TJ Hunt: 2022 Subaru BRZ First Impressions

MagnaFlow Ambassador and intrepid YouTuber TJ Hunt stopped by our Tech Center the other day to get an up-close look at the new 2022 Subaru BRZ. TJ was a huge fan of his original BRZ, which was a mainstay on his channel. We also wanted to get his thoughts on the MagnaFlow performance exhaust system we’re currently developing for it.

TJ Hunt at the MagnaFlow Tech Center with 2022 Subaru BRZ

TJ’s thoughts on the styling of the new BRZ could best be summed up in with one word: bland. While the original car had a lithe, sporty air to its looks, he felt the new coupe seems to have traded some of that in exchange for styling more reminiscent of a modern Toyota Camry or Corolla. Although the new exterior styling is a bit more toned down overall, a few notable exceptions to this include the extra-flared “shark fin” (TJ’s words) rear fender flares and functional front wheel vents, as well as the uncharacteristically aggressive side skirts. Of all the angles he viewed the car from his favorite was the rear, which he felt looked a bit more streamlined and sportier than most of the rest of the vehicle.

Similarly, the interior of the vehicle evoked a mixed reaction. TJ liked the addition of Alcantara and door pockets to the interior door panels. He was also pleased to see that they retained the “fighter” jet style switches from the Limited trim level on the old BRZ/FR-S/86. The bolstered sport seats have pretty much stayed the same, which was one of TJ’s favorite features of the original car. He felt the all-digital dash and enlarged central screen were nice touches, but he wasn’t sure how he felt about the car’s overall move in a more mainstream direction. While many things have changed about the BRZ, the view from under the hood seemed exactly as TJ remembered it, except that the boxer engine is now a bit larger (2.4L instead of the old 2.0L). 

TJ Hunt with 2022 Subaru BRZ at MagnaFlow

Last, but certainly not least, TJ wanted to check out the exhaust system we’re developing for the BRZ, which this particular example was equipped with. This was key for TJ, because he always felt that the stock system on the original BRZ was way too quiet for a sports car. He liked the look of the system, but what really impressed him was how it sounded when he got a chance to open the pipes. TJ thought it allowed some of the engine’s personality come through and was suitably peppy. We’re pleased that he likes how the system is turning out so far, and we really appreciate his feedback!

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