Dennis Anderson

The Monster Truck series is globally known and loved by fans of all ages, and what's not to love? Giant wheels, fire-breathing pipes and 1,500 hp supercharged thumper motors. These vehicles are so loud, in fact, that many stadiums are now requiring sound restrictions.  As you might expect, the drivers of these Monster machines were unwilling to compromise performance by strapping on just any old muffler. MagnaFlow was selected to develop a muffler that would allow maximum performance, and still deliver that killer sound, but be environmentally friendly. That's why this year every Monster Truck you see in the series will be running MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust (At select events only). That same technology goes into every muffler we build, whether it's for your monster truck or your weekend warrior. If it's good enough for 1,000 hp car crushers, it'll do wonders for your street machine. It's no secret that MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust systems are the preference for owners of trucks of all sizes, but MagnaFlow goes big... in more ways than one.