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Today we’re taking a deep dive into MagnaFlow’s latest premium exhaust offering: our all-new xMOD Series Universal Mufflers. You might already be familiar with our xMOD Series of modular performance exhaust systems. Not only do these exhaust kits offer our customers the opportunity to select their own sound, but they also utilize MagnaFlow’s signature noise-cancelling No Drone Technology (NDT) to keep unwanted noises in check while cruising at lower engine speeds.

The engineers at the MagnaFlow Tech Center have once again worked wonders and distilled the best features of our xMOD Series exhaust systems into the format of a versatile universal muffler. That’s right. Instead of being limited to a specific model or trim level, these new xMOD Series Universal Mufflers allow you to customize the exhaust note of any vehicle to your liking, provided that the mufflers fit within the available space of a given vehicle application. At MagnaFlow, we see this universal muffler as the next logical step in the evolution of the xMOD Series.

Quality Materials & Packaging


Our xMOD Series Universal Muffler kits include several components and modules, which is why the box it comes in features laser-cut foam packaging to protect and cradle each part until you’re ready to install them on your ride.

  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel Construction: Each xMOD Series Universal Muffler is made of durable 304 stainless steel and produced using CNC precision robotic manufacturing. The result is a universal muffler kit designed to stand the test of time and put up with whatever you can throw at it. MagnaFlow backs up each of these xMOD Series mufflers with its limited lifetime construction warranty.


MagnaFlow 304 Stainless Steel on xMOD Universal Muffler


Is it Magic? Nope, Just A Modular Muffler.


The cornerstone of these xMOD Series Universal Muffler kits are the mufflers themselves. Two variants of the xMOD Universal Muffler are available, with each featuring a 5” x 8” x 18” muffler body. The main difference between the duo is that one has a 2.5” inlet and outlet (#14006), while the other features a 3” diameter inlet and outlet (#14009).

  • Universal Design: Unlike the direct-fit design of other xMOD Series products, the universal design of these mufflers allows them to be integrated into a diverse range of vehicles, provided that the vehicle platform has available space for the system. The universal design also means that fabrication in the form of cutting and welding is required. As such, we generally recommend having the system installed by a professional. The muffler is also designed to reuse your existing tailpipe by welding it onto the muffler’s main exhaust exit.

  • Built­-in NDT: Incorporating some of MagnaFlow’s NDT capabilities into the body of the xMOD Series Universal Muffler itself means that some degree of quarter-wave passive noise cancellation can be enjoyed regardless of which configuration the muffler is in. Of course, for those looking for extra noise dampening, our NDT Module is always an option.

  • Internal Bypass: What makes this muffler unique compared to MagnaFlow’s other universal muffler offerings is the internal bypass piping that diverts away from the muffler’s main straight-through piping and on to its own separate exhaust port. This exhaust port and the bypass it leads to is where the modularity of the xMOD Series Universal Muffler is made possible.


Modules For Every Mood


Regardless of what kind of auditory experience you’re looking for from your engine’s exhaust, the xMOD Series Universal Muffler has you covered. Remember the muffler’s bypass exhaust port? That feature is key to the whole kit’s modularity. Changing the attitude of your ride is as easy as using the included band clamp to attach your module of choice to that rear exhaust port. Each module has its own unique character and features but the best part is that all configurations benefit from the dyno-proven performance that MagnaFlow has to offer.

  • NDT Module: This module is the ideal solution for those looking to add additional NDT capabilities to their vehicle. The NDT Module features an additional resonance chamber, which uses quarter-wave passive noise cancellation to further eliminate unwanted droning noises, especially at cruising speeds. The result is a comfortable driving experience that offers moderate exterior and mild interior sound levels, perfect for those occasions when subtlety or a more relaxed exhaust tone is desired.


MagnaFlow No Drone Technology xMOD Universal Muffler


  • Muffler Module: The key to Muffler Module is the included Muffler Module cap. Using it to block off the universal muffler’s extra exhaust port allows for more interior exhaust sound and a more aggressive exterior exhaust note, while still benefitting from the NDT features already built into the body of the muffler. Fans of ours will recognize the deep, signature MagnaFlow exhaust tone that resonates from kits equipped with this module.


Muffler Module MagnaFlow xMOD Universal Muffler
  • xTreme Bypass Module: For those in need of a sonic experience that sounds ready to blow your doors off, we have the xTreme Bypass Module. This turn-down exit attaches to the extra rear exhaust port and takes full advantage of the muffler’s internal bypass piping to create a straight-pipe sound that yearns to go racing. With the xTreme Bypass Module, any day can be track day. Please be sure to check local noise regulations before using this module on the street.


xTreme Bypass Module xMOD Universal Mufflers



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