Coming Soon: RAM 1500 TRX xMOD Series Truck Exhaust Kit

Quite a bit of hype has surrounded the launch of the 2021 Ram TRX.  Sometimes, such attention can be counterproductive if the vehicle in question doesn’t live up to expectations. For the Ram TRX, this has never been an issue. In Ram’s own words, the TRX is “the most powerful production street-legal half-ton pickup ever built.” That bragging right is based on the truck’s monstrous 702 horsepower, made possible by the TRX’s one and only engine option: the sublime 6.2L supercharged HEMI V8 from the king of the muscle cars, AKA the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

 Ram TRX Truck

Some may view the Ram TRX as already perfect: a masterful creation that cannot possibly be improved. At MagnaFlow, we’ve never shared that attitude. In our experience, even the most performant and capable vehicles can be significantly enhanced with the addition of a high-quality performance exhaust system engineered specifically for that platform. The special nature of this epic truck necessitated an equally special performance exhaust, which is why MagnaFlow used this particular TRX as a testbed to develop our very first xMOD Series exhaust for a pickup truck.

“The most powerful production street-legal half-ton pickup ever built.”



Modular Might


As MagnaFlow’s premier line of performance exhaust systems, the xMOD Series incorporates all our greatest innovations and technologies. These include the use of racing-bred V-band clamps that enable the modularity that gives the xMOD Series its name. The V-band clamps allow for owners to quickly and easily swap between three different modules specially designed to provide unique driving experiences tailored to your needs and situation.

First off, there are the muffler modules. Utilizing MagnaFlow’s extensive experience developing proven straight-through performance mufflers, the muffler modules add our deep signature exhaust note to the HEMI’s roar, while allowing for more reasonable noise levels at cruising speeds.

For those seeking to, let’s say, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, we have our xTreme Delete module, which essentially turns the entire exhaust system into a straight-pipe setup. As a result, the racing-truck noises that this module produces are sure to put any other TRX to shame.

The third xMOD module for the Ram TRX was engineered to strike a balance between the other two, by incorporating MagnaFlow’s No Drone Technology (NDT) to a greater degree than the other options. NDT resonators featured in this module utilize quarter-wave passive noise cancellation tuned specifically to eliminate the lower end droning frequencies that can otherwise occur in a performance exhaust system. These technologies facilitate comfortable exhaust volume levels while cruising on the highway, while allowing the powerful HEMI to bark freely as soon as you step on the gas.

The system is made entirely of durable stainless steel and features mandrel bent 3” diameter main tubing leading to a dual-exit configuration that features black, double-wall powder coated 5” exhaust tips. Like our other performance exhaust systems, this xMOD Series kit was produced using CNC precision robotic manufacturing. A version of this kit will be available for sale soon and will be covered by MagnaFlow’s limited lifetime warranty. As a final touch, this testbed TRX has been wrapped in olive drab vinyl, giving it a rugged appearance to match its amazing capabilities and potent MagnaFlow exhaust note.

Good Things to Come…


Our team at MagnaFlow feels fortunate that we originally happened to run into the owner of this TRX at a Cars and Coffee meet in Southern California. Being a fellow auto enthusiast, he jumped at the opportunity to have his truck be used to develop a truly special performance exhaust system. Of course, that is exactly what he got with this top-tier, modular MagnaFlow xMOD kit.

MagnaFlow xMOD Series for TRX

We are excited to share the fruits of this engineering exercise with the upcoming release of a production version of the xMOD Series Performance Exhaust System for the 2021 Ram TRX. Sign up for our "Notify Me" notifications to be the first to know when this xMOD kit is available for purchase here.

For more info on the xMOD Series, check out our Tech Talk deep-dive videos here.

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