The MagnaFlow Group is Growing


The MagnaFlow Group is excited to announce the next phase of their business. Brands under the MagnaFlow Group have grown to be industry-leading manufacturers of performance exhaust and emissions control products including catalytic converters. Diversifying their portfolio beyond its traditional business, the MagnaFlow Group looks forward to serving a greater variety of automotive aftermarket segments. 

With this new direction, the MagnaFlow Group has acquired Camburg Engineering, recognized worldwide as one the top brands in off-road racing and aftermarket suspension. Founded in 1997, Camburg was built on the philosophy of building durable race winning technology for the world’s most challenging off-road environments. Camburg takes lessons learned from the extreme punishment of worldwide competition, engineering premium suspension systems for their customers.

The founders of Camburg Engineering, Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell will continue their roles within the business, with their focus on shaping the future of suspension and off-road racing. Now joining forces with the MagnaFlow Group, Camburg’s mission remains the same: to build the world’s most advanced off-road suspension systems.

Together under the MagnaFlow Group, these two iconic brands look towards the future, race-ready and equipped to tackle the ever-changing needs of the automotive industry.

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About the MagnaFlow Group

The MagnaFlow Group is a family held company based in Southern California that specializes in undercar and performance automotive products. The MagnaFlow Group brands have a proven reputation for over 40 years for delivering quality and innovation in the automotive industry. MagnaFlow Group serves the industry with its MagnaFlow, BRExhaust, and ECT (Environmental Catalyst Technology) brands.