Weekend Warriors: A Pilgrimage to Shelby American HQ

Last weekend, MagnaFlow Social Media Manager Bryce Arroyo tagged along with Ryan McCann, Greg Gipson and the rest of the SoCal Shelby American Automobile Club (SoCalSAAC) on a weekend adventure out to Las Vegas. Their goal in journeying to Sin City was to visit the headquarters of famous manufacturing and racing powerhouse Shelby American, whose legendary founder Carroll Shelby made a name for himself creating and racing class-winning Cobras, glorious GT40s and mighty Mustangs over his career which spanned decades.

While Shelby may have passed away in 2012, his legacy lives on in the Nevada desert and throughout the country. That is evidenced by the flock of Shelby faithful that gathered from across California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas and Las Vegas to honor the man that created the cars they cherish as a community.

 Shelby HQ



The clarion call to gather at Shelby American HQ was certainly answered. By last Saturday, well over 100 Shelbys from across the U.S. had convened on the spot. This proved to be a great opportunity for members of the various clubs to connect faces to cars and meet people in person who had otherwise only been communicated with via Facebook.

After touring the facilities at Shelby American HQ, attendees were ready for an adventure. This took the form of show-stopping cruises down The Strip and culminated in one massive caravan trek out to the Hoover Dam.

Ford Mustangs at the Hoover Dam meetup

The Shelby squad also made its way to Speed Vegas, where they were each allowed to take two low-speed laps of the track. That turned out to be a real highlight, as having the opportunity to experience these Shelbys in their natural habitat was certainly something to be seen and heard.



Speaking of hearing awesome sounds, that’s one of the main reasons why MagnaFlow attended the event in the first place. Our friends Ryan and Greg have helped us immensely when it comes to exploring potential new products for our line of xMOD systems.

Particularly, MagnaFlow has been using Greg’s 760hp, black-on-black 2020 Shelby GT500 as a testbed for a possible xMOD system, which you may be hearing more about in the future. Like other MagnaFlow xMOD exhaust systems, this test kit features the modularity and NDT (No Drone Technology) that our customers have come to expect. The prototype system on Greg’s Mustang performed beautifully as it roared along the interstate last weekend. Other modifications to Greg’s GT500 include a JLT intake and aftermarket set of black wheels supplied by Greg’s partnership with Project 6GR.

Shelby GT 500


Like Greg, Ryan has been kind enough to let us use his grey 2019 Shelby GT350 as an automotive guinea pig of sorts. While he’s currently running a MagnaFlow Competition Series exhaust system (MagnaFlow #19283), our engineers are looking into the possibility of an xMOD solution for his ride as well. Ryan’s 526hp GT350 is also equipped with the R Aero package, which provides extra downforce and improved handling on the road or track. Like Greg’s GT500, Ryan’s GT350 rocks a set of sleek black wheels provided by his partnership with Project 6GR.

 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350



That brings us to MagnaFlow’s social media guru Bryce Arroyo. While his white and carbon grey dual-tone 2020 Mustang GT isn’t a creation of Shelby American, Bryce’s ‘Stang certainly has the hardware where it counts.

In addition to MagnaFlow’s Mustang GT xMOD system, the car also features numerous performance upgrades including the RTR Spec 1 package, Eibach Sportline spring kit, HRE Flow Form FF04 wheels (20x10 front and 20x11 rear), Anderson Composites carbon fiber hood and GT350 track wing, Nitto 555 G2 tires (295/30 front and 305/30 rear), GT350 throttle body, GT350 injectors and Steeda clutch spring.

Bryce’s Mustang definitely didn’t feel out of place. His homegrown creation kept up with the GT350s with ease, thereby earning its place as a worthy ambassador of the MagnaFlow brand and as a spiritual continuation of Shelby’s enduring legacy.

 Ford Mustang GT built with MagnaFlow xMOD System



While last weekend’s celebration of Carroll Shelby may be over, awesome things may be in store for Shelby Mustang owners down the line, courtesy of MagnaFlow. Like the idea of having a modular, track-ready xMOD exhaust system for your GT500 or GT350? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve been working so closely with Greg and Ryan’s beautiful ‘Stangs to see if creating xMOD systems for these Shelbys is an avenue worth pursuing.

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