A Look Back at Easter Jeep Safari 2023

It was the heart of springtime in the beautiful state of Utah, which means one thing for the nation’s ardent off-roading fans: the return of Easter Jeep Safari! This annual pilgrimage to Moab gives legions of road-averse gearheads the chance to test their vehicles and their own mettle on some of the most epic and breathtaking trails found anywhere in the world. The event is hosted by Red Rock 4-Wheelers and takes place over the course of nine days. In addition to the daily trail expeditions, two of the days featured a vendor show, which Team MagnaFlow was excited to be a part of once again to showcase our latest Jeep kits.

In addition to being a fantastic way to spend over a week enjoying the natural grandeur of the area and the dogged capabilities of our various rigs, the event is always the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, partners and collaborators from all over.

Conquering the Trails with Our New Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU & Gladiator Overland Series Exhaust

Jeep Gladiator with MagnaFlow Overland Exhaust System

Team MagnaFlow hit the Moab trails to showcase our new Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU Overland Series Exhaust System and the Jeep Gladiator Overland Series Exhaust System. The upgraded exhaust systems have been designed to offer exceptional off-road performance and function for Jeep enthusiasts. The Wrangler JL/JLU Overland Series Exhaust System is an axle-back configuration, while the Jeep Gladiator is a cat-back system, both of which feature our No Drone Technology (NDT). We had a chance to demonstrate how these new exhaust kits can enhance the off-road experience and bring a new level of excitement to Jeep owners. Come visit us at upcoming events to learn more about our Overland Series exhaust lineup and stay tuned for more applications.

Jeep Wrangler with MagnaFlow Overland Series


Letting it Rip with Lite Brite's 392 "Demon Child"

Lite Brite Nation Jeep Wrangler at Easter Jeep Safari

Lite Brite Nation (Ig: @litebritenation/YT: LiteBrite) was in town for the festivities. They gave Team MagnaFlow a shoutout while on their way to one of the area’s many trails. Kevin talked about how exhaust sound is, in his view, one of the most important aspects of any vehicle. Brittany agreed, telling us how much she loves the MagnaFlow-enhanced sound of her Supra.

Both members of Lite Brite Nation love the sound of their Dodge Demon engine-swapped 392 Wrangler (aka: “Demon Child”), which features a custom America’s Most Wanted exhaust system that rocks a set of MagnaFlow performance mufflers. Watch the clip below.

Catching up with Brad from TrailRecon

We caught up with our longtime friend, YouTuber and TrailRecon founder Brad Kowitz (Ig: @trailrecon). As a lifelong Jeep fan with plenty of personal connections to the storied brand, Brad is always excited to make it out for EJS.

Brad refers to EJS as “the Super Bowl for Jeeps,” and you can tell that Jeep feels the same way, as they not only bring their latest and greatest vehicles, but also some modern concept vehicles alongside several secret concepts of yesteryear in the form of the Heritage Concept Run. The showcase features one-offs and clandestine projects made real by the automaker’s designers and engineers.

One of Brad’s favorites featured in the Heritage Concept Run is known simply as “4-Speed.” The vehicle “was a 2018 concept, and it’s this little two-door, super lightweight, tuned up by SRT” rig that was “a ton of fun.”

He was also enamored with Jeep’s latest concepts, which include a 1978 Jeep Cherokee that’s been rebuilt on a modern Wrangler 4xe platform, as well as dune-ready 392 Scrambler. According to Brad, “a lot of (the concepts) were full-electric vehicles or 4xe vehicles.”

Another aspect of the show which Brad highlighted was the inclusive atmosphere with something for everyone, from “the person who’s just bought a brand-new Jeep” to “somebody that’s been wheeling hardcore stuff for 20 years. They can all come out here and have a great time, and just learn from one another, enjoy some beautiful trails. And then, you know what’s fun? Just to kind of walk around and check out everybody’s vehicles. I mean, its like a big Jeep show, which is really cool!”

As MagnaFlow spokesman Richard Waitas puts it, “you can go shopping, basically, on the trail. And you can kind of see what products get through what obstacles.” Check out the video below to listen in on their entire conversation.

Casey Currie Maximizing our JT Rock Crawler Series Kit

Casey Currie Jeep Gladiator at Easter Jeep Safari

Team MagnaFlow Ambassador, Casey Currie, was also at EJS with his Gladiator that runs a MagnaFlow Rock Crawler Series performance exhaust (#19486) for its lightweight design and the improved ground clearance it offers. He loves the more aggressive sound it delivers and the high clearance performance.

Another Epic Week in Moab!  

Easter Jeep Safari is always an event that we look forward to all year long. It was great seeing all of our friends and their Jeeps in attendance: enjoying the fresh air, unbeatable scenery and, of course, the sound of their rigs triumphantly clambering over obstacle after obstacle.


Jeep Enthusiasts - Check us out at Jeep Beach 2023! 

Team MagnaFlow will be out at Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach, FL April 23rd-30th. Come say hello and chat about your build. Follow us to stay connected on all of the Jeep Beach activities on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.