Featured Build: MagnaFlow Equipped FJ Bruiser – SEMA Highlight

It is no question that the SEMA Show brings forth the most creative, insane, and impressive builds from exhibitors. The 2023 show was no different, MagnaFlow had the pleasure of being part of Toyota’s “FJ Bruiser” which undoubtedly stole the spotlight.

The Build

Paying homage to the 1966 FJ45 pickup truck, the Toyota team built this beastly vehicle making it the ultimate “King of the Hammers” style classic. Starting off it’s journey at the Toyota Racing Development center, they started with a modified version of the current TRD, 358 cu.in. V8 NASCAR Cup Car powerplant and paired it with a MagnaFlow custom exhaust system.

With the custom MagnaFlow performance exhaust system, the Toyota team ensured the perfect exhaust note and power from the 3-speed automatic race-bult Rancho Drivetrain Engineering transmission. The exhaust is installed in a way to ensure side exits by the doors to deliver an “intimidating” exhaust note.

To accommodate its new drivetrain and the power of its V8 engine, FJ Bruiser entailed a functional bodywork that maintained the classic FJ lines with the help of a full tube chassis and roll cage to support its modern technology.

The Off-Road Capabilities

Designed as the ultimate off-road machine, the FJ Bruiser boasts ample ground clearance. For treacherous situations, Toyota's team replaced the center skid plate with a tank-like track system, controllable from the cockpit, ensuring a swift escape from sticky predicaments.Fully equipped with Fox shocks and Eibach springs, the Bruiser is no match for any terrain.

The Inside

The interior received special attention, as Toyota collaborated with Complete Customs to pay homage to the FJ's original plaid bench seat and incorporated a vintage steering wheel.


In summary, the FJ Bruiser represents a remarkable fusion of modern innovation and classic design. As stated by Toyota's Marketing Vice President, "It's a reminder of what Land Cruiser has always been; a vehicle built to take you as far as your imagination will allow."

Regardless of personal preference, the FJ Bruiser quickly became a fan favorite at the show, standing out as a unique and unforgettable build. Stay tuned to our social media channels to be the first to know about upcoming new builds and collaborations.