SEMA Highlight: TJ Hunt’s Extra-Wide Twin-Turbo C8

If you find yourself walking down the aisles of SEMA 2021 this week, be sure to stop by the MagnaFlow exhibit and check out the extra-wide, twin-turbo Corvette C8 that we have on display, built by influencer and MagnaFlow ambassador TJ Hunt and his team. The mid-engine ‘Vette features numerous aftermarket additions courtesy of SpeedHunter, including a front and rear diffuser.

 Street Hunter Corvette C8 with diffuser and MagnaFlow xMOD Series Exhaust

The most noticeable modification to the vehicle, however, is the SpeedHunter v1.5 Widebody kit that gives it the appearance of a veritable track monster. That visage is backed up by the additional power provided by its twin-turbo enhanced powertrain and the improved stopping force afforded by an upgraded set of Brembo Pista brakes.

Tj Hunt's 2021 Corvette C8 with MagnaFlow xMOD Series Exhaust

The panache presence of this wide and low Ferrari-killer needed an exhaust that could match its cranked-to-eleven personality and let its V8 voice be heard. That’s why TJ reached out to us a few weeks ago and brought the C8 to the MagnaFlow Tech Center for the ultimate engine sound upgrade: a MagnaFlow xMOD Series performance exhaust system. With some slight aesthetic modification, the kit we used (#19578) turned out to be the exact sonic solution that TJ was looking for.

He especially appreciated the modularity offered by the xMOD Series, which allows him to make his Corvette as loud or as muffled as he’d like by simply changing out the installed module using the included racing-bred v-band clamps. TJ also liked that his newly installed SpeedHunter rear diffuser would be protected from the notorious heat of his C8’s V8 thanks to the additional thermal shielding material wrapped around the system’s X-pipe.

TJ Hunt's 2021 Corvette C8 with MagnaFlow xMOD Series Exhaust System

That said, he most loved the epic sound that the vehicle now bellows with every flick of the throttle. Now his ride not only looks like a racecar, but also has the pipes to match. To make his C8 stand out from the xMOD crowd, TJ selected a set of special exhaust tips to make his MagnaFlow system even more special. The new tips look especially great alongside the deadly-serious rear diffuser.

All in all, the C8 turned out to be a nearly track-ready masterpiece, and we can’t wait to see what kind of mods are in its future. If you’re at the show this year, please stop by and say hi to our team in Central Hall #23343 for the chance to behold this American-made beast. Follow us on FacebookInstagramYouTube and Twitter for more of our coverage of SEMA 2021. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our latest project, products and collaborations. We hope to see you there!