A Car Show for Great a Cause: The Purist Group 10th Annual Winter Drive

The Purist Group pulled out all the stops for their annual Winter Drive event, which once again saw the automotive faithful congregate from across Southern California to be a part of the increasingly famous car show and toy drive. Their goal? To give a helping hand and gifts to kids in need during this holiday season.

Photo provided by @subii_juan


There were some awesome vehicles in attendance at the meetup at Industry Hills Expo Center in City of Industry, California, representing a wide variety of tastes. The assembly included all sorts of cars, ranging from American muscle and European exotics to JDM legends of various eras. One of the undisputed highlights of the show was an extremely rare Bugatti EB-110SS, one of only 32 ever created.

As much as the Purist Group loves cars—which is what first united them a decade ago—the true focus of the annual event is to raise money and collect toys for underprivileged kids to make sure they aren’t overlooked during this gift giving season. Over the years the group has teamed up with local charities such as the California Highway Patrol’s CHiPS for KIDs Toy Drive and Reach Out Worldwide, a disaster relief organization funded by his friends Cody Walker and the late Paul Walker of The Fast and The Furious franchise.

Photo provided by @subii_juan


Team MagnaFlow was there to offer our support, as was an envoy from the Galactic Empire, complete with a cadre of stormtroopers led by the likes of Kylo Ren and Lord Vader himself. Between the cool cars and iconic characters, the show had something to enjoy for all kids aged 4-99.

 Photo provided by @subii_juan


For Purist It’s Personal


The overwhelming success of this now annual tradition is in large part thanks to Purist Group founder Sean Lee, whose tumultuous upbringing split between Taiwan and the United States and time spent homeless during his youth drive him to do what he can to help those in similar circumstances with toys, warm clothes, school supplies and food. Though he found success as an adult, Sean knows all too well what it’s like to be young and broke, which is why he made it Purist Group’s mission to do what it can to help those who need it most.

Photo provided by @subii_juan

Team MagnaFlow would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Sean Lee and everyone at Purist Group for starting this beautiful SoCal tradition and the effort they put in every year to keep it going strong. We wish everyone involved (especially the kids) the happiest of holidays and can’t wait to see what famous faces and front fascias show up to Winter Drive 2023!