Jeep Wrangler Exhaust System Buying Guide

Jeep has been producing iconic 4x4 sport utilities for more than 75 years, amassing a loyal fan base of everyone from casual drivers to hardcore off-road enthusiasts. One of Jeep’s most popular models, the Wrangler, was introduced for the 1987 model year and has gone through multiple generations, including the original YJ (1987-1995), TJ (1996-2006), JK (2007-2018), and JL (2018-present). 

Whether your Wrangler is being driven around town or off-road, it’s important to have the right tool for the job. That’s why we’ve developed a diverse collection of premium stainless-steel exhaust systems for Jeep Wranglers, including Street, Competition, Rock Crawler, and Off-Road Pro. This buying guide will help you choose the best aftermarket exhaust system for your needs.

When shopping for a replacement for your stock exhaust system, there are several things to consider, including sound, series (performance), type (configuration), exit style, and tip finish.

To see what’s available for your particular Jeep Wrangler, use
MagnaFlow’s Shop by Vehicle tool. Once you have entered your Jeep’s year, make, model, and other information, you can easily review the available offerings in terms of sound level or filter by available options. 


Determine Your Exhaust Sound Preference 


A major reason why people buy new exhaust systems is a desire for better sound. MagnaFlow makes a wide variety of exhaust kits that produce exterior and interior sounds that cater to individual preferences. If you choose an exhaust that’s louder than stock, check to make sure it meets your local noise regulations. For each exhaust system we offer, we clearly indicate both the exterior and interior sound levels, and typically we provide video clips with audio so you can hear for yourself.
    • Exterior sound: moderate, aggressive or very aggressive
    • Interior sound: mild, moderate or aggressive

Once you have an idea of your desired sound level, it is time to determine which of our Performance Exhaust Series would best fit your lifestyle and the intended use for your Jeep.

Consider Your Driving Style 

A reason to buy a new exhaust system is to enhance performance. Our exhausts are developed with dyno testing to ensure they perform at their best whether on-road or while hitting the trails. Our manufacturing standards include:

    • Mandrel bent piping — To preserve flow and power.
    • Laser cutting and CNC robotics — For precision and consistency.
    • Stainless steel tubing and mufflers — For durability and corrosion/rust resistance.
For Jeep Wranglers, we offer exhaust systems in several series with different types of sound and performance.

Street Series Exhaust Systems

MagnaFlow JK Jeep Wrangler Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 19327

Designed for Wranglers that are driven mostly on paved roadways. They may see moderate off-road use, but do not require the extra clearance provided by our off-road systems (Rock Crawler Series or Off-Road Pro Series). Street Series exhaust systems have a moderate sound from the exterior of the vehicle and mild sound from the interior.
    • Best for: The Daily Driver
    • Sound Level: Moderate — Exterior, Mild — Interior


Rock Crawler Series Exhaust Systems

MagnaFlow JK Jeep Wrangler Rock Crawler Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15237

MagnaFlow Rock Crawler Series performance exhaust systems provide a high-clearance design to ensure the exhaust doesn’t interfere with your suspension or find its way between a rock and a hard place (yes, we said it). They have an aggressive exterior sound and a moderate interior sound. 
    • Best for: Off-Roading and Rock Crawling
    • Sound level: Aggressive — Exterior, Moderate — Interior

Off-Road Pro Series Exhaust Systems

Lifted, lowered, air bagged or long travel, the MagnaFlow Off-Road Pro Series exhaust systems provide the most versatility to accommodate nearly every configuration. They have a very aggressive exterior sound and an aggressive interior sound.
    • Best for: The versatile Jeeper who wants to make an entrance
    • Sound level: Aggressive — Exterior, Aggressive — Interior

    Competition Series  Exhaust Systems

    MagnaFlow Competition Series performance exhaust systems deliver maximum power, reduced weight and aggressive race-inspired sound. These systems are best suited for Jeeps primarily used on the street and do not provide additional clearance for off-roading like our Rock Crawler Series or Off-Road Pro Series exhaust systems. 
      • Best for: The high-performance Jeep
      • Sound level: Moderate — Exterior, Mild - Interior


        Additional Items to Consider

        Now that you have chosen which of our Exhaust Series best fits your lifestyle, it's time to move on to other factors that will impact your choices.  


        Exhaust Configurations

        Different MagnaFlow exhaust systems replace different amounts of the stock exhaust system, affecting sound, performance, weight and cost. For Jeeps, we offer: 
          • Axle-Back: Replaces the muffler, tailpipe, and tips. This set up is known for its easy bolt-on installation, affordable cost, and its positive impact on the sound of your ride. 
          • Cat-Back: Replaces everything after the catalytic converter, including the mid-pipe, muffler, tailpipe, and tips. This setup is known for reducing the overall weight of your vehicle and increasing both the performance and sound of your ride.

        Exit Style

        Depending on the year, make, model and style of your Jeep, different exit styles may be available. Examples of Jeep Wrangler exhaust exit styles, with dual or single tip mufflers, include:
          • Dual Split Rear

        Dual split rear


          • Single Straight Driver Side Rear

        Driver side rear

          • Single Straight Passenger Side Rear

        Single passenger side

          • Turndown In Front Of Rear Tire

        Before rear tire


        Tip Finish

        Depending on the year, make and model of your Jeep, several muffler tip finishes may be available. These include: 
          • Black Coated: Black ceramic coating that looks great and helps protect your exhaust system from the elements. Available for our Street and Competition Series.

        Black Tip

          • Polished: Polished stainless steel tips look like chrome. Available for our Street and Competition Series.
        Polished tip

          • Satin: Satin finish is less glossy than a polished finish. This is mostly offered for our Rock Crawler and Off-Road Pro Series.

        Taking all items into consideration, you can get started now with our user-friendly Shop by Vehicle tool. Once you pick the right fit for your Wrangler, you'll be able to dominate any terrain.


        Have questions or need recommendations? Give us a call at 1-800-990-0905 and we’d be happy to help.

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