Featured Builder: Built2Wander Heads to Easter Jeep Safari 2021

Spring is here! In the world of off-roading that means Jeep season is also here. Particularly, Jeep enthusiasts know that the time has come for their annual pilgrimage out to Moab, Utah, for the Easter Jeep Safari (EJS). The tradition started in the ‘60s, and at that time was basically a one-day event. Now, the safari takes place over the course of nine days, with Jeeps coming from across the country to participate.

MagnaFlow is making its showing this year as a part of three beautiful Jeep builds assembled by our longtime friends over at Built2Wander. Each of these vehicles is packed with the latest and greatest in off-roading technology, allowing them to traverse trails and conquer rocky hillsides with relative ease. These technological showcases of course feature the best exhaust systems in the business, supplied by MagnaFlow.



Built2Wander (B2W) was started by Collin and Jessica Coates as a way of making a living out of their shared love of off-roading and spending time in the great outdoors. How did they pull off such a feat? By building a stable of class-leading, kitted-out Jeeps capable of crossing any terrain they might encounter. Each of these Jeeps acts as a rolling demonstration of the latest and greatest technology from B2W’s partners in the aftermarket off-roading community. B2W uses these builds as promotional vehicles, creating content that highlights the off-roading lifestyle and the equipment that makes it possible.

Collin got into building Jeeps in college, and he has put his expertise to work on these vehicles to make them as capable as they can be off road while still being usable on the street. Credit for these builds is also owed to B2W’s builder Matt Thompson of 3D Offroad for the level of care and attention to detail he brings to each of these Jeeps. As Collin puts it, Matt is the “built” part of Built2Wander. At MagnaFlow, we’re proud to be partners with B2W and are always excited to see what they’ve been working on, or better yet, to be a part of it.



Built 2 Wander Gladiator JT


The first of these epic B2W Jeeps is the fiery red Blaze JT, which has undergone a myriad of upgrades since its beginnings as a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport. The vehicle now sports rock sliders and front and rear bumpers from Hefty Fabworks, as well as front and rear quick release inner fenders and a high-line fender brace with daytime running lights from American Adventure Lab.

Built 2 Wander Jeep Gladiator JT in Moah,Utah

As far as the drivetrain goes, the Jeep now boasts ARB Air Lockers, 1350 Series Adams Driveshafts and Revolution Gear & Axle 5.13 ring and pinion sets for both the front and rear. RockJock provided suspension components including a 4” lift kit, 4x4 Antirock Swaybar Kit with forged arms front and rear and 4x4 Johnny Joint Trac Bar front and rear. Additionally, King supplied 2.5” shocks with a compressor adjuster and 10” stroke.

Like the drivetrain and body, the Jeep’s steering has also been massively upgraded with a Hydraulic Ram Assist Kit from PSC Motorsports. A 2.5 Ton Aluminum Drag Link and 2.5 Ton Aluminum Tie Rod from RPM Steering were also installed. To put the revamped steering to proper use, 17” KMC Grenade Wheels and 40”x13.5” R17 Nitto Trail Grappler M/Ts were installed and secured with a Black Spline Drive Lug Nut Kit.

As far as engine performance goes, the main upgrades to the Blaze JT are a Z Automotive Tazer JT Mini Programmer to allow for fine tuning, and a state-of-the-art JT Jeep Gladiator Rock Crawler Series Performance Exhaust System (#19486) supplied by our team at MagnaFlow. The main reason that Collin chose the Rock Crawler Series for this JT build is because of the superior ground clearance it offers thanks to clever packaging and a turndown no-tip exit style. This set up will allow the Blaze JT to clear boulders and other hazards easily without fear of destroying the exhaust by smashing it on the rocks.

Jeep Gladiator JT with MagnaFlow Rock Crawler Exhaust System

Baja Designs provided lighting for all around the exterior of the vehicle, while Power Tank equipped the vehicle with one of its 10 lbs. On-Board Air System to keep the tires full and ready to go, and a Switch Pro control panel has been installed. ARB supplied the Jeep with a Dual Air Compressor and Manifold Kit. Other rugged necessities include a Zeon 10-S Winch from Warn and a Hawse Fairlead, UltraHook with Rope Guard and HitchLink from Factor 55.




Built 2 Wander Jeep JL rock climbing

Like its bright red cousin, B2W’s enhanced Wrangler, known as the Triton JL, started its life as an ordinary Jeep, in this case a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. As with the Blaze JT, American Adventure Lab provided numerous exterior components, including a high-line fender brace with daytime running lights, quick-release front and rear inner fenders and a spare tire delete kit. CRC Motorsports provided the rock sliders, while Hefty Fabworks supplied the front and rear bumpers.

Built 2 Wander Jeep JL

Currie Enterprises Extreme 60 axles are featured on the front and rear. Revolution Gear & Axle 5.38 Ring & Pinion sets are used for both the front and rear, as well. Air Lockers were provided by ARB and 1350 Series Adams Driveshafts complete the setup.

The Triton JL has a Rebel Off Road Recon DSS Front Suspension and custom rear suspension designed by Built2Wander and assembled by 3D Offroad. Both suspension setups utilize Bilstein 60mm Coilovers with 11” stroke, with the front using Bilstein 60mm Triple Bypass Shocks and the rear featuring Bilstein 2.0” Air Bump Stops with 2” stroke. All German Motorsports Coilover Sliders are installed all around. Like the Blaze JT, the rest of the suspension components are provided by RockJock, including a Long Arm System with Aluminum Links and Johnny Joints, Antirock Swaybar Kit with Aluminum Arms Front and Rear and a Johnny Joint Trac Bar.

The Triton’s exterior lighting, steering, wheel and tire setup is just like that of the Blaze JT. The same is true of the winch, hitch link and other recovery equipment, which have all been supplied by the same brand partners. The Wrangler also uses a MagnaFlow Rock Crawler exhaust system like the one on the Gladiator and a similar ECU programmer.

Jeep JL with MagnaFlow Rock Crawler Exhaust System

Other notable features of this build include a BesTop SuperTop Ultra Soft Top, Power Tank Dual 10 lbs. On-Board Air System, ARB Dual Air Compressor and Manifold Kit, ARB Classic Series II 50 qt. Fridge Freezer with Transit Bag, SPOD Bantam with HD Smart Controller, Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit with Odyssey Auxiliary Batteries, American Adventure Lab VersaTable tailgate table and a Rugged Radios system.




Built 2 Wander Jeep Build Rendering

This last Jeep is quite special, as Collin has created this particular off-roading beast for his father. The silver 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon is now known as The Silver Bullet and was conceived as a gift that will be presented by Collin to his dad at Easter Jeep Safari this year. Collin’s dad knows that something good is coming in the form of a Jeep Wrangler, but he doesn’t quite know what to expect. 

Unlike the other B2W builds, this Jeep features GenRight armor all around the exterior. The gas tank skid and front and rear bumpers are provided by Savvy Off-Road. BesTop supplied the vehicle with a SuperTop NX Soft Top, as well. Baja Designs is again to thank for the lighting all around, while Warn and Factor 55 provided a winch and other recovery equipment as can found on the previously mentioned Jeep builds.

The front and rear axle were each provided by Currie Enterprises, while Carbon Offroad contributed the 5.13 Ring & Pinion kits for the front and rear. ARB Air Lockers can be found in the front and rear as well, in addition to 1310 Series Front and 1350 Series Rear Driveshafts from Adams Driveshafts.

Savvy Off-Road Mid Arm Suspension Brackets provide a 1” lift to the body, while RockJock control arms, Antirock Swaybar Kit and Johnny Joint Front Trac Bar keep the rest of the vehicle’s bulk in check with the help of Bilstein coilovers, hydraulic bump stops and All German Motorsports coilover sliders.

The steering upgrades consist of the PSC Motorsports and RPM Steering components used in the other builds, as well as a Twisted Pitman Arm and LJ Steering Box Skid by Genright. As for the wheels and tires, The Silver Bullet features 17” KMC Wheels KM236 Tank Beadlock Wheels equipped with the same Nitto Trail Grappler M/Ts as the other B2W Jeeps.

As far as performance upgrades go, The Silver Bullet boasts a MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System (Part #16695) and AEM Cold Air Intake. Together, these upgrades will have the silver Wrangler breathing with ease.

Other notable improvements to the Wrangler include a 10 lbs. Power Tank On-Board Air System, ARB Dual Air Compressor and Manifold Kit, SPOD Bantam and HD Panel, Rugged Radios communication system and Optima Batteries YellowTop Deep-Cycle 12V Battery.




Collectively, these three builds show off the hidden potential inherent in the storied Jeep platform. Not only will these rigs offer amazing off-roading performance, but each honors the Jeep legacy in its own way. At MagnaFlow, we love the fact that we are a part of each of these vehicles, and we think it’s awesome that when someone hears one of these capable machines rolling on by it will be a MagnaFlow exhaust that they are experiencing.

MagnaFlow Equipped Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator JT

These three builds all turned out great and we are excited to see what the future has in store for our partnership with Built2Wander. We hope Collin and Jessica have a great time at Easter Jeep Safari this year and can’t wait to see the look Collin’s dad’s face when he sees The Silver Bullet.

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