How To Ship Instructions - Catalytic Converter Recycling For Refunds

Thank you for choosing to recycle your catalytic converter with MagnaFlow. This post will help ensure your package is properly shipped to ensure you receive your maximum refund.  

What You'll Need:

Recycling For Refunds - Shipping Instructions

  1. Your OEM Converter, completely intact with the brick inside the metal body and not crumbling
  2. A cardboard box (the MagnaFlow box that your new part arrived in works fine)
  3. Packing material (tape, paper, newspaper, foam)


How to Ship

STEP 1: Prepare your old Catalytic Converter

Packing options

Depending on the part you purchased from MagnaFlow, most old converters should fit in the supplied MagnaFlow box that your replacement part arrived in. The simplest option is to reuse this box.

If your OEM part is much bigger than your replacement, or you are unsure of what size box to put your converter in, trimming and using the smallest box you have available will ensure there is no reduction in your refund as result of increased shipping costs or damage to the ceramic core during shipping.

If your old converter does not fit in your MagnaFlow box, you have two options:

1.) Cut off the extra pipe around the converter to fit it in the box. Take care not to strike the ceramic brick inside of the converter with your cutting tool. The metal housing surrounding the ceramic “brick” must remain fully intact.

Cut Converter

2.) Source a larger box. PLEASE NOTE: using a box significantly larger than the  MagnaFlow box your new product arrived in may result in increased shipping costs which could be deducted from your final refund.

In general, trimming your converter to the smallest form factor and using the smallest box available will help speed up the shipping process and avoid situations which could result in a reduction of your refund.

Step 2: Securely pack the converter with packing materials 

As a reminder, MagnaFlow is not responsible for improperly packaged items or damage to the ceramic core during shipping. Packing Converter

Step 3: Tape up the box and secure the provided shipping label to the outside of the box. 

Once you have registered for the program, you will receive your shipping label via email or can download within your account.

Ready to ship

Step 4: Drop off the package at any local FedEx Ground or FedEx Express location 

That’s it! You’re done. The quicker you send us your converter, the sooner we can inspect it and issue your refund. Once your package arrives at MagnaFlow, we will evaluate the converter and issue qualifying refunds within 4-6 weeks. You can check the status of your package in your account. The Refund Status tracker will be accessible any time after you’ve submitted your part information. 

Below is a friendly list of reminders of things NOT to do when shipping your converter. 

Do NOT break out the insides of your converter -- crumbling bricks may result in a reduction of your refund.
Do NOT send your converter in a box that is too large without packing material, this may result in inflated shipping costs and a reduction of your refund.
Do NOT use masking tape, cellophane tape, duct tape, string, or paper over-wrap to secure package. 
For full converter eligibility requirements, please visit our eligibility page.