internet glory. Don't have a MagnaFlow setup yet? Start building your ride with our shop by vehicle tool