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Mike - Clifton Park, NY USA
2009 Chevy Silverado
I had been longlooking for a truck to satisfy my picky demands and came across a jaw-dropper recently, complete with chrome kit. Then, the salesman fired it up, and SOLD! The Magnaflow gave me goose bumps. It's pretty quiet at idle but when I got into it, it sounded sweeeet! Love the sound of the V8.
RICK - London, ON Canada
2010 FORD F150
Andy - Guayaquil, Guayas Ecuador
2012 Ford Explorer 3.5 V6
Greetings from Ecuador, I got the Magnaflow Catback installed on my 2012 Explorer two days ago, and all I can say its: AWESOME !!! Great construction, impressive welds, incredible sound !!! Way to go guys, keep up the good work !!!
Dennis Altman - Asheville, NC USA
1995  Range Rover
For less than the cost of a stock replacement system, my cat-back Magnaflow has increased power (I can actually accelerate uphill now) and my gas mileage has gone from 15 to 22! This part paid for itself in less than 10 tanks of gas. THANK YOU!!!
A Zachariah Stillittano - Edgewater, N.J. USA
2004 audi allroad
To Everyone at Magnaflow, I recently received my cat back exhaust kit. I just wanted to say thank you for making a quality product. It was easy to install and sounds and looks great. Thanks again and keep up the great work, A. Z. S.
Richard - Port Hope, Ontario Canada
2009 GMC Sierra 1500 Ext cab 4x4
I just added the Cat Back stainless 16568. The sound is perfect, and the power increase I get with the K&N 63 series air Intake not to mention milage is UP
David Sabourin - Gatineau, Qc. Canada
2004 Ford F150 XLT
Just installed magnaflow cat-back, 16616. Great sound on start up and idle. Head turning sound on aceleration. Easy install. Fantastic price. Good job Magnaflow. David
Mike Ford - Black Hawk, CO USA
1998 Land Rover Range Rover
What an amazing difference. What a growl!!!!!!! My Yamaha motorcyle is still cowering in the corner of the garage. It probably thinks I brought a Harley home.
DeAndrae Cloud - Magnolia, Texas United States
2005 Ford F-150
Your product comes second to none in the market. All the other muffler companies advertise what they have to offer and what they can do but at the end of the day, Magnaflow really is #1. I almost went crazy listening to the droning of the other mufflers so I'd been researching Magnaflows but just never thought about getting them for my truck. Oh boy what was I thinking? The high-flow cats really helped out with the flow & performance. The low, deep, tame rumble that they produce is amazing. I love listening to my music loud in the cabin and not hear my muffler in my ear but knowing outside that V8 is purring. You guys really meant it when y'all say there is a hp gain because there is. I felt it immediately. The design & technology that went into this product is great. The stainless steel mufflers & turndowns are beautiful on my truck & I love the STRAIGHT-THROUGH no-restriction flow. You guys have a very happy, pleased customer here. Thank you guys again. Keep up the fantastic work.
Mitch Owens - Collierville, Tennessee United States
2005 Chevy Tahoe
Got the 12468 and a pair of 4x22 tips. It sounds soooo mean. Not loud an obnoxious, just deep and smooth like a truck is supposed to sound.
KERRY A BUECHELE - Cheshire, ct usa
2002 eddie bauer expition 5.4
I've had my system for one week now, and the sound is really good. The ease of the install was great, it fits perfect and looks great. I would recommend Magnaflow products to anyone looking to replace their exhaust. This was a cat back stainless steel system.
pedro - conyers, ga rockdale
2000 chevy s-10 extreme
I had concern about changing my exhaust sytem in my truck because I wanted to put flowmasters to get that loud deep chamber sound untill those guys at Conyers Muffler shop refered me to the MagnaFlow exhaust system. I still had doubt about it because I own 2 mustangs in my lifetime and both cars I had flowmasters installed. I went ahead with their advice and mannnnnnnnnn you talk about clean loud deep sound without the droaning that was exaclty what I wanted. The truck is stock with a 4.3 v6 185 horsepower engine and I feel like I'm running around 200 horses also added some power too but the sound is incredible...Thank You Conyers Muffler!
eric - tampa, florida usa
2006 ford f 150
Magnaflow is the best made. Made by the best people. Thank you for not selling out to the china stamp out slave camps for a little extra profit. Real americans will pay the little extra for top quality. Buy american, damage and return chinese thanks again from a lifetime family wide customer.
Dapo Ilawole - Lagos, Lagos Nigeria
1988 BMW 535i
I just had the MF 12468 installed on my BMW and sure rocks!!!! The sound is AWESOME!!! There seems to be an extra torque and movement of the car, it's sweet. You guys are great! Well done.
Bruce - Del Rio, Tx USA
2010 Ford F-150 Lariat
I have been researching which exhaust to purchase for my new truck, Magnaflow or F########r. After reading the testimonials and a salesman at a local metal fabrication shop I decided to go with Magnaflow dual cat-back exhaust system. Installation was easy and everything looks great. WOW what a sound. Not the ear splitting dual exhaust when I was younger but a deep rich rumble. Best choice I could have made, thanks Magnaflow.
Tyler - Okotoks, Alberta Canada
1998 Chevrolet Silverado 5.7
I was initially going to go with Flowmasters but a few guys at work recommended you guys. And thank God they did, all I can say is WOW! It has that deep rumble that is humble at idle but screams wide open. Life long customer for sure, keep it up Magnaflow!
jon szczur - johnstown , pennsylvania USA
2002 F150
just got the magnaflow 14" single in duel out on my f150 and wow, the exhaust is very mellow and not loud or annoying at all. at idle you cant even hear it until you stomp on it and it comes alive. i have the exhaust coming out before the rear tire with 3.5 inch tips. if your debating on whether to go with an 18" or 14" muffler go with the 14. the sound is very nice and not at all by any sense of the word overwhelming. not even close to being as loud as a flowmaster 40 series, just nice. very deep, very mellow, all stainless steel.. very good muffler. thank you magnaflow!!
Darrin - Texarkana , Arkansas united states
2010 2004 chevy silvardo 5.3 V8
Just bought my first mangaflow muffler. I am very impressed, wish I would have tried them on my first truck years ago. Keep up the good work, and I will always buy mangaflow.
Matt - Mobile, Al USA
2006 F-250 6.0 Diesel
First time buyer of a Magnaflow product and was I impressed. I installed the 4" turboback system on my truck and from the first crank it obvious I made a very wise investment. Along with a COLD-AIR INTAKE SYSTEM, I improved my mileage by 1.5-2 miles. Awesome sound and noticeable takeoff improvements. Great Product Magnaflow.
Brandon Hutcheson - DeSoto , IA USA
2005 F-350 Powerstroke
Excellent product I installed it in just under1 hr and everything fit well. I noticed excellent power and response from the get go and an increase in fuel mileage I pull a large horse trailer and it's working like a dream and even my wife thiks it sounds cool !! Thanxs and I will recommend this product to all.
Ken Johnson - Swift Current, SK Canada
2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
I owned my '09 Silverado for only a few months before I found your exhaust kit for my truck, I had it put on and the first thing that came to mind was WOW, Awesome sound, Looks great and I know there are people out there that don't like to hear exhaust in the cab...but I love it, Nothin' beats the sound of a v8 pounding inside and out of the cab, Great product keep up the great work.
Geoff U. - Riverdale, NE 68870
2002 (2) GMC 2500HD Big Block Vortec 496
Threw a set of glass packs with 3" piping on my father's 2002 Big Block GMC senior year of high school..... Gave that thing the deepest bellow around, and caused heads to swivel. Ended up with 3.5" stainless tips with a 45 degree out the back, High flow cats in place of the stock ones to give it a nice deep tone at low revs, and a pretty good bark at the higher revs. Just bought my '02 within the last few months, didn't have it a month before I decided it was way too quiet. Same setup minus the high flows..... which are soon to come. Wouldn't trust any other brand for that one of a kind sound!!!
Bob Reed - North Port, FL USA
2004 Toyota, Tacoma
Vast improvement from stock exhaust. I love the horsepower gain and my Taco sounds like a purring tiger!
MICHAEL RASMUSSEN - Brooklyn Center, Minnesota USA
Walter - burlington, nj usa
2010 nissan armada
AWESOME!!! incredible, extraordinaire, what have I been listening to? I can hear now WOW everyone bow down to Magnaflow. Great product and highly recommended. Mieneke has done it again. Thanks.
chris rosche'' - elizabeth, pa usa
2003 chevy avalanche 1500
I have magnaflow cat converters, two in two out muffler all 2 1/2 " stainless steel with 4" tips going straight out the back.the sound and performance is great, nice rumble at idle, and it roars when you get on it. can't wait to hear it with headers!!!
Troy - Gallup, NM US
1995 Ford explorer (exploder)
Magnaflow performence exhaust's are the CHIT!!! I put one on my '95 ford explorer and i gotta say it is truely AMAZING!!!! (mounted on passenger side, in front of rear tire) my brother had put on a Flowmaster on his explorer, after we compared the two together he is now getting a MAGNAFLOW as well, Like FOOSE said "every music instrument has its own tone" I agree with him when it comes to toneTRUELY you have to get a MAGNAFLOW you won't regret and great job team MAGNAFLOW keep up the great work!!!!!
Daniel - Falls Church, Va USA
2006 ford f150 ec
Well let me start off by say what a nice system for sure. After all the research and going back and forth over which system I was going to get I a very pleased with the magnaflow 16520. The system went in like a dream. I am good with my hands but this the first system that I have installed on my truck and It could have not been easier if someone would have done it for me... I had one clamp issue but that was dealt with with out to much trouble, other then that great install. Thanks, Daniel
James Hoffman - Monaca, PA USA
2008 Toyota Tacoma
I just recently purchased a cat back system model 16625 from you. I just had to tell you how great it is. After receiving it I took it to my friends detail shop that has a lift. From start to finish with my friend's help it only took 25 minutes to install. Everything went together without any problems. It sounds great and I have noticed the extra horsepower in the midrange. I haven't checked the gas milage yet. Thanks Magnaflow.
Tony White - New Market, Al. U,S,
2010 Ford F150 XLT
Went from stock to magnaflow #16463 dual, All I can say is just awesome. Great deep mellow tone and easy to install. Workers need to be proud of the product they produce. Thanks.
john Leckich - Biloxi, MS United States
2010 ford f-150
Love the sound of my Magnaflow, single in dual out. I had a flowmaster single in single out, the drone was terrible. I have 2010 f-150 xlt with the 4.6 3 valve engine. It has that classic American rumble.
BAB - St-Jerome, Qc Canada
2010 Nissan Titan CrewCab 4x4
I put a 12568 TRU-X muffler (dual in & outlet) with two 35206 tips on 2.5inch 304 stainless steel pipe. The look & the sound is awesome.
Chad - Lake Charles, La USA
2007 Chevy Z71
I bought a 12589 Magnaflow muffler and it's great. It has a deep rumble when accelerating but purrs at highway speeds. Great for a family vehicle on long trips or vacations.
Kevin - vancouver, bc canada
2003 chevrolet silverado ss
Put on Magnaflow cat-back, 3.5 tips, Sounds great, looks great, increases performance, Great system!
Mike - Shakopee, MN USA
2007 Suburban 2500
After searching other companies (most of which didn't even make a cat-back exhaust system for my truck), I chose Magnaflow. My system arrived promptly, and upon inspection, the overall quality went beyond my expectations. Installation went well, and the instructions were clear. For me, the sound is perfect. Deeper, more authority, and tuned, but not loud or obnoxious with no interior resonance. I was able to satisfy both what I wanted, and not make my wife mad. More power for pulling the camper, better sound, and great looks! Great product! Thanks Magnaflow!
leonardo - Long Beach, California USA
2004 Chevy Tahoe LT
Magnaflow has made my Tahoe sound like the beast it truly is. No one can match that smooth, deep tone you guys are known for. Magnaflow for the win!!
john Leckich - biloxi, MS United States
2010 ford f-150
Just got my Magnaflow, love the sound . I got the single in dual out with both pipes coming out on the passenger side behind the back tire. I had a flowmaster 50 singe in single out, the sound was horrible at 2000 rpm, too much drone. I have 2010 f-150 xlt with the 4.6 3 vale.
Omar - Arleta, California US
2009 Ford F-150 4x4
On my 2009 F-150 and daaamn! This sound turns heads going down the road, The sound is very smooth and deep. Not obnoxious or superloud, I like how when at a stop light not a sound comes out of it, but when you step on it that sound shows power. I also have a K&N intake system on it and with these two.... its a match made in heaven. HP up by 28, MPG up by 3! In about 5,000 all the upgrades will be paid for just by the better fuel economy and not to say the power... wow! :) Thanks MAGNAFLOW! you guys ROCK!
Tyler - Hagerstown, Maryland USA
2004 Nissan Frontier
I installed your exhaust system about 3 years ago and I've loved it since the first time I started my frontier up. You guys build a great exhaust system with a sound that is great! Also helped my fuel milage and of course more power. Thanks Magnaflow.
J Stafford - Mckinney, tx united states
2009 Chevrolet 1500 5.3
I recently went with a Magnaflow exhaust for my 2009 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado with a 5.3 liter v8. I gotta say that with all I have done to the truck, cold air intake, hyper tech system, etc., I was thrilled that the Magnaflow exhaust not only improved my throttle response but the power boost is awesome as well. I could not be happier with my decision, thanks Magnaflow!!!!!!!!
Mr. Bill - Ormond Beach, FL vOLUSIA
Bob Liberatore - White Haven, Pa USA
2008 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ / Z71 4X4
Installed the Magnaflow dual rear exit system on my '08 Silverado 5.7. This is an awsome exhaust system. The quality of the pieces and fit are first rate. The sound is incredible! Deep, powerful and smooth. I've put a little over 500 mi on it so far it it seems to get better sounding with each mile. I haven't noticed any gains in fuel mileage but that may be because I have been unable to stay out of the throttle because it sounds so good!!
Trevor Gremm - Edson, AB canada
2001 mazda B4000
I just recently bought myself a new exhaust system for my mazda. I wanted it to be quiet but yet still have some rumble. It impressed me! My V6 with the cat-back system is wicked! I recently installed a cold air intake as well and as soon as I had the exhaust installed the first thing was right to donuts! and it definitely makes a difference and makes it sound beefyier! THNX MAGNAFLOW! I'd like a bunch of stickers or a shirt or sumthing tho kuz ur shit is expensive! haha thnx again Magnaflow! GOOD WORK
Greg Pridmore - Williamston, SC USA
2008 Chevy Silverado Crew,5.3 V8
I recently installed the 16741 cat back on my truck and it is an amazing difference in how the truck runs. More power from just installing this kit and the extra gas mileage is an added bonus.The sound of the exhaust is incredible and the quality of the product is top notch. Stainless steel is definitely the way to go. My nephew and I installed the system in about 2 1/2 hours including removal of the factory exhaust. I will recommend Magnaflow to everyone because they have great products.Thanks.
M. Stines - Gillette, WY USA
2007 Hummer H3
The fit and finish on this Magnaflow System is exceptional. I had the system installed at a local muffler shop in about 30-minutes for a nominal charge. The sound and appearance were both major improvements. There was also a noticable improvement (seat-of-the-pants) in torque. I have not had a chance to check fuel milage yet. Even the muffler shop owner was totally impressed with the fit, quality and craftsmanship of this system, and the sound is perfect, not much change from stock, but with an added throatiness during acceleration. Great Job Magnaflow !
Trae - altha, Florida United States
2007  ford f 150
I have a 4.6L V8 standard cab short bed STX. The Magnaflow exhaust 16613 was very easy to install, fit perfect.
Jesse Caskey - Deposit, NY USA
2003 Toyota 4-runner
Very pleased, sounds great.
adam - Barrie, Ontario Canada
2006 GMC Serria
I have the dual cat-back on my truck and sounds great! You Know when my truck is near. The muffler itself is only 14 inch long where as the factory muffler is huge! Looks good with the 3.5 inch boom tube.
Bill F. - oneida, ny usa
2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport
That 4 litre inline 6 engine in my Jeep has a great sound now. Took a whole 10 minutes to install a MPE-11255 Stainless Magnaflow muffler. At idle and crusing speeds the muffler is pretty quiet, but when you get into the throttle that muffler really comes to life. The quality is there, the price is right, and the sound is sweet. Thanx to all the good people at Maganflow........
Adam - Madison, Wisconsin United States
2003 Chevy, S 10
I bought the Dual Cat-back and the high flow cat converter. It is awesome. Everything 1st looks good to the eye and is over sized to accomidate any upgrade you plan on in the future. 2nd comes with everthing you need and is pricey, but fairly priced for what you get. 3rd Is easy to install if you follow the instructions and take your time with the final adjustment and is long enough to stick out from the bumper as well as can be pushed back to hide it a little. 4th sounds great togther. 5th is the staple and begining point of any build up. I am very impressed with this system from every aspect! Well worth the time and money it takes to do this and did I mention that it sounds great! I get compliments all the time.
omar - houston, TX usa
2004 ford f150
I have no cats on my f150, first I had a flowmaster, the tone was ok but too loud, Then I got a borla and it was annoying and way too much interior resonance and now i decided to dual it out with the magnaflow 2 inlet 2 outlet and its the best I ever had its not too loud at idle, very little interior resonance but when you punch it it lets it all out!!! Very satisfied!!
Jason - Alliance, Nebraska USA
2009 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L HEMI
There is only one thing to say about magnaflow......WOW! it is amazing! if anyone ever tells me they are putting anything but magnaflow on, i would tell them to throw it away and get a magnaflow, nothing better. Keep up the excellent work and fantastic quality.
Robert Williams - daisetta, texas usa
2004 ford f150 xlt 4.6L
I just had Garb's Muffler Shop in Baytown, Texas build me a custom exhaust with a Magnaflow 14" si/do muffler and Magnaflow 18x3.5x2.5 rolled edge tips. It sounds awesome!!! Nearly stock at an idle, slight rumble, but when you step on the gas, WOW! It sounds like a beast, pure performance. It blows Flowmasters out of the water! It was waayyy better than I'd even dreamed. I'll never run anything else and I'm referring all my friends to Magnaflow. For looks, sound and performance, Magnaflow is #1!
jack cottrell - ravenna, ohio usa
2002 ford f-150
Hi, the best exhaust I ever got. You people keep up the good work. It looks and sounds good too. (thank you very much) jack c.
quentin young - macon, georgia usa
1999 chevy suburban
i have a 99 suburban and just put your tru duals on it. I have to say its the best sounding system out not to loud not to soft. at idle quiet rumble on the gas groooowl!
curtis - new orleans, louisiana united states
2001 chevy 1500
love the magnaflow muffler. the sound is a deep tone and i notice a difference in performance. i asked the shop owner what did he have on his truck. he replied magnaflow and he advised me to get it. im glad i did big time.
Brian - Middletown, Ct USA
2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4
I had a Magnaflow 16700 installed this morning. It replaced the Flowmaster kit that I had on there previously. WOW! The difference is night & day. Magnaflow's sound is AMAZING! The throttle response is sooooo much better!! When I sit at a red light, all I hear is the engine. The Magnaflow is just all around, a well designed product, and is worth every penny. I'm soo happy I got one. Thank you Magnaflow for making such an AWESOME product, and for making my truck come alive!
Ralph - Gaithersburg, Maryland USA
2004 Ford Ranger
I had just remove my 4 year old Gibson rusted out system from my 2004 Ford 4X4 4.0 Ranger, and my friends all said step up to MagnaFlow Exhaust. Doing so has made me a very happy customer, and my truck looks great with the MagnaFlow Exhaust and sounds much better than that Gibson ever did. Much better hardware in the MagnaFlow system, making it very easy to install. I am writing this after a 3 hour road trip, and I did not notice the sound, till putting the peddle to the metal, and that is what I wanted in a high performance exhaust system. Thanks Guys, Ralph
sgt james - ft lewis, WA USA
2007 dodge 1500
I run 35'' tires with 6'' lift, have the 5.7 hemi, lost some pulling power, put on exhaust 16699 and it woke this thing up again, I pull a trailer bigger than I should but with that much power and the rumble I get from the exhaust when I kick down again you can't help but like it
Jason Nguyen - Anaheim, CA USA
2004 Honda CRV 2.4 L
Thanks to Magnaflow. Your work is state of the Art. I have Magnaflow street series muffler 14825 install on my Honda CR-V 2004 today. It sounds beautiful. It is not too noisy and cheap. The sound level just warm and juicy and very sporty. I love the look and the workmanship. It is a very elegant and pretty. The finish is smooth and all weld rounded. Magnaflow makes all different models and styles to meet everyone's specific need. That is another good point right there. Before I didn't know about the qualities of it I used to think Magnaflow is a cheap kind of product of muffler. But I am totally wrong. Try Magnaflow products for one time and the qualities speak for themselves. Magnaflow deserves to be one of the best leading company for muffler and all related product. I never want to shop any other brand but Magnaflow. Thanks again and again. I am very happy with my decision. I will recommend your products to all of my friends.
Doug Johnston - Mohnton, PA USA
2007 Ford Sportrac V8
Had a great muffler shop (Mervin's) remove 2 mufffler/resonaters??? and install a SS #12276 Magnaflow. The shop has a terrific reputation locally as customer oriented perfectionist for sound, price or standard muffler shop. So... after hearing the sound bytes on your web I knew that I wanted the V8 uncorkerd but without the metallic sound of a ----master, which I had before on a '95 F-150. The wife and both grown kids said the truck sound great. One muffler sounds as good as a set of catback duals that some people spend alot more for too! Thanks for the website sound track, that sold me.
Bill Cantell - Brimfield, MA USA
2003 Dodge Dually Cummins
Just installed my new dual magnaflow system on my 2003 Dodge Dually Cummins. Thanks for making a great product!! Went together very easily, sounds and performs great! Nice stuff!
geoffrey floyd - markham , ontario canada
2006 gmc seirra
just had my cat back system installed today, wow this sounds great . my 5.3 now sounds like my 65 impala i had as a teen. wife say's it the beginnng of my mid life crisis. she aint seen nothing yet ha ha .
Josh Anderson - Yarker, Ontario Canada
1992 Taurus SHO and others
I just wanted to drop a note and say I will continue to use your products on all my projects. My first time using Magnaflow was on my SHO roadcourse race car. I tried many mufflers (at great pain and expense) before stumbling accross Magnaflow products. It gave that high reving 24v V6 a good low sound and performed great. I have since used your products on my Big Block Ranger project, Project V10 F150 4X4 and my '65 galaxie will get the magnaflow treatment as well. Thanks for a quality product. Its rare these days.
jason lawrence - burke, ny usa
2008 chevy silverado ec/sb z71
I've had my exhaust (16741) on for one day and love it. When I started my truck for the first time my boy's and I had a smile from ear to ear. Sound is great and loud enough to turn heads but quiet enough to not get pulled over. Installation was easy and quick, all hangers line up perfect and super solid. POTENTIAL BUYERS DON'T BE AFRAID TO BUY! My truck may still look like any other but she sure doesn't sound like the rest. Thanks Magnaflow and Clearlke automotive.
John Mooney - West Wyoming, Pa US
2004 Nissan Titan
Had the duals installed yesterday. Holy smokes...What a difference. I have fallen in Love with my truck all over again. Great work folks.
TJ - Tonawanda, NY Erie
2005 Ford F150
This system, single in/dual out, is everything I hoped it would be. the sound on acceleration is great, yet cruising, is nothing over a pleasant burble. Throttle response improved too. My truck no longer feels heavy and slow; it actually feels light on it's feet . I considered other systems, but I found out there is a reason why so many people like Magnaflow. I couldn't be happier with my choice. The sound you hear when you're steppin' down on it is just classic performance.
Chuck Charpentier - Rochester, NH USA
2005 Chevrolet Colorado
Tremendous Sound!!! Exactly what I was searching for, throaty sound, yet not overbearing. Completely satisfied and I'll continue to purchase your product with every new truck purchase.
Charlie - Pelham, NC USA
1998 GMC Sierra
Four years ago I purchased your system online while I was deployed overseas, when I came home the big box was waiting for me. As soon as I made sure I greeted all my family and friends, my brother and I tore in and put the exhaust on in the driveway. Sitting in the cab, revving the engine I thought it'd be a little louder... then I looked in the rear view to see the huge smile on my brother's face, this is the PERFECT performance truck exhaust. Mild in the cab, just enough to let you know it's there... and wide open at the pipes. I've never been happier with a performance product purchase. Thanks Again.
Andrew - slaton, texas united states
1997 chevy silverado
my dad had bought me this truck from one of his friends grandsons it had a flowmaster on it. it was quiet outside but loud inside the cab an like the next week i put 20's on it tried to do a burnout the tires wouldn't spin so i told my dad im gunna put a magnaflow on it an i was pleased with it an when i got back home i burnedout an the tires spun with ease so my dad wants one on his 69 roadrunner. an when all my friends an family heard my truck they said man your truck sounds better with that magnaflow then that flowmaster.
Neal Rohrbach - Valdosta, GA USA
2004 Ford F150 4.6L
Good Afternoon, I'm writing today to express how extremely satisfied I am with my Magnaflow Exhaust. I've installed true duals with 14" 4x9's and 18" 2.5/3.5 Rolled Edge Tips. My truck sounds amazing, the sound quality is top notch and the performance gains are better than I even expected. Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!
Harry Johnson - Spokane, Washington USA
2003 Ford Powerstroke 6.0
Hats off to all involved with designing your diesel performance mufflers. When I added your 4inch in/out muffler to my existing 4inch exhaust system made by a competitor, it improved my power/boost and throttle response dramatically. The secret is in the inside design of your muffler. Good job guys. Harry
Richard. W - El Paso, Texas 
2004 chevy silverado 3500 dulley
My parents bought a 2004 chevy 3500 dulley not too long ago and it came with a magnaflow exhaust system on it. Let me tell you that truck can run a hole in the wind. Can't wait to install my magnaflow on my 2001 F-350
david stephens - desert hot springs, ca us
2005 dodge caravan
my caravan has to be one of the only ones in my area with any kind of exhaust upgrade an man does it make having a mini van much more fun. my van has become quite a head turner now that it sounds like it's V-8 powered. the cat back exhaust system has also helped the car move a little quicker too!
Graham Carlton - Homewood, Alabama United States
1998 Chevrolet K1500 with Vortec 5700
I just got my single side exit catback (15602) and it sounds and looks GREAT! No raspy or crackly sound like with junky Flowmaster exhausts (my only other choice). Not only that, but it's completely stainless steel! Can't beat that! To top it off, no modifications were needed to the system to make it fit at all! I'm VERY satisfied with this system, and being stainless steel and better built than Flowmaster exhausts, hopefully it'll last for years to come!
Iniabasi Imeh - Saint Petersburg, Florida USA
2000 Dodge Ram Laramie SLT
I just recently had a Magnaflow muffler installed (the truck already had the 3 inch pipes). I wasn't expecting much, but it greatly improved performance and fuel economy. This truck hauls butt, and the exhaust tone is second to none! Thanks for making such a great product, and keep up the good work!
Steven E. Seaton - Sacramento, California USA
2008 FJ Cruiser 4.0l V6
Installed my Magnaflow around three months back and still beam a grin from ear to ear when starting my FJ. Sounds fantastic and performs even better! Loving the H.P. increase and M.P.G. gain. If I were to list anything negative....It would have to be that I can't admire the quality craftsmanship of the product when it's bolted underneath my vehicle. Way to go MAGNAFLOW!!!!
Tyson - Cushing, TX USA
2006 GMC Sierra 2500
I put custom set of duals on my 06 Sierra and used a dual in/dual out Magnaflow. The sound is great, loud enough to know Im there but not noisy and obnoxious. Throttle response increased and acceleration is much quicker. Havent checked my mileage on paper but the onboard computer tells me its going up with every mile. Im hoping for at least 2-3 extra mpg. The 6.0L actually feels like a truck engine now instead of an economy car.
Mike - Buffalo, WY USA
2008 Toyota Tacoma
Great product, best out there!! All Stainless steel, easy to install, the sound ROCKS!!
Dalton - Meaford, ONtario Canada
1990 Dodge 150
i have a magnaflow on my old truck and it makes everyone look thanks magnaflow
Richard Hansard - Daytona Beach, Florida USA
2006 Chevrolet Silverado
I just installed a cat-back system on my 2006 Chevy Silverado crew cab truck. I must say that I was impressed with the quality of the entire system. The hangers were in the correct locations and everything fit together with ease. With two of us working, we were done in under 20 minutes, including removal of my stock system. Great look and nice tone!
Nathan Parsell - Swartz Creek, Michigan USA
2006 Ford F350
I just installed the 5in turbo back system and am very impressed with the nice, non-intrusive, throughty sound my truck makes now. Not to mention the increased power I feel. I havent measured anything but I can definitely tell that my truck accelerates quicker than it use to...the exhaust is a great sounding, great performing, and last but certainly not least a GREAT LOOKING exhaust. The outlet fits snug up under the passenger rear quarter panel with hardly any sticking out or hanging down too far and the 6in dia chrome tip is to die for. Great Exhaust Guys
Blake Granger - Lafayette, louisiana united states
2008 ford f-250
2008 6.4l twin turbo diesel has the diesel particulate filter and the exhaust is still amazing. as it breaks in, it is getting louder and louder. the hp and tq gains were fairly noticeable.
Robert - la mesa, ca U.S.
2008 Ford Ranger
I just put on the dual exhaust system and it is probably the best investment for my new truck. The roar is awesome and it complements my k&n air charger very nicely. I can definitely feel a hp and torque difference when I gun it. THANKS MAGNAFLOW!
Kyle Kendall - Brenham, TX USA
2008 Chevy 1500 Silverado 5.3 Crew Cab Texas Edition
WOW, let me tell you, this cat-back system works. I installed this Magnaflow cat-back system (style C) on my Silverado and it has done wonders. This exhaust is not a loud annoying but a nice soft rumble sound. You can barely hear it inside the cab and it has the best sound I have ever heard. Also, I put a K&N cold air intake and with all this air going through the exhaust I have gone from 15.2 mpg to 19.2 mpg average. This is a great exhaust system and is worth every penny.
Dave Gillespie - Bargersville, IN USA
2007 Ford F-150
I just installed the 16614 cat back kit on my wife's '07 F-150 with 5.4l. The installation was easy. I had to make some very minor modifications to tail pipe brackets for a proper fit. The sound is perfect and just as advertised; A nice mellow rumble at idle and cruising, hit the gas and it comes alive with a deep throaty note that gets some attention, but is not obnoxious. My wife loves the new sound of her truck. I will definitely buy Magnaflow again!
Dave Sowalsky - Colchester, CT USA
2008 Dodge Ram 5.7l Hemi
Just picked up my 2008 Dodge RAM at the dealership where I had them remove the stock exhaust and replace it with a cat back system. I have never had a performance exhaust before, but have to say, my first experience is going to be difficult to beat. What a sound with an exceptional look!! Great product.
Ken - Kingston, Ontario Canada
2001 Ram 2500
I had a Cherry bo*b on my truck before installing a new Magnaflow. It used to sound like the exhaust was running thru a garbage before. Now it has a nice low rumble at idle. When stepped out she snorts pretty good, but never gets annoying. Here I am the first of March driving around in Canada with my windows down just to hear that sweet sound from my exhaust. Thanks Magnaflow.
Drew Rainey - Williamsport, PA USA
2005 Dodge Durango 5.7L
Installed 2 days ago and can already see a huge difference. It is too early to tell on fuel economy, but I have noticed a big difference in the overall responsiveness. Great product that I would recommend to everyone.
Brian Pound - South San Francisco, CA USA
2006 Nissan Xterra
I was very impressed with the fit and finish of the exhaust system. The instructions were clear and complete. Everything bolted up nicely. The tone is noticeable but not overly annoying.
1995 Jeep Wrangler
I love my new exhaust. It has a nice tone and pleasant hum at highway speed and a nice roar at the stoplight.
david - tucson, arizona united states
Mike - Trabuco Canyon, CA 
2004 Toyota Tundra xtra cab sr5
Recently purchased and installed the cat back Single exit MagnaFlow exhaust system on my 2004 Toyota Tundra. It takes longer to change my oil then to install this system. Install was perfect, and many times there is always something that is just off a little, but this system fit together like a glove. PERFORMACE!!!! Noise is PERFECT, at idle you can barely hear it, but you get on it, you can feel the pull and a nice throaty V8 sound. Not too loud, not too quiet. I honestly didn't believe it would be this good. I didn't want an obnoxious roar, but you can definitely hear it rumble under acceleration. Great Job, would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality product!!!!!!
Dennis McGowan - Roseburg, Oregon USA
2004 Toyota Tacoma
I just installed your system in my I4 Tacoma, it was harder getting the old system out, than installing your system. What a great sound, it no longer sounds like a 4 banger. What a great product.
matt - oconomowoc, wi us
2005 dodge 3500
very happy with your exhaust . fits great, sounds great, very happy with overall performance.
Dave - West Chicago, IL USA
1983 Revcon
I have a 1983 FWD motorhome. The previous owner had Flowmaster 50 series mufflers on it. I installed TRI-Y headers and it basically ran OK. When it came time to replace the exhaust, I replaced the 50 series Flowmasters with 40 series Flowmasters. There was an improvement in power, but it was unbelievably loud. I switched to 70 series Flowmasters. It was much quieter, but I lost nearly 3 MPG and 2 seconds off my 0 to 60 times. I gave up and switched to 24" MagnaFlows. Not only was it even quieter than the 70 series Flowmaster, but my mpg returned and I regained 1.7 seconds back on my 0 to 60 times. The Magnaflows were almost as powerful as the 40 series Flowmasters, but no where near as loud. I am no longer a fan of baffled mufflers. Because there is no internal absorption, they drone loudly inside the vehicle. Baffled mufflers that are quiet, gag the engine. Its an idea that does not work as well as a straight through design with acoustical absorption - ie Magnaflows.
Ray Askey - Penndel, PA USA
1998 Dodge Ram 1500
I was recently faced with replacing my exhaust due to age. I decided I wanted to go all stainless and also get some performance upgrade. When I decided on the Magnaflow I was told it was not made for my model truck, I took a chance and ordered what I thought would be close. I found the exhaust fit almost perfectly into the stock hangers, this is truly one of the best products I have installed. I am very pleased with both the quality and the performance. Ray
Ian Gordon - Bayfield, Ontario canada
2004 F-250 crew cab king ranch, 6.0L Diesel
I just installed the 4" Stainless turbo back kit, I was Extremely impressed with the fit and finish of this kit. The sound and the performance was an added plus, the sound wasn't as loud as I had thought it was going to be but the deep mellow sound makes up for pure noise. Thanks Magnaflow for the great kit.
Cameron Allen - Hickory, North Carolina USA
1999 Ford Ranger
I was looking for a new exhaust setup on my truck. From what I have seen, and heard before I knew to go with Magnaflow, and I am so pleased with my new exhaust I just had to tell you guys to keep up the great work. I can definitely feel the added power and hear it to!
Zachary - Enid, OK USA
2005 Tundra 4.0 V6 access cab
Before I bought your muffler I called your company and asked to speak with a technician. I was put though in less than 30 seconds and he answered all my questions, was friendly and patient, told me to call back anytime if I have more questions and gave me good advice on buying a performance muffler. I bought a 12256 18" muffler and a 12" rolled tip for my 2005 4.0 V6 Tundra Access cab. I was worried about the sound as a V6 with a performance muffler on a Toyota might sound raspy and high pitched; my worries were unfounded. You guys know your stuff. My truck has a nice low rumble and on steady acceleration my once quiet truck now roars like a V8. It has no drone at highway speeds. The quality of the products are great and your commitment to customers is spot on!
Matthew DiBilio - Wyomissing, Pennsylvania USA
2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
Thanks to MagnaFlow my wife is no longer mad at me. I experimented with another brand(Fl@#$%ster), with horrible results, i.e. wife mad. Interior drone exceptionally bad. Enter MagnaFlow. All is well again in the household. Good looks, great sound, and best of all, no interior drone to make spouses mad. Just the right amount of throat under hard throttle and very comfortable cruising at highway speeds. Highly recommended and great product. Part # 12578 Thanks MagnaFlow
Mr. Shannon Lawson - Phoenix, AZ USA
2005 Ford F150 SuperCrew 4x4
I recently decided to upgrade the exhaust on my 2005 F150 4x4. After several evaluations and searches I felt like Magnaflow was the right one. With the assistance of Mad Hatter Muffler in Phoenix on installation I am thrilled with the results. A new 3 inch Cat-back exhaust and 3 inch si/so muffler. Sound is perfect, mpg has improved and throttle response is better. I would recommend Magnaflow and Mad Hatter to anyone.
2007 JEEP SRT8
2007 SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee The SRT8 is a fast, great performing vehicle. The Magnaflow exhaust stepped-up the performance and the presence of the vehicle. In addition to a freeflow intake, the exhaust makes the vehicles reach its potential. Plus, it has an aggressive sound that is not overbearing and living day-to-day. Wonderful product and worth the investment.
Darren - Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada
1997 Chev 7.4l(454)
I just had a complete system installed at a local muffler shop. The installer informed all the pros with Magnaflow compared to other brands. i was leery at first but after the install was absolutely impressed with their knowledge and craftsmanship. I had the total stock system replace with a Y- pipe to a single high flow cat to a ss muffler. What a difference in sound! Sounds like a BBC should. Nice rumble at idle and has great sound at highway rpm's. So far very satisfied with the product.
Joe Rikard - Fairfield, Iowa USA
1989 GMC Sierra
Had the local muffler shop split the manifold and put dual exhaust with the magnaflow twin chamber muffler on my truck. Gave it much better throttle response and acceleration, and sounds absolutely awesome! Great throaty roar and cackle. So much better overall than flowmaster.
Trey Turman - Olive Branch, Mississippi  USA
2005 Ford Ranger
I love my dual exhaust on my FORD Ranger. It has a 3.0 V6 and I was very surprised when I heard it for the first time I was worried at first b/c it was a small V6. It doesn't have the V8 rumble and tone but it sounds great. It doesn't sound like anything you think a Ranger would sound like. I had a Flowmaster on my 1992 F-150 302, V8 and you couldn't even hear it... I eventually put straights on it. I wish I would have put Magnas on it now. Anybody out there who has a Ranger and wants it to sound good get a Magnaflow its very much worth the money. Thanks Alot Magnaflow!!!
Todd Anderson - Battle Ground, Washington USA
2000 GMC SIERRA 1500
I have seen overnight performance, sound and increased gas MPG and horse power. This is the best muffler out there.
Serge Mercier - Montreal, Quebec  Canada
2007 Ford Ranger 2wd 4.0L
Very nice sound, easy to install ( it took 20 Min ) now my son wants to buy my truck!
Scott P - Parkersburg, WV USA
2006 Dodge Monster Mile 5.7L
Granted my truck is a 1 in 50, but it sounds like a million. That low deep rumble at idle is astounding. And just the right scream when I hit the pedal. Nice job Magnaflow
Scott Holstine - Palm Bay, Florida USA
2005 Ford F250 Super Duty 4x4
I just got a custom Magnaflow (cat-back) system installed on my 5.4l V8 F250!!! It sounds amazing... I was weary at first, but once the guys over at Dynamic Muffler and Brakes in Melbourne, Fl were done, I was shocked!!! They started my truck, and a smile immediately appeared on my face... The 4" chrome tips were just the icing on the cake too!!! Great performance, great sound, and with a lifetime warranty, you cant go wrong!!! A+++++
Sam Cloud - Waukesha, WI United States
2007 Toyota Tundra
The exhaust for my truck is sweet. Nice smooth idle and only loud when you want it to be. Great quality that comes with a great price. These guys know what people want. Kudos to magnaflow.
Ryan King - Moss Point, MS USA
2004 GMC Sierra Z71
I have had a K & N intake FIPK installed on my truck since i got it in 2005. It gave me great gas mileage but I still wasn't satisfied with the power and fuel economy. I had my local muffler man cut my old muffler off and weld a new Magnaflow Muffler with 2 turn-downs and WOW was I amazed. Great sound, greater power at the rear wheels. I now have a match for my K & N intake!! i love the power i got from the exhaust. YOU HAVE AN AMAZING PRODUCT! thanks! Not only do i have power, i have great gas mileage for a big 5000 lb. 4WD truck-- 19.5 on the interstate. YEAH! Also I can now go sideways down the road when it's raining!! :D :D :D heck yeah. Thanks again!
Ross - Madison, WI USA
2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L
After looking around for quite a while and considering all different products, I decided on the Magnaflow cat-back for my Wrangler. It is EXACTLY what I wanted. In terms of sound, performance gains, and price, PERFECT. The reason I looked for so long is because I am very picky about the way I wanted it to look and sound, and I'm very happy I chose Magnaflow. I'll be back for more Magnaflow products very soon.
Ron Hall - Paducah, ky usa
2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10
I have tried every muffler made and was not satisfied with any of them until I put a Magnaflow Cat Back System on my SRT-10 Viper Truck. What a difference you could feel! And the sound was perfect, not obnoxious. I was so impressed I ordered the Magnaflow for my hemi truck and threw away that Flowmaster. GREAT PRODUCT!!!
Rob Duckering - Edmonton, Alberta Canada
2004 Chevy Avalanche
I could not believe how easy the kit was to install.....The sound is just right....The performance even better.
Peter Senesi - Nanuet, New York USA
2005 Chevrolet Avalanche 5.3L
I just received my MagnaFlow Exhaust System from and was very impressed with the quality of this product. Installation was a breeze (less than 1 1/2 hours)! Everything matched up perfectly. The hardest part was removing the stock exhaust. I tried to take it out without cutting it, but that didn't happen. After cutting the stock exhaust 2 inches in front of the muffler the removal was simple. The sound is impressive when the vehicle starts and when accelerating (nice throaty growl). The cruising and idling sound is slightly louder than stock (can still listen to tunes without raising the volume), which is exactly what I was looking for. Besides looking and sounding great my acceleration has improved. Thanks for a great product. Pete
paul - machesney park, illinois united states
2005 dodge ram
the sound was just the way it was on the hear it video. im not one to submit comments like this but it was awsome. i have another dodge ram im going to order exhaust for it right away
Nick Harland - Quincy, IL U.S.
2002 Ford Ranger Edge
I just purchased a new system for my ford ranger. After talking with many people and doing a lot of research I came to the conclusion that magnaflow would be the best choice, and i was right. I purchased a 12268 muffler and had a guy custom make me some pipes. I love the sound i get out of my little 4.0. It's just perfect, quiet at idle but good sounding when you get in it. It has improved my gas mileage and puts a smile on my face every time i get into it. So thank you magnaflow for making a great system.
Mike Stark - Laurel, Maryland USA
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi
Just installed a Magnaflow cat-back on my 5.7 liter Hemi. Love the sound! Quiet at idle, throaty at medium acceleration and awesome at full throttle! Put the Magnaflow Performance decal on my rear side window just to keep the people from asking the question....
Max D. - Hilo, Hawaii USA
2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7L Double Cab 4x4
I just received my #16782 catback s/s dual exhaust kit for my new Tundra. I had the stock exhaust removed and the Magnaflow system installed less than 45 minutes with just hand tools. This is a well constructed catback system and everything pretty much just bolted up great. No pounding and muscling required. Performance wise this system rocks. You can feel the increase power and improved throttle response. This Tundra just moves and sounds great. Its got more power you can see, feel, and now hear too!!! Great job Magnaflow!!! Aloha…
Matt Hellinger - lorain, ohio United States
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi
Very impressed by your product. Nice sound at idle, part throttle acceleration sounds good and WOT rocks. Nice to finally have an exhaust company that isn't interested in making a loud exhaust, your kit truly complements the 5.7l motor.
mark graham - london, ontario canada
2002 GMC Yukon Denali
Installed the magnaflow system on my truck. Everything went well but was a little upset that they would not include new nuts for the flange mount. Other than that install was a breeze.Truck sounds great. Low rumble at light load but a nice growl under load.Truck has good performance improvement and fuel economy has increased.Love the product.I look forward to driving and I hardly even turn the radio on anymore.
Larry Hyche - Hueytown, Alabama United States
2007 Toyota Tundra
I just installed the dual outlet Magnaflow exhaust on my 2007 Toyota Tundra Double Cab with the 5.7 V8. It was an easy at home, without a lift install and the sound is fantastic. All parts of exhaust are quality and everything was included for the install. Thanks for a great product!
Kurtis Barnes - keymar, md usa
2007 Ford Ranger
I just but the Dual Rear spilt exhaust sounds FREAKN AWESOME BABY!!!!!!!! the installation only took an hour just like promised. Thanks for the Quality and simplicity of this performance exhaust, I now value Magnaflow over the other exhaust name brands
Keith McDaniel - Fort Smith, Arkansas usa
2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport
I ran true dual exhaust with an x pipe and two magnaflow mufflers and they made an awsome power gain and great sound
Jon V - Whistler, BC Canada
2005 Ford F150 5.4
I couldn't be more stoked about my new MagnaFlow SISO Cat back! I work on computers not cars so I had my friend put it on for me at the same time we replaced the front grille... The grille was supposed to take .5 hours to install and actually took about 2 hours. The exhaust should have taken 1 - 1.5 hours to install and was in with no leaks in 45 minutes! Great work on the clean bolt-on design/engineering!!! Once I cranked her up she came alive! I finally have a V8 that sounds like a V8. I went from about 520KM per tank to just over 700KM. I told my friend how stoked I was and he went and put one on his Dodge Dakota and sold 2 to some of his clients that smae week! Thanks for making such a great product that even pays for itself!!! Cheers, Jon President Next Level IT inc.
John Gargano - Coopers Plains, NY USA
2002 Dodge Dakota
I ordered the cat back system (#15611) for my 02 Dodge Dakota Extended cab 4x4 with a 4.7 V8 and was concerned that it might be too loud. The package arrived and was extremely well protected. I unpacked and was very impressed with the quality of every part of the system, but was truly amazed at the ease of installation. Start to finish was under 2 1/2 hours and that included getting the old system off, which we all know is the toughest part. Took off for the test drive and was very happy with the sound level, a smidgen louder than stock but what a sweet sound! Got into the throttle a bit and I'm very very happy with the exhaust note. The entire system lined up with the exsisting hangers and all the connections are slit so the clamps do clamp tight, which was another surprise. No welding needed. Hoping to notice a gas mileage increase, but if not, I'm still very happy with this system. I highly recommend Magnaflow to anybody looking for an upgrade to their exhaust.
joel pintor - milpitas, ca us
2007 ford f150 4.2L
i just had my stock exhaust replaced with magnaflow exhaust with custom bent pipes (two out the side/rear) and WOW! WOW what a difference it has made. it makes a nice deep growl when i get on the pedal and on the freeway i can barely hear it. and for performance, acceleration is greatly improved. my magnaflow exhaust looks, sounds, and performs way beyond all the other brands ive had before. thanx magnaflow!
jim gosse - dubai, virginia uae
2004 hemi durango
35,000 miles on cat-back exhaust. Still sounds great and turns heads. Coupled with a cold air intake gives much needed breathability for the hemi.
James Stanley - Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 Classic W/T with the 4.3L V-6
Here is a link to my youtube videos I've made showing off your exhaust. I've had MANY questions about it and great reviews from an earlier video. This is a response to the many requests I got for another video.
Greg Stanley - Spring, Texas USA
2004 Nissan Titan
This system is great sounding and improved my gas mileage. Im so impressed my wifes new 2006 Lincoln Ls V8 is getting a system.
Greg - Los Angeles, CA USA
2007 Ford F150 Lariat
I had my Magna Flow installed by San Pedro Muffler, Tim is an amazing guy and does quality work believe me! He let me hear the Flowmaster on my truck then the Magaflow. I chose the Magnaflow hands down! I highly recommend putting one of these custom systems on your truck. Normal driving it sounds low and mellow. When you jump on it well it's AWESOME! I even noticed about 1MPG better on average after the install.
Eric C. - Pembroke, New Hampshire US of A
2001 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4
Magnaflow certainly does justice to my 4.7 V8. Not only does it provide a booming, throat curdling roar, but also improved my truck's performance on gas (not bad for a Dodge!). It's nice to know that when you blow the tails off of unsuspecting motorists they hear that roar!
Eric - Laguna Niguel, Ca USA
2004 Ford Ranger 3.0L Edge
First off is wow. My car has at least 155hp.. This really boosted my cars performance by at least 10hp. Instant throttle response compared to stock exhaust. Drop dead gorgeous!!! Second time Owner
Donald W Kiser Jr - Shirley, Ma  Middlesex
2007 F.J. Cuiser
bought stainless system and it went on just fine. reminds me of my first car 65 GTO with a 454v8 but only have v6 sounds the same I've other systems this beats it hands down. Thanks for being out there
cynthia k - rockford , illinois united states
2005 dodge ram
i have an 05 dodge hemi quad cab that i installed a 3"in and out offset polished stainless muffler. the resonator was removed and a 4" tip was welded on. the sound is awsome and the boys are jealous
Cody Dameworth - Floresville, Texas U.S.
1993 Chevrolet Silverado
I used to be all about Flowmaster. But when I got my truck from my brother, that Magnaflow took my breath away. It sounds so awesome! When I compare it to other exhaust systems, I know mine is the best. It sounds even better now that I have put Hooker Competition headers, K&N air intake, aftermarket camshaft, and Taylor Spiro pro sparkplug wires w/ Iridium IX sparkplugs. When I started it up and got in it after putting on that Magnaflow, I thought I was in a different truck. SOOOOOO much more torque and HP. It's unbelievable. Oh yeah, the women LOVE IT!!!!
Cody Dameworth - Floresville, Texas U.S.A.
1993 Chevrolet Silverado.
Mangaflow, I am extremely satisfied with your product. There is nothing like it on any vehicle on the road today. I thought about F--------r, and B---a, and G--------s, but after hearing my exhaust compared to the others, I have no more doubts about my truck. Thank you Magnaflow, and I will recommend your product to anyone looking to make their the best.
Chris Fournier - Sacramento, CA US
2003 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7L
I am very impressed with this exhaust system; it was a little expensive however it is worth it. I got 23 more HP with 32 more ft pounds. The exhaust sounds great and you can tell the difference in power and you also will save on gas. I also installed the K&N Air filter which also made a difference with this exhaust system. By making these changes it will prolong the life of your engine, give you better gas mileage, and more power. I would recommend Magnaflow to anyone.
Charlie Stone - Augusta, Georgia United States
2006 Frontier LE 4.0
I had magnaflow put on my v-6 Frontier, I went with duals, and let me tell you it made a hell of a difference in torque and power. I had Flowmaster, and Dynomax mufflers on my Frontier prior to the Magnaflow. I will tell you Magnaflow hands down flat-out performed them both in torque and high end power, not to mention the other mufflers were loud and irritating. Magnaflow sounds wonderful but was not to loud.
Charlie - Glenview, IL USA
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited
I bought the Magna flow exhaust and Magna Flow high flow Catalytic converter together. The sound is off the hook! Every where I drive I turn heads because I come roaring down the street. I am getting better acceleration and for sure more power. The 5.9 had a awesome exhaust as a stock option. But nothing compares to this Magana Flow.
chad rivard - windsor, ontario canada
2006 dodge dakota
started with a catback flowmaster and my exhaust sounded like crap so i went to the magnaflow dual catback what a difference, best truck sound ive ever heard.
Cel - Pittsburgh, Pa. 
1997 chevy S10
Just recently installed the cat back dual kit w 2 1/2 pipes....MAN! sounds good. this setup replaced the single Flowmaster.
Carl Redding - Thornton, CO US
2006 SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee
The SRT8 is a fast, great performing vehicle. The Magnaflow exhaust stepped-up the performance and the presence of the vehicle. In addition to a freeflow intake, the exhaust makes the vehicles reach it potential. Plus, it has an aggressive sound that is not overbearing and living day-to-day. Wonderful product and worth the investment.
caleb jacobs - south boston , virginia united states
1998 ford ranger
greatest exhaust ive ever seen, couldnt have asked for an easier install and the power difference was well noticed along with the awesome sound......i plan on ordering a kit for my 94 z28 and having nothing other than magnaflow from here on out....thanks magnaflow!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryant Klewer - Raleigh, NC USA
1991 Ford Explorer
I have always put MagnaFlow on my vehicles and will never use anyone else. The second you drive away you not only notice the difference in sound but performance especially if you get an intake. My friends have used Flowmaster and they all sound the same and dont really notice the difference in performance. I also just ordered a kit for my Ford Fusion and i can not wait!!!
Brian Vander Velde - Green Bay, WI USA
2004 Z71 Chevrolet Suburban
I installed a K&N Air Filter system along with your Magnaflow exhaust system. I was getting ~16.5mpg highway, with the new setup, ~18.5mpg highway. The mileage increase will pay for the exhaust system in less than two years...and it adds a nice sounding note. Thanks Magnaflow!
Brian Flinchbaugh - graham, wa pierce
2004 Ford F-350
Just installed my new system and it sounds awesome. I took a friend for a ride that has a banks exhaust and now he is ordering a magnaflow exhaust. Thanks
Brent Hennessey - toledo, ohio united states
2005 Ford Explorer
Awesome sound with foot in the gas, but quiet at highway speeds and at cruising speeds. Idles just as quiet as stock. All and All, has s nice rumble, without the harsh load unwanted noise.
Alex J - Newport, ME United States
2005 Chevy Colorado
Got the dual system for my I5 colorado. Great Exhaust. Didnt know exactly what to expect, but after it was installed and I started it up the sound was exactly what i was hoping for. Looks Great too! Would Def. recommend!!
Aaron Bieman - Vancouver, WA USA
1994 Chevrolet C1500
I purchased a Wide Open Performance muffler for my 1994 Chevy C1500 4.3 V6 with manual trans. My muffler guy was so good at giving me just what I wanted, performance and great sound. My truck doesn't sound whimpy anymore, it sounds so cool and I can feel the performance from this muffler. Thanks for making a great muffler! If you have a V6 that needs some attitude then you need this muffler!
John Beauchamp - Kentwood, Michigan USA
2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax
Once those steps were completed the rest went in without a hitch. I like the exhaust so far but only have a few miles on it.
Barnhill - Pfafftown, NC USA
2003 Chevy Silverado
Nice balance between performance and sound. Barely noticeable sound at idle and slow acceleration and great deep sound at med to hard acceleration. I'm all smiles and so are my neighbors.
Corey Spofford - Waldoboro, Maine USA
1998 Jeep Cherokee
I just moved to Maine this year from CA the land of LOUD UNMUFFLED CARS hahah, anyways here in Maine they have very strict standards for exaust sound little do they know Im running a Magnaflow. Best muffler money can buy At Idle sounds almost stock yet noticable crusing at any speed with my 5-speed it could possibly be quieter then stock (that'll keep the pigs away) Yet when downshifting and matting the 4.0 It's as loud as one need's NEVER FAILS TO TURN HEADS EITHER! Possibly the easiest muffler to install; 5x8x18" Case It fit directly in the stock location utilizing the stock tailpipe talk about sleeper..Untill I pass you and your left with that sweet sound of performance!
jams - Jewett City, ct usa
2003 ford xlt
I put a lift kit ,mad sound sistum, and magnnaflow. It sound mad.
joe - akron, ohio usa
2004 nissan titan
i would like to say you guys are awsome and ive had this dual rear exhaust for a year now and i love it. so much power and such a great sound. friends have other systems and they sound and perform nothing like a magnaflow system.. Thank you....
Nel - Corona, Ca. USA
2006 Toyota Tacoma Trd Sport
I love my magnaflow catback exhaust, sounds like thunder, nice sounds. Saved me gas and more power. i recommend to everybody don't buy any other exhaust buy MAGNAFLOW
Steven - Porterville, California USA
2007 Ford Sport Trac 4x4
Just installed the Magnaflow catback #16679 on my 2007 Ford Sport Trac. It has the Mustang GT 4.6L V-8, but needed some serious help in the exhaust area. Wow, now it sounds like a GT. Nice mellow powerfull sound while at idle and cruising speeds, with a fantastic deep semi-loud bark when you step on it. Installation took less than an hour at Quality Muffler of Visalia. The installer said everything fit perfect. The quality of system is outstanding and the 4"exhaust tip looks great. That first start up was awesome, and put a big smile on my face. I just love driving this American V-8 around town now. Gas milage has improved and so has the horsepower. Thanks to Zap Performance Exhaust for ordering this system for me. My hat is off to Magnaflow for coming out with a really nice exhaust system for my ride. I now understand what they mean by, Wide Open Performance. Let the good times roll.
Jeff - Leonard, Mi United States
2004 chevy colorado
I just bought my dual tipped magnaflow exhaust and threw on right away. turning the key for the first time made me nervous but when my 3.5L In-line 5 started up it was the sound I exactly wanted. Not to loud and obnoxious but husky and throtty. Every penny was well spent.
Jason Bargsley - Acworth, GA United States
2006 Jeep, Wrangler
I just recently purchased Magnaflow. I have to say that it sounds awesome! A lot of people around my area said that if I were to put an exhaust system on a jeep it would sound like a tractor with an exhaust leak. But it doesn't sound like that at all, it sounds good for an in-line six. It also gave me 10 extra horsepower and better fuel milage!
tony - n.y., n.y. nassau
1991 ford bronco xlt
just installed a tubuler magnaflow muffler and the distinct sound is awesome!would like a sticker for my truck window if possible thanks
darryl - gaspe, quebec canada
2006 Chevrolet colorado
Hi guys, just installed a magnaflow mufler on my new pick-up and it sounds great, it`s got the rumble of a V- 8 and it was easy to install..................your brand it the best ..... no questions asked............. thanks magnaflow for putting a smile on my face
Caleb Munson - Newnan, Georgia USA
1995 Ford Ranger
I have a 3.0 with no cats and a magnaflow with a 3 " turn down it has increased horse power, even though my truck is already fast and slammed.
scott a - bethlehem , ga usa
2004 dodge dakota
I work at a harley davidson dealer in stone mt ga- I ride a hd and wanted a truck that sounds as good . All i can say is awsome sound and performance--thanks
Larry - Roseburg, Oregon USA
2006 Ford F350 6.0 PSD, CC, LB, Dually
I had Dean Shaw install a 4" catback with 5" tip. Improved towing and braking when I pull my fifth wheel with the tow haul and I love the sound.
Jesse Rodriguez - Mountain View, California USA
2003 Nissan Frontier (4 cyln)
I wanted to let Magnaflow know that it's an awesome Muffler! I have a Nissan ( 4 cylinder engine) Frontier 2003 and was making a lousy 24 miles per gallon on the highway (even when fully tuned up), and as a result, was considering purchasing a smaller vehicle to get better gas mileage. Since putting the Magnflow......the muffler BOOSTED UP the performance out of that engine.... and here's a HUGE Bonus.....29-30 Miles per gallon!!!! Yes, well worth the cost for performance and fuel economy! A million Thanks! You've saved me thousands of dollars worth of gas and new car payments!!! All my future cars will DEFINITELY get a magnaflow!! Great Job on the design! Congratulations!
Murat - Chaparral, New Mexico United States
2003 Chevy S-10 2.2 liter
I got my Magnaflow Exhaust for my 4 cylinder S-10 and people actually feel and hear the difference when they ride with me. This Exhaust gave me at least 10 to 15 extra horsepower plus, it was easy to install totally bolted on no problems. I recommend this exhaust for people who want to get a little more power out of your vehicle and drive people nuts.
Dan - Elkridge, MD USA
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L
Just installed the 16632 catback system and love it! The tone is powerful, yet tame when cruising on the highway with minimal drone. Midrange power is much more responsive. A+ system
Greg - Fredonia, NY Chautauqua
2005 GMC Sierra 5.3HO Z-71 EC/SB
I ordered the dual rear exit system - 15792. I have installed and owned a Borla cat back and F-Master. The instructions were easy to follow except for mounting the tailpipe hangers. The illustration provided in the instructions shows a truck without a hitch. My truck has an OEM hitch and the hole that is supposed to be used for the exhaust is used by the hitch. There is another hole on the bottom of the frame just before the hitch mount that can be used. You will need a larger sized washer to use this hole though. The fit and finish is great and the sound that the Magnaflow produces is just loud enough.
George Jackson - Fallis, Alberta Canada
2003 Dodge Cummins Diesel
The 4" exhaust sounds great. Deep and throaty. The finished fit was great except for one minor problem. I bought the 5" tip and when I cut the final tailpipe section to the required length, noticed that there was a slight problem. The tailpipe was actually tappered so the tip would go on, but where the cut was made was full 4", and the polished tip would not slide over. A little creative engineering and we got her to fit.
Mike - Temple City, California USA
1999 Dodge Durango
The BEST quality and sound, I have ever seen/heard. About 3 months ago I took my '99 Durango to a local muffler shop, that a good friend of mine owns. I asked him to custom make a cat back system for it, with a 40 series 2-chamber Flowmaster. When he started it up after he was done it sounded mean, and aggressive. So now I knew that it sounded good, but i didn't know about performance, and mileage. So I drove it around for 3 weeks, and wasn't satisfied with the performance of it. So i decided to have my friend keep the 3" pipes he had custom made on the vehicle, but change from flowmaster to Magnaflow. So he put on a 4"x9"x14" Magnaflow muffler on it. He started it up and it sounded SWEAT! Nice rumble at idle, and DEEEEEEEP POWERFUL TONE at acceleration. So now i just had to try out the performance of a Magnaflow. Lets just say, I was never able to even cherp the rear wheels with a flowmaster, and now with a Magnaflow I can lay about 30-40feet worth of rubber WITH A 6000lb. SUV!!!!!
Denis McMullen - Kamloops, BC Canada
2004 Hemi Durango
Do you market tee shirts and decals? I bought a catback for the Durango and I'm so impressed by the extra power at 1900-2000 rpm, I want to advertise for you guys!
Frank Zwart - Montgomery, IL USA
2005 Ford F150
After doing a lot of research and listening to a lot of advise, I decided to go with the MAGNAFLOW single out for my 2005 Ford F150. I couldn't have made a better choice for my truck. I made the complete install myself in about 1.5 hours which included the removal of my stock exhaust system. The MAGNAFLOW instructions were easy to follow and the system fit perfectly. The quality is TOP NOTCH and the sound is AMAZING! I couldn't believe the difference when I started the truck for the first time. Thank you MAGNAFLOW for making a great product that is easy to install, made of very high quality products, looks amazing, and sounds unbelivable!
Brian Markowitz - Fort Mohave, AZ USA
2006 GMC SIERRA crew cab
Extremely Pleased with my Magnaflow Exhaust System Sounds great horse power is up. Step on it, it goes. Completely changed the dynamic of my truck. I recommend it to everyone who has a vehicle.
Robert Fernandez - Doral, Florida USA
2006 Nissan Pathfinder
Having bought the truck as a daily driver, my needs are massive in saving money in fuel since I use my truck on a daily basis to see clients and take mateirals to job sites being a flooring contractor. I had done my intake yet I felt restricted on the power on acceleration. I decided to go with custom job with a magnaflow muffler (third car using your product), and off the bat I felt the diffrence on the truck off the line as well on saving fuel. It is a well crafted product that I can recommend to everyone.
Ben - Tampa, FL USA
2004 Nissian Titan
The sound is outstanding the performance is out of this world. With Crystal clear sound the streets of Tampa hear me roar.
Tyler - Colorado, co usa
2001 mazda B-3000
I just got my new magnaflow muffler. i installed and and wow i love it!! At idle its nice, at mid throttle great and wide open fantastic!! I for sure will be getting much more from you guys!! Keep up the GREAT work!! Thanks magnaflow!!
Nick - McAllen, Texas United States
2004 Ford F350 diesel
I have had my 4'' turbo back on my 6.0 powerstroke and i love it. Whenever i tractor pull it sounds and looks great when i black smoke!!! And with my chip, intake, injectors, nitrous and propane,and gauges, it works extremly well! I wouldnt go any other way but Magnaflow.
Jim - Elverson, Pa. United States
2004 Dodge Cummins H.O. Diesel
This is a great turbo back exhaust system. I purchased the stainless steel and it fit perfectly. It has a very good quality sound and the performance is there! I feel this system is a step above the rest and I would purchase it again. Thanks for a great product!
jeff - gulfport, MISSISSIPPI united states
I want to say wow i am a believer in magnaflow just put on a single in single out on my 2002 dodge ram. I will never go back to nomaster again i love the sound when i hit gas it throws hard but doesnt resonate in cab like the flows !! I would recommend to anyone . Magnaflow all the way!
Norman Mack - Piscataway, NJ USA
2004 GMC Canyon
I inherited my Magnaflow exhaust when I bought my truck in Feb. 06.I already knew Magnaflow's reputation,but it was still a thrill when I first jumped on it.It sounds great!I've had a number of people say they think I've got a V-8 under the hood,then I show them the inline 5.The exhust combined with a performance intake from the the popular 2 letter company give me 25 MPG on the highway and 20 around town.What more can you ask?The system will pay for itself in no time!
Jonathan Tedder - Bessemer City, NC US
2006 Toyota Tundra D-Cab
Just installed the single side exit exhaust on my Tundra. Man, this thing sounds awesome. It really gives my truck that deep V8 sound. If you need a great sounding exhaust I highly recommend this one. Great job fellas.
Sam Robinson - Perris, CA. USA
2003 Dodge Ram Hemi CA Express.
I Had another Muffler on my Dodge Ram 1500, That sounded real sweet over the internet. All I can say is the name of that muffler started with an A. I am 57 years old and I don't like the loud noise coming inside my Truck cab. I went to my neighborhood muffler shop and ask them if they had something that sounded mellow and sweet, and did not have alot of back pressure. They hook me up with your Magnaflow muffler, And when you jump on the throttle the throttle sound utters intone don't mess with me. I LOVE MY MAGNAFLOW MUFFLER. SIGN SAM ROBINSON (AKA) , HEMISON.
Craig - Whitecourt, Alberta Canada
1986 Chevy Short box
Just put a set of your universal oval mufflers on my 5.7L 350 and WOW what a deep rumble. I have true dual exhaust so the sound is even better. Paid 200 for two mufflers rather than paying more than that for one blowmasters and i couldnt be happier.....i could drive all day just listening to this exhaust. I will never buy anything else....MAGNAFLOW ALL THE WAY
Doug Flinn - Midlothian , Virginia USA
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 L
I installed the 3" Hi Flow Cat and the 3" Polished Magnaflow Muffler. I appreciate the craftsmanship of your products. I found a substantial boost in performance ( in conjunction with Hi flow throttle body, Jet Stage 2 chip, AEM cool air intake and MSD Digital 6) The result is an incredibly melodious exhaust. Honestly I can't imagine it sounding any better.
Kyle Irvin - Dallas, Texas USA
1998 Dodge Ram 2500
Wanted to purchase the #15771 cat-back system for my Dodge. I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 with 5.9L gas V8. I'm going to get a new catalytic converter as well. My question is whether this system will fit the 2500 and if it will clear the hitch and spare tire without modification. If it won't I would like to find a larger side exit, but can't find a part number. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, LCPL Irvin USMC
Edward Platero - Pinole, Ca. U.S.A
2002 Chevy Suburban
Last year I had my Magnaflows installed and I just love them. I got 2 kids and I didn't want to hear that roar that flowmasters pump out. Once I put them on my performance was awesome. I love the drone when you first start the engine, take off and hit the highway. Smooth and quiet and I can actually listen to my music without that heavy roar from flowmasters. AWESOME,AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryan - Armada, Michigan usa
2005 chevy silverado
I purchased kit #15778 for my silverado, and it sounds great! A nice aggressive sound when you get on the gas, and a healthy rumble at cruising speeds. Took me just under 2hrs to install lying on my back in the driveway. Fit and finish is great! If your looking for new exhaust, look no further. Magnaflow builds a top quality product! Thanks!
John S - bflo, ny USA
2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 ECSB 5.3 V8
Hi I Have A 06 Silverado And Just Put Dual MagnaFlows All Stainless With 4" Tips On It And Belive Me its Well Worth The Money It Sounds Like I Got A 60's 454 Big Block In It If You Want Sound And Performance Go With MagnaFlow Duals Much Inproved Power And Awsome Sound.
Garret Kolmatycki - Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada
1969 C10 Truck
I had a muffler shop in town install true dual exhaust with the magnaflow xl turbo mufflers on my truck. With a small block chevy 327 under the hood and the new exhaust it sounds amazing. Deep, throaty, and loud enough to enjoy it. The way a performance exhaust system should sound. Now I love driving my truck more than ever, it's just hard keeping my foot off the gas pedal. Thanks for a great product!!!
Aaron Leonard - sandy, utah us
2002 Toyota Tacoma
The installation of this kit was a breeze awesome sound and performance, thanks Magnaflow. I would recommend Magnaflow over any other brand by far!
Jim bahler - monona, wisconsin USA
1999 Ford Ranger 3.0l
I was worried about how it would sound being on such a small v6 but was pleasantly suprised with how deep the tone and rumble was under acceleration. Doesn't crackle at high RPM's like flowmaster.
Jason - Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada
1998 Ford Expedition
What a huge difference!!! I just installed the catback today. Throttle response is crisp and aggressive. Low end torque and HP are boosted. Works excellent with my programmer and cold air intake. The low smooth tone is a thing of beauty. And it even past the wife test. Nice and quiet at cruising speed and very vocal when you put the gas to it...Great product!!! Thanks
Matt Krynycky - St.Catharines, Ontario  Canada
1999 Gmc Sierra c/k Classic
I love the magnaflow muffler on my truck I have the 5.0l and everyone thinks its the 5.7l .Mixed with my k&N intake this truck roars.I hope to add a magnaflow free flow cat soon to make it a little louder aswell as a new offroad X pipe. I am so happy with my magnaflow. Sounds awsome I get comments all the time. You guys make a great product.
Bill - Southington, CT USA
2006 Ford F-150 (5.4L)
I purchased the Magnaflow kit (Part #16612) for my 2006 F-150. It sounds great! Doesn't have all the drone I experienced with another brand of muffler, and still has a great rumble. The muffler shop which installed the kit said this is by far the nicest catback they have ever installed for quality of parts, and ease of installation.
Jeremy - Merriam, Kansas USA
2005 Chevrolet Silverado Ex Cab 5.3
I was looking to put an aftermarket exhaust on my Silverado so I looked at the typical Flowmaster, Borla, and Magnaflow. I installed part #15778 on it and it went on so easy!!!! Installation only took around 30 – 45 minutes. After I put it all together I was just hoping for no exhaust leaks and once as I turned the key and heard the roar and no leaks I was very pleased with the way it sounded. The difference in power surprised me and the gas mileage went from 17 – 17 ˝ to 18 ˝ miles per gallon. If anyone is looking to buy an aftermarket exhaust I would recommend Magnaflow any day!
Andre - Madawaska, Maine USA
1999 Ford Super Duty F-250 6.8L V10
Better Sound, Quicker Throttle Response, More Horsepower, What else can you ask for?? Simply the BEST exhaust systems out there. I put the 3" single in-single out on the V10, sounds more like a diesel now! A very Unique sound compared to other exhaust systems. I am very satisfied with Magnaflow products. To anyone thinking about changing exhaust on your vehicle, go with Magnaflow or don't bother changing it at all!!!!!
Dan Lozano - elizabeth, new jersey United States
1996 jeep grand cherokee
i got the exhaust for my zj and it sounds great. thanks
Ted - Ansonia, CT. USA
2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3L
Did my research, listened to several vehicles with different systems in my area and asked some professionals for their advice and the best sound and performance for the buck was the MagnaFlow. The stainless steel vs. the aluminized type is a no brainer. Even my father-in-law, who could not understand why I wanted to make a new truck noisy, actually enjoys the sound when he is driving with me. After Matthew DuHaime at the Derby, Monroe Muffler Shop installed the system, the look of the two polished tips out the back just gave the truck the finishing touch. The performance is, without a doubt, very noticable. I just love driving my truck.
Jackson - Santa Maria, CA USA
1992 Mazda B2200 SE-5
I got a Magnaflow by a retailers recommendation, and i am glad that i did. i was originally going to go with a flowmaster. i love the low tone of this muffler, i put a 3" in/out on it and it sounds great. iam also planning on getting a magnaflow catalytic converter.
Shane Mansker - Corning, Arkansas Clay
2004 Ford Expedition 5.4V8
Left the house headed to the muffler shop to get the cat back system put on. Reset the average MPG got 19.2 on the way there with stock exhaust reset it for the way home and got 21.3 MPG on the way home, not to mention the sound!!!! Two miles per gallon and that magna flow sound how can you lose!!!
Jeremy - Baltimore, MD U.S.
2000 Ford F-250 7.3 L Powerstroke
I recently put on your 4" SS turbo back system for my powerstroke and I love it. Quiet at idle and cruising, but it opens wide up with the pedal to the floor. Installation was simple, just cut out the old exhuast, and bolt the new one in. The exhaust compliments the rest of my performance parts unbelievable. With the chip and everything else I have into the truck, I have never seen high EGT's on my diesel, and thats the most important part of diesel exhaust. Keep putting out diesel systems, I'll always buy from you. My only regret is that they 5" turbo back system came out right after I bought the 4" system...but can't have everything!
Sherif - Cairo, Maadi Egypt
2002 Jeep Liberty 3.7L
Just installed my Magnaflow cat-back exhaust on my Liberty and i am totally thrilled. The sound and performance are awesome. It got that deep mean rumbling sound which makes your adrenaline rush everytime you kick down.
Jeremy Crane - Cleveland, GA USA
2003 Ford F250
Just installed the 4" dual kit and it looks and sounds awesome. I completed it with the 5" tips. Great quality and easy to install. The absolute best sounding diesel exhaust system.
Bob Taylor - Charleston, IL USA
2003 Lincoln Navigator
I just had the cat-back system installed. I'm very, very pleased. All of my vehicles will be equipped with Magnaflow systems. It looks sharp and sounds great!
Ralph - Boucherville, Quebec Canada
1998 Dodge Durango 5.9L
OH MY GOD! My Durango finally sounds like it should - DEEP - AGGRESSIVE and barely any interior sound ! What more can I say - Magnaflow just simply ROCKS ! thanks to everyone at Magnaflow for making such a great MUFFLER !!!
justin trowbridge - Pacific, Washington United States
2005 Durango HEMI
After owning 20+ cars in the past 2 years, all of which were modified, i took my friends tip, who manages a performance shop, and glad that i did. Sounds great, fit was perfect, dyno numbers were very close to advertised. Magnaflow just needs to make headers and y pipe to match my new custom supercharger setup that i am getting in the spring.
Omar Hasan - Snellville, GA US
2004 Nissan Titan
Magnaflow duals sound great on the titan. Its not too loud and has that great smooth deep throttle sound to it. I love it and so does everyone else.
Jason Thomas - Latrobe, PA USA
2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD CCSB 6.0L
Just got my Magnaflow cat back installed on this truck and I love it. If you would like to see video of it which contains the sound, go to the following links. Feel free to post them on your site for customer reference. Thanks for providing a great product at an affordable price!
Grant - sherwood park, alberta canada
1999 gmc jimmy
Very nice sound, not to loud, not to quiet, just enough to know its there. Fantastic improvment on gas mileage and performance. Great install at local muffler shop, Park Muffler.
Tom Vaught - Gary, , TX USA
2005 Ford F-150 King Ranch
F-150 (King Ranch), 5.4, w/OEM Trailer Package was no problem for Haydens Muffler Shop of Nacogdoches, TX when installing a 16614 (DOR) kit. His 27 years of experience paid off. Only hanger modifications were required. The sound and performance is great. I also have a Magna Flow Performance Sytem on a Dodge Magnum (Hemi) and love it to. You can't go wrong with Magna Flow. Any questions will be answered.
Jim Strebeck - Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA
2001 Ford Lightning
Holy underwear, Batman! Your Ford Lightning systems rocks the house! My Lightning is what you might call pretty modified with big boost, NOS, gears and headersa and we race the bejeesus out of at ETown and Atco. Some of buddy's got them Flowmasters and they can't hardly drive their trucks now, they're so dang lound inside and the drone on and on like my wife use to (I ditched her and my Flowmasters). Anywayz, I put your system on and even though I usually pull the catback piece off when I drag race, I found that your system really did add power over my Flowmasters. As a matter of fact, I got 21 more hp to the wheels over those Flowmaster tin cans (who still spray paints mufflers these days?). The underside of my truck is shiny and nice looking with your stuff on it. Thanks, guyz! Jim S. -11.71@119mph Ford Lightning
Chuck Straub - Barrie, Ontario Canada
2002 Ford Explorer
Eddie Bauer 4.6 ltr V8 rear exhaust There is little after market products available for this vehicle or engine at the present time. I designed and built my own air intake and cold air system. With the assistance of Carline Mufflershere in Barrie. My now installed Maganaflow muffler / exhaust system added that boost and performance I was looking for. The sound is great and an extreme notice in low rpm shifting, much smoother. Love the Maganaflow. Chuck Straub
jerry montgomery - east peoria, il usa
2000 gmc denali
love the sound will recomend to other people
Jeff - Maui, Hawaii USA
2004 Chevy Silverado
Noticed quicker throttle response right away. Not very loud at idle but roars when moving which what I was looking for in a performance exhaust. Also, installation was very easy.
David Smee - Williamsburg, VA USA
2003 Jeep Liberty
Just installed ss cat-back system and am completely satisfied with the look, sound and fit of your system. This exhaust and a free-flow air intake filter has greatly improved the response of the Liberty V6.
Ryan MacDowell - Glenville, NY US
2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins H.O. 6 speed
Just installed your 5" SS kit (15986). Fit and finish is excellent- it took me longer to take out the stock exhaust than to install the new one. Everything fits like a glove- like it was factory installed. When cruising it is as quiet as the stock exhaust, but under acceleration it opens right up and sounds like a big rig! It's the way a 610 + ft/lb torque beast should sound! Thanks for a great product!!!!
robert holmes - baton rouge, louisiana usa
2005 dodge 1500
just put my cat back system on my 2005 dodge pickup with the heim. the whole job took about an hour. no problems at all. as a matter of fact the only tool i needed was my 3/8 drive rachet with a 9/16 deep socket . good job maganaflow.
Neal Holloway - Lawrenceville, Ga Gwinnett
1998 Chevy Silverado
I had magnaflow installed on my Z71 at Andy's in Snellville Ga. What a great sound. It does not drown you out when cruising at high speeds but has a humble rumble.
Jake Whitebird - Duluth, minnesota USA
2001 Ram H.O. Cummins
magnaflow, Ive actually got aF.. P.. system on my truck, but ive put on a 5inlet to 6inch outlet SS tip on my ram, and it looks GREAT!! maybe ill uprade to full magnaflow...
Chris Kent - Desoto, Texas USA
2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad-Cab, 5.7L Hemi, 4X4
Just installed Magnaflow #15863, single in-dual out, straight out back catback on my new Ram. I am VERY impressed with both the sound and installation. Took me and my buddy 2 hours to put it on, bolted right on, no cutting, nothing. At idle, it has a very light throaty purr, step on the gas and you get that throaty, deep, loud sound. Not too loud though.. Just right...Have noticed about a 8-10HP gain so far. Very nice job Magnaflow
Francis - Hamilton, on Canada
1993 GMC Sierra Z71 Off Road
Iv been saving up for a year and doing reasearch on who has the best muflers and i just recently got true duell put on my truck. i have two high flow magnaflow cats and two wide open performance mufflers with the 4 inch tips out back and let me tell u she rumbles. at idle shes nice and throty and when u get on her man does she rumble. i am very pleased with the way my truck now sounds. keep it up magnaflow!!
Josh J Peugh - Meridian, Idaho USA
2000 Chevy Silverado
Magnaflow is great! I love the sound, I first installed it to help with gas millage but now I love feeding my truck the gas to hear it roar!
Mary P - La Canada, California USA
2005 Chevrolet Tahoe
My brand-new truck's exhaust sounded so weak & 'missing' that my husband thought something was wrong with it! So, did the research, then bought a Magnaflow cat-back system. Installed by The Muffler Shop in Glendale. Wow, easy switch-over installation, it was well designed to fit right in place. It is surely louder, but there's no sickly exhaust like before, and when I take my foot off the accelerator, the truck's momentum carries much smoother than before. Am curious how much improvement the mileage will get... Highly recommended!
Mike A. - Northridge, CA USA
2004 Toyota Tundra
I recently had my exhaust installed and completely love it. I was considering purchasing the Gibson Extreme and I'm totally satisfied that I went with the MagnaFlow. People have told me that this exhaust was the way to go and they were absolutely right!!! It's perfect...not too loud and not soft...just RIGHT!!! Not too loud in the cab at all for the litlle ones. Right on MagnaFlow!!!
Steve - Edmonton, Alberta Canada
2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 w/5.7 Litre HEMI
I just recently got a Magnaflow Catback 4 Inch Single Tip Exhaust installed on my Ram and it sounds awsome. Sounds like a real muscle truck now!
Lance - sugar hill, ga usa
2002 Ford Ranger
i bought a single inlet dual outlet magnaflow system. it sounds amazing, but i wish it could be a little louder.
Muffin - edmonton, alberta canada
2005 Ford Diesel
I have heard alot of exhaust products in my years of working in muffler shops; in my opinion Magnaflow is the best sounding product on the market. Since working at ABC Muffler and Hitch Shop, I cannot compare any other sound, Magnaflow is simlpy the BEST!!!!!!
Bill Cardoza - portland, or us
2003 silverado
I purchased a cat back 2 1/2" system and stainless tips. The sound is AWESOME, and it looks great too!! I am planning to put a Magnaflow system on my 69 El Camino as soon as possible.
Jeremy - Loveland, CO US
2003 Toyota Tacoma TRD
This is my second Tacoma TRD 4X4, and I always knew the 3400c.c. DOHC V6 in there had the possibility of a great sound. Well, it does. I installed the kit myself, with no hoist, and hand tools in just under two hours, and it sounds great. The truck breathes and drives easier with less restriction, and the tip looks like a million bucks. This exhaust system far exceeded my expectations for an aftermarket upgrade, both as far as performance increase and sound quality.
Samantha - pekin, il usa
2004 Dodge Ram 1500
MagnaFlow, Just wanted to thank you for your great bussiness in exhaust . It has made out business go up. I work for midas. We have installed 9 systems on dodge rams in the last 2 months. Word of mouth travels fast and i will spread the word that magnflow is the best sound for the new hemi. Thanks
Jason Trout - Baltimore, Maryland USA
2004 Chevy Colorado Z71 LS
Just got my Magnaflow exhaust a few days ago and installed it right away. Great fit, great looks, great power, even better sound! I was worried about finding a quality aftermarket exhaust for such a new model truck but Magnaflow produced a great product, hands down. Now my truck's a real head turner even if you can't see it!
Ken Holder - Elk Grove , California U.S.A.
2005 Ram 1500, 5.7 HEMI
Purchased my new 05 Ram 1500 with a Hemi on Sunday and was at Muffler Tech in Sacramento on Monday to have the MagnaFlow Cat. Back system installed. I chose the 4" rolled exhaust tips because my Hemi is a 4X4 Laramie, Flame Red. Not only does she have the looks of power , but now she has the sound. I would highly recommend this product to all my associates because of the quality of construction and the advanced technology of design. It truly will tranform your vehicle into the Beast that she deserves to be. Thanks Magnaflow and MufflerTech for a great product and installation.
Ron Blackburn - Chesapeake, Virginia USA
2005 HUMMER H2
I just installed the dual exhaust on my H2 HUMMER yesterday. I love the throaty sound now. The system fit just like a glove, great engineering job.
Jon Talaugon - san jose, ca United states
2005 GMC Yukon2WD
Had a 18" Magnaflow with stainless tips. Looks beautiful. too bad its underneath the vehicle. Quiet and smooth at idle, but a tight, muscular growl when you give it gas. Wanted a more sophisticated sound and I got it.
Gage - Los Angeles, CA U.S.A
2005 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab 4.8 2WD
Did a lot of internet research before I chose to go with Magnaflow over Edelbrock and Flowmaster. Then I called around a handful of muffler shops for feedback. Love the look and sound of the stainless steel muffler. Some people have claimed that it is not loud enough compared to Flowmasters? Trust me, this muffler is Perfectly LOUD enough! Any more louder is just not warranted. It's a good complement to a small block V8 engine with the right sound and rumble. ISO certification and the design had me sold. Don't take my word for it. Do your RESEARCH and you too will find Magnaflow to be a better designed product.
1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5,2
Great Thing! I never expected such a great sound, now it is clear that there is a V8 working under the hood. The fit was perfect, although it is a question of millimeters to come to the back of the car with a 2,5" pipe with enough clearing distance to all other car parts. I am very impressed. Magnaflow did a really great job, and i can say i was the best decision to by from them. I am really very satisfied with this product!
Kiel Harding - Meriden , WY USA
2004 Dodge Ram Hemi
I just installed your kit 15863 and I could not be more pleased at the sound. Magnaflow crushes the compitition and I would reccomend it to anybody looking for an aftermarket exhaust. Very Throaty and Mean sounding. The Best
shain g. grow - ontario, california usa
2004 dodge durango slt 4.7
scott birge - naples, fl USA
2004 dodge durango
After falling in love with my 04 Hemi Durango, I wanted to hear the power I was feeling. The magnaflow cat back system was the perfect complement to my ride!
Jim Hughes - Shelby, NC USA
2005 Dosge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with a 5.7 Hemi
I have thoroughly researched for the best exhaust system for my new truck. I read alot about flo****ter and was seriously considering it for my truck until I ran across a website for MAGNAFLOW.... I read several customers feedback about this system and deceided that is the one for me. I contacted my Magnaflow dealer in Charlotte, NC and had them order it andmake an appointment to have it installed. Today is Monday, May 16, 2005 and that is when I had it installed. I am very much pleased with the deep, throaty roar of my new truck. Smooth sound while cruising at highway speed, but can sound great when you stomp on it. Now that is what a "HEMI" is suppose to sound like. I liked it so much that I drove down to the dealership where I purchased my truck last month to show it off to the salesmen and all thought it sounded so sweet. Thanks Magnaflow for the real sound of a "HEMI". Jim from Shelby, NC
Greg Kirby - n. mankato, Mn u.s.
2003 dodge ram 1500
I put the 6 in round magnaflow on and man am I impressed with the sound. I absolutely love the sound of my hemi now. I had the flowmaster on before but it just doesnt compare. Nice job magnaflow.
Angel - Denver, CO USA
2003 F150 SuperCREW
Just installed the #15609 on my 2003 F150 SuperCREW. I absolutely love this thing! It purrs nicely at idle and gives a mean roar when the gas is punched. GREAT PRODUCT!! Very easy to install.
Paul - Citrus Heights, CA Sacramento
2003 Ford F-150 Lightning
I just had the magnaflow exhaust installed on my '03 Ford Lightning and the sound is TRULY AMAZING!! So much more better than stock. I also have a '00 Mustang GT with Flows and the Magnaflow's sound so much more deeper. I AM VERY IMPRESSED!!!
Taylor - Lakeville, Minnesota United States
1997 Silverado 2WD
I just put a magnaflow cat-back system and boy my 5.7 liter never sounded so good.I reccomend magnaflow because of it's performance and quality.
Scott Strubel - Woodbridge, NJ USA
2003 Chevy Suburban 6.0l
Jjust wanted to tell you , i just installed your system on my 2003 chevy suburban 6.0l 4wdr 3/4 ton, and, to my surprise the system is allready paying for it's self, i allready seen a 1.5 mile per gallon increase . which is a good thing...... current fuel prices now, i have just driven the first 200 miles on the system, i'm sure theres abit more in it.
Terry George - Carson City, Nevada Carson
2004 Ford Expedition
This kit ROCKS! Everything bolted up very easy with no hassle. Awesome power, throttle response and it sounds amazing! Absolutely no complaints. I'll put Magnaflow on every vehicle I buy from this point on.
Patrick Nugent - Lahaina Maui, Hawaii USA
2004 Dodge SRT/10 Viper Truck
This is a must mod for all srt10 owners. My truck now sounds as mean as it looks! I f-ing love it!
corey - moorpark, ca 
1973 Chevy
454 dual mufflers with 3" pipes and doug thorley headers, loud, nice, deep, sounds like a maachine should
Dolan - Santa Rosa, CA USA
1996 Dodge Ram 1500
Awesome Job Magnaflow! About a year and a half ago I installed your 14" model (11226) on our 96 Ram. I was a bit diassapointed for a while, there was NO change in sound. I then had my local exhaust guy install a new Carsound cat on this boat. All I can say is WOW, it REALLY woke up the truck! Not just performance wise, but sound wise too! I was worried that I would get tons of drone with the exhaust being so much louder w/ the new cat, but it's exactly like stock at cruise speeds! At idle it's just got a sweet, deep gurgle. When you mash the gas, it ROARS! The sound is very rich, very refined, and is just a very sweet sound. I've heard various Flowmaster equipped Dodge pickups, Magnaflow's a different story You brought me the sound I wanted without the interior drone. I can tell you I will for sure make another Magnaflow purchase in the future. the smile I get on my face every time I gas it will never leave, as long as there's a Magnaflow to listen to :)
David W. Edgar - Bloomsburg, PA USA
2005 Chev Silverado
Just installed a cat-back SS dual exhaust system on my new Chev. 4 X 4. Only took 1 1/2 hrs, with a lift. Fit was great. What a sound !
David Brinkley - Las Vegas, NV USA
2003 HUMMER H2
I purchased the CAT Back "Tru-X Core Muffler with the Dual Outlet and Dual Exit for my HUMMER H2 this past summer. It is by far the best modification I have made to my truck. The rumble and hum is exactly what I was looking for with this truck. It is the perfect compliment to the HUMMER Heritage. Thank you MagnaFlow for your pursuit of excellence!
MATT - Wyckoff, NJ USA
1998 Dodge Ram 1500
I just bought a univeral muffler and universal cat for my truck. what a difference!!! this stuff sounds great and it adds a lot more horse power! the muffler went in so fast, I installed the whole thing in about 3 hours in my driveway. The cat took long because I had to modify the pipe alittle but it was time well spent! Im going to put a dual out pipes on soon. Magnaflow Rules!!! Keep up the good work
Last year I purchased a Gibson exhaust for my Dodge 4x4. It had no gurgle to tailpipe sound, and resonated so much, I had to pay to remove it.. This year I purchased a Silverado 4x4 w/ 4.8L v8 I was wanting to improve how it sounded, but I was afraid of same experience as before. Auto Dynamics who supplies my tire shop, had Magnaflow on sale ,so I looked on your web site and saw all the positive feedback. I ordered the cat back system ,and had a local muffler shop put it on. I was scared to listen to it ,but when they put it outside, it was the best sound! I hoped it would it would sound like 98 z28 I used to have. IT SOUND LIKE A VETTE OR CAMARO AT IDLE AND HAS NICE RUMBLE IN ALL GEARS! IT ALSO IS SO QUIET INSIDE CAB !IT SEEMS TO GO TO A DECIBEL LEVEL, AND NEVER GO OVER THAT SOUND. THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! PS COST HERE IN CANADA IS 507.00 PLUS 155.00 TO INSTALL CANADIAN FUNDS THANKS! 56 YEAR OLD TRUCK CRAZY CANADIAN 90 MI NORTH DETROIT
jimmy - sacramento, ca usa
1997 land rover dicovery
hey magnaflow, i just had a magnaflow muffler installed in my land rover and it made a noticable difference in horsepower and fuel economy. i relpaced magnaflow with flow master and your muffler appears to have more performance. magnflow sounds better than flowmaster on my landrover to. does magnflow offer any other products other than mufflers for my "97" land rover discovery. respectfully jimmy from nor cal.
Scott & Donna Willard - Whitaker, Pa. U.S.A.
2004 Dodge Hemi Durango
We installed the Hemi SS catback on our new Durango and the sound is Awesome, total time to remove stock setup and install the catback was only 45 minutes.
Troy - Denver, Colorado USA
2002 Chevy Tahoe
I was looking at several brands of exhaust to compliment my cold air intake system. The Muffler Shop in Denver installed the Magnaflow system on my Tahoe. I am very pleased with the performance and sound!
Kyle - Columbia, Louisiana USA
1986 Mazda B-2000
great perforamance. what is it? MAGNAFLOW. I plan on putting a magnaflow catalytic converter on the truck. I have put 2 magnaflow tips on the truck and all I can Say is WOW! it doesen't sound like a weedeater on steroids. But instead it sounds like the perfdect sound you could imagine!!!!!!!!!
Alex - Murfreesboro, TN USA
1998 Ford F150 XLT 4.6L
I just swapped my SIDO Flowmaster 2 chamber with a SIDO Magnaflow and all I can say is WOW!! The difference is night and day. The sound is more deep and throaty with less "drone" inside the cab. The performance doesn't even compare. I've heard talk about loss of backpressure and low-end torque with some mufflers but didn't think it applied to me. Man, I was wrong. I can feel the difference. My truck is responding much more when I hit the gas. To complete the package, I had two 22" SS Magnaflow tips put on that look great and won't rust. I can see why Mario Andretti puts his name on this product.
matt - Prospect Heights, illinois usa
2005 chevy silverado
magnaflow group----I wanted to add a performance muffler to my brand new truck to go along with a free-flowing air filter element to give me a little horsepower boost,throttle response, and a bit throatier sound. Merlins muffler shop in Glendale Heights, Il recommended your product and did a professional job of installing it. It is perfect! The sound is exactly what I was looking for and the performance is noticeable-Thanks.
Roy Russell - Madison, AL USA
2002 Toyota Tundra
I have had my Magna Flow muffler for almoust two months and my truck has the best sound of any vehicle I have ever owned, and I have owned a few. The sound is not too low and not too loud ,its just GREAT!!!
dave - Oceanside, ca san diego
1998 Jeep Cherokee 4.0
Fast without the addition.. now on a straightline i can beat my friends 5.7 IROC Z28! I am using everything else stock .. only a FRAM AIRHOG filter.. a big + to magnaflow..........thanks
steve - pittmeadows, bc canada
2004 chev silverado
best thing i ever put on the truck awesomesound 8.1 liter dual in out 3 inch muffler custom tailpipes and two ss tips
Phil - Republic, MO USA
2001 Chevrolet S10 Extended Cab
Just installed a new Magnaflow Muffler and new 2 1/2 inch pipe in the stock routing position on my 4.3 liter Automatic. Awesome tone, just enough without being loud, incredible performance increase and the bonus increase in fuel milease. Awesome! Hooked for life.......
Javier Hernandez - Hawthorne, CA. USA
2004 Escalade ESV
I purchases the Catback system for my Escalade ESV from Rose Mufflers in Hawthorne Ca. Thanks for the great price Jorge, in combination with the K&N air intake makes my Escalade sound Awsome. Gives me the extra H.P for towing my sport boat and my trailer. I will be buying the Catback for my wifes Mustang GT in March 2005 looking forward to hearing this in the GT. I would strongly recomend if you are considering a new exhaust system you will not regret your investment.. Look for my Escalade in customer cars.Thanks MagnaFlow
Carlo Malacon - Katy, TX USA
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee
I ordered this kit from a Grand Cherokee specialist and am very satisfied! The sound of my 4.0L Inline 6 engine is actually deeper than I was expecting. The noise that is created at wide open throttle is awesome. It is the best sounding 4.0L exhaust, bar none. Finding an exhaust that can give the 4.0L engine a nice exhaust note without sounding too much like a 4 cylinder Honda is very hard and this system certainly achieves this. The extra power I have a all RPM, especially mid range to redline, makes this system worth it. Driving back to LSU with this system, I noticed how easy it was to pass somebody, even in overdrive! I highly recommend this system to any Grand Cherokee owner looking for an exhaust system that sounds good and adds a good amount of power. You will not be disappointed.
kevin - dickson, pennsylvania usa
2004 ford f150
I just wanted to let you know i put custom bent exhaust with 2 magnaflow stainless steel mufflers on my f150 and it sounds AMAZING. I love how deep and powerful it sounds. It sounds so good i was driving with my windows open the other day and it was 8 degrees outside. I LOVE IT. Excellent product!!!!
Matthew Kreul - Lancaster, Wisconsin USA
2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty
I am a auto mechanic and i have seen a lot of exhaust systems that have been cobbled together and don't look good from underneith. The MagnaFlow system puts the kit together for you. Thats why I decided on a system form MagnaFlow, and believe me it was worth it!
Richard - harrington, de usa
1997 dodge dakota
I had a catalytic converter and muffler added by one of your dealers/installers. At the time my truck was getting about 193 miles per tank and I was rated at 91.5 dB. Now my truck gives about 210 miles per tank and was rated at 87 dB. The get up and go has also improved a lot when I needed to accelerate. Thanks for the performance people.
Al Torres - Phoenix, Arizona USA
1996 Ford Ranger
before i got magnaflow i had a flowmaster* muffler single inn/out, but id heard some comments about magnaflow* so I put a magnaflow single in/dual out. this small 2.3L. engine sound it's way better deep and strong, better performance and more power. This is it never went back to Flowmaster*.
Aaron - Oragnevale, CA USA
2001 Ford F-150 5.4L V8
I love MagnaFlow. I have dual side exit read exhaust and now my truck has the attitude it needed. I have been nothing but totally satisfied with my MagnaFlow. You would be a fool not to go with MagnaFlow.
Frank Crivello - Santee, California USA
1996 Chevy Truck
I had a MagnaFlow exhaust system put on my 1996 full size Chevy truck that only has a 4.3L V6. It made my truck sound like a V8 and the performance gain was amazing. I had my exhaust system installed at Express Muffler in Santee, CA. and I am a very satisfied customer.
John F. Callahan - San Diego, California USA
1996 Dodge Ram 1500
I had a Magnaflow 3 inch center/center muffler and cat back exhaust Installed on my 1996 dodge ram 1500. Mieneke mufflers on Miramar Road Installed it flawlessly. I was so pleased that I referred a friend and he too now has a Magnaflow. Mieneke has a great group of professionals to install a quality product. Don't buy F--------r, listen to my truck and you will see Magnaflow will turn heads! Thanks for the experience.
Fred Porter - Bordentown, New Jersey USA
1999 Chevy Silverado
I just had one of your MagnaFlow mufflers installed on my Silverado Ext. Cab. Pickup, and I can't believe the differnce in sound and performance. I also picked up 2 mpg. in gas milage. I was afraid of resonce being the truck is an extended cab with an 8 ft. bed, but I have none at all. Mufflex Mufflers, who is a dealer for F........r intstalled the system and recomended your muffler over the other brand with my set up. Thanks for a good product that really works.
Rick Stewart - Silver Spring, Maryland USA
1989 GMC Full Size Jimmy
I had a Magnaflow 3" in and dual 2.25" outs put on my 89 Full size GMC Jimmy with a 350 at Jeff's Muffler Shop in southern Maryland. I had a choice between the Magnaflow and a F........r and I'm sooo glad I went with the Magnaflow. It has a beautiful mellow tone at idle and is relatively quiet at highway speeds, yet I noticed a decent improvement in power. I love the nice quiet blub, blub, blub at idle. I want to hear the engine but I also want to be able to hear the stereo (and I need to be able to hear my wife talking!!). The Magnaflow is perfect for this. I've had in the past, but I'm never going back to them again! Thanks for a great product.
Justin Sprague - Plano, Texas USA
2000 Ford Ranger
I am happy to announce that i have recently purchased a MagnaFlow muffler to add to my 00' Ford Ranger 4 cylinder. After many warnings about the sound of a four cylinder, I went for it and chose MagnaFlow, and I will never turn back. Nice crisp, deep sound for a four banger and I love it.
Kevin Clark - Derby, Kansas USA
2001 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Sport
I just had a MagnaFlow 12288 muffler with dual mandrel-bent tails and chrome tips installed on my 2001 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Sport. It made the 318 sound totally awesome!!! I can't tell you how pleased I am with the quality and fit on my truck. The guys at Rapid Muffler & Brake in Derby, KS did an outstanding job!!! D. Jester (salesman) answered all of my questions and helped me find the right application for my vehicle. T. Mitchell did the installation. What a professional. He took the time to make sure everything fit just right. Hats off to these guys. I will definitely recommend MagnaFlow and Rapid Brake & Muffler every chance I get. Keep up the great work.
Peter Conner - Towson, Maryland USA
1991 Jeep Wrangler
I recently went to the auto shop, to get my exhaust manifold replaced to find out also that I was going to need a new muffler. So I figured what the hell I'll go for a Magnaflow and see what it can do. Let me just say that a day later it was unreal. My 91' Jeep Wrangler sounded better than brand new. But the best news of all I didn't get until almost two weeks later. I was getting about 274 miles to a tank of gas. The next time I refuelled was just the other night about 350 miles after I had filled the tank. I'm still shocked that a muffler can do all that, thank you for such a wonderful product. I had to spend a little more than I originally wanted to in order to get it all fixed, but I think the saving in the end with my gas bill will be well worth the extra bucks. Thank you once again.
Ken Techak - Moreno Valley, California USA
1996 GMC K1500 4x4 Diesel
Don't know if you have had someone do this??? I recently purchase a Diesel 4" muffler 12773 for my 400+HP Supercharged "gas engine" 1996 GMC K1500 4x4 3 door ext cab with a 5.7L engine and it sounds great! About twice as deep as anything I've heard before on a's got a wicked WOT sound that is hard to describe! Also improved my 0-60 mph by at least .3 seconds per my g-tech and test location.....and might even be .5 seconds as I was running 10 deg water/alk on the last test and this one was with reg temp water/alk in my water injection system....which gave me a .3 reduction in 0-60 as well. Best 0-60 mph is 5.52 seconds! Here is a sound file ot it in my drive way...I'll have run through the gears this week and get another clip! I also have full pictures of it on my website Running Thorley headers with 2.5" header pipes to your 43319 3 inch Car Sound Dual Cats to 3" dual pipes y-pipe to a 4" pipe to muffler to a 4" mandrel bent Dodge Diesel tail pipe with a Diesel 5" SS chro
Greg Groves - Grand Prairie, Texas USA
1997 GMC Sonoma
I recently purchased a Magnaflow Stainless Steel muffler for my '97 GMC Sonoma. I was worried it wasn't going to be loud enough for my tastes, but was I wrong. The Magnaflow sounds great! Not too loud, but surely not quiet! Thanks for making such a great product!
Tony - Corpus Christi, Texas USA
2002 Lone Star Dodge Quad Cab
Omar Gonzales - Bishop, Texas USA
1995 Chevy K1500
I have had a magnaflow muffler on my truck for a couple of months now. I'm impressed with the performance and sound i got out of my truck. Not to mention I had turn-downs installed instead of tips. I have the oval body muffler on now and plan to put the 4" round body on pretty soon. Magnaflow is by far the best muffler ever.
Paul Cammarata - Jacksonville, Florida USA
2002 Chevy S-10 ZR2
I just had the maganflow muffler put on and ran dual 2" pipes to the rear exhaust with 3x12" tips. This exhaust sounds excellent. It is deep, throaty, but still mellow. Driving is still a pleasure and people still ride with me becasue my cab is still quiet. The exhaust turns heads and people notice the sound. Performance has gone way up. Acelleration is so much more steady and smooth. I would recommend this muffler to anyone in the market for a performance exhaust. The muffler sounds so much smoother than F........r ( F........r is just to sharp sounding and obnoxious). Thanks for a great product!!!
JC Stump 3rd - Baltimore, Maryland USA
1997 Chevy Tahoe
Hello,Today I had the Magnaflow 2 1/2" dual inlet /dual outlet muffler installed on my 97' Chevy Tahoe LT 4wd 4dr.with custom bent 2 1/2" tail pipes exiting behind the rear tires at slight angles with Magnaflow 4"stainless rolled edge tips.I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the sound,performance,and appearence of Magnaflow exhaust products. My truck now has that deep, mellow ,performance tone that I have been searching for.Thanks for actually making a product that is by far superior to its competition.
Dave Trower - Waterloo, LA USA
2002 Chevy S10
I purchased a stainless steel Magna Flow muffler from the local area dealer ( Mad Hatter on University Ave.) What a difference in performance, not to mention that deep throaty sound that is emitted from the exhaust. My wife wondered if I had bought a whole new exhaust system. I have a 2002 Chevy S-10 with a 4.3 liter manual trans. I just totally love to shift that gear box and watch the revs on my tachometer. I mention it to all my friends and anyone else that asks. The decal is proudly displayed on my extended cab windows underneath my NASCAR racing decals. Keep up the good work, I am hooked.
Blake Dollar - Harvest, Alabama USA
2002 Chevy Silverado
Russ Giles - Camarillo, California USA
2001 GMC Yukon XL
I wanted more power and a better sound. Most of my friends were sceptics. They were wrong. I worried that my wife (it's her car)was not going to like it. I was wrong. She loves it. I sounds so good but is not loud. I can feel the extra power especially when entering the freeway or passing. This is not joke, I drove my brother '03 suburban with same engine and his felt sluggish and had a lack of zip. Magnaflow mufflers are awesome and the performance improvements are worth the small investment.
Robby Abel - Bethpage, Tennessee USA
2002 Chevy Tahoe
I have spent over a month listening to different exhaust and decided to give Magnaflow a try. My Magnaflow muffler and stainless tip came in on Firday, I had it installed on Saturday. Everyone loves this!! That day the muffler dealer ordered 10 of the tips becuase he liked them so much. The sound is un-believeable!! A rumble at idle, very smooth and quiet at highway speeds, and very powerful and distinct upon acceleration. I would reccomend Magnaflow to everyone, or before purchasing, at least listen to someone with a magnaflow exhaust. There absoutely amazing!!
Joseph Enriquez - La Habra, California USA
2003 Chevy Tahoe
I have spent over a month listening to different exhaust and decided to give Magnaflow a try. My Magnaflow muffler and stainless tip came in on Firday, I had it installed on Saturday. Everyone loves this!! That day the muffler dealer ordered 10 of the tips becuase he liked them so much. The sound is un-believeable!! A rumble at idle, very smooth and quiet at highway speeds, and very powerful and distinct upon acceleration. I would reccomend Magnaflow to everyone, or before purchasing, at least listen to someone with a magnaflow exhaust. There absoutely amazing!!
Steven Negri - Pittsburgh, PA 
1999 Ford Expedition
Okay....with all of my years in product marketing, I need to make an observation. There is one item that is seriously missing from the cat-back packaging....NEW UNDERWEAR. The kids could not wait until after the Easter holiday to complete the install. I watched as they installed the system on the expy out in our parking lot. first the system had a slight rumble....then as the speed picked up and the system burned off the smelly screamed....I AM ALIVE....I AM ALIVE I SAY....HEAR ME ROAR. What an addition to the Expy!!!!!!!!
Omar Gonzales - Bishop, Texas 
1995 Chevy K1500
I just put (2) magnaflow magnapacks on my truck. OH MY GOD it sounds very aggressive. It is nice and mellow at idle, but when I punch the gas it is really loud. Plus I have them behind a set of Hooker Super Competition Long tube headers so that adds the it. These mufflers are, in my opinion, better than the original 40 f.........s. If you are looking to add performance and sound Magnaflow is the way to go.
Brian Walters - Export, PA 
1994 Chevy Blazer
I would never choose another exhaust system ... I luv the way magnaflow exhaust sound .... all of my budies love it .... i also love it when people stare at my chevy when i tramp the gas to the floor i also like how much more tourqe i got after adding the dual magnaflow exhaust..... thanx for coming up w a great exhaust system
Joe Stewart - South Connellsville, Pennsylvania USA
1983 Chevrolet
I have been searching alot lately for the best exhaust for my 83 chevy truck and my friend told me about magnaflow. I now have it installed and it sounds great!!. i would definetly recomend magnaflow over f.........r to anybody. thanks magnaflow!
Matt Ambrose - Chicora, Pennsylvania USA
1993 Dodge Dakota
WOW! Everyone around knows when I fire up the Dakota thanks to the awesome sound from the Magnaflow muffler. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got it installed because it's only a six cylinder but the deep throaty sound I got was amazing. I'm 100% satisfied!
Jonathan Burden - Hartwell, Georgia USA
2003 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
Just got the magnaflow cat-back installed on my '03 Lightning and I love the added sound and exhaust systems out there by far.
Richard Diamond - Dallas, Texas USA
1997 GMC Sierra
I just had a true duel exhaust cat back system installed on my 1997 GMC Sierra with 2 magna flow mufflers and 3 inch echo tips.The guys here at Nicks Mufflers in Plano Tx. did a great job and the truck sounds fantastic...Believe me when i say i researched most every muffler on the market and i couldn't have made a better choice. You wouldn't think that you could get such a rich,deep tone from something so small but once i fired it up i was spittin up smiles.Thanks guys.....GREAT PRODUCT!!!
Ed the Dentist - Miami, Florida USA
1994 Ford Bronco XLT 4x4
I am so impressed with the dynamic acoustics, It sounds like gentle giant humming at low rpms and wakes up with an intimidating roar when stepped on - Just what I wanted for my 351. I had a F*****R before on a camaro (Loud!!). Never again. KEEP IT UP GUYS
Brian - Bartlett, Tennessee USA
2001 Dodge Ram
I recently had your muffler with dual outlets installed on my truck, and now I just can't seem to stop smiling whenever I am driving. The main motivation for buying your product was the horsepower and torque increase, but I had no idea how incredible the sound would be. The deep throaty sound of these mufflers are second to none. Thanks Magnaflow for really doing your homework and producing the finest muffler available today!! Keep up the awesome work!!!
Andre Leighton - San Diego, California USA
1999 Ford SVT Lightning
I recently installed the new MagnaFlow Catback System on my Lightning. I'm very impressed and pleased with the results and throaty sound of my engine with this system. The entire system is made of STAINLESS STEEL with the BEST in shine. MagnaFlow definitely makes the best exhaust mufflers for ANY Car/Truck/Suv. MagnaFlow offers the best price and value for their exhaust system compared to B.....i and other exhaust manufacturers. You can't go wrong with MagnaFlow mufflers for performance, looks, and value. HAPPY MAGNAFLOW CUSTOMER...
Benji Wright - Madison, Alabama USA
2003 Chevrolet Tahoe
I was completely amazed after I had my 18" 5x8 Stainless Magnaflow installed on my Hoe. The sound is like no other. It is definitely a distinct and powerful tone. I also went with a set of 3.5" Magnaflow tips to put an end to a perfect system. Thanks for making a great product and hopefully I have sent some business your way. EVERYBODY wants to know what kind it is! So I just smile, and tell them MAGNAFLOW!!!!!!
Steve - Huntington Beach, California USA
2001 GMC Sierra 1500
I set out to get the F........r 70 series but after a bunch of research I came home with a Maganflow 18" muffler. I had replaced from the muffler back 3" pipes single out. IT SOUNDS GREAT! AROUND TOWN: at idle its pretty quite no worries of getting pulled over for being to loud. On the go its sounds perfect, you hear it inside the cab but its decent. The F........r was way to loud. FREEWAY: Pretty quite you can hear yourself think, but if you step on it you can hear it. I also noticed a slight increase in power. I am Very Satisfied with this product.
Steve - St. Paul, MN USA
2001 F-350 Power Stroke Diesel
Hi! I own a 2001, powerstroke turbo diesel.... I installed a 4 inch Magnaflow system on it..... I LOVE the sound of my truck with the magnaflow system installed!!! Would install a Magnaflow exhaust system in a heartbeat!!
Glen - Livemore, California USA
2000 Chevy Silverado Regular Cab 5.3L
When I went to the local muffler shop, they automatically assumed that I wanted a typical F........r single inlet, dual outlet exhaust system. Knowing my Chevy was going to be to loud and badly garbled with the other brand of muffler, I decided upon the Magnaflow instead. I can't tell you how happy I was the moment I turned the key, silky smooth and a perfect tone. I was especially impressed with the quietness at cruise and idle speeds which was exactly what I was looking for. On the other hand now I have a much bigger problem, it sounds so good during acceleration (the faster the better) that I am sure a ticket is waiting for me just around the corner. Thanks for the great product and keep up the good work.
Francisco - Coachella, California USA
2003 Ford F-150 Supercrew
Exellent, its just what I been looking for. Now my xlt sounds better than a Harley.
Robert Pinnow - Shoreview, MN USA
2002 Chevy Silverado Truck
I had the magnaflow system installed on 11/17/ 03. I have never heard a exhaust sound so truely tooned. The looks are outstanding, you have a very good product. keep up the good work. Thanks
Darrell Mobley - Grove City, Ohio USA
2003 Ford F-150
I just had the 15749 dual out the back system installed on my f150. I love it, it has a nice deep sound that is not too loud at highway speeds. It has also gave it a little more power. I highly recommend this system!
J Lane - Corvallis, Oregon USA
1995 Jeep Wrangler
Had a Magnaflow installed at the advice of a retailer, and I am so glad I took his advice. Very good sound and power increase, and I am actually getting decent gas mileage in my Jeep that has the aerodynamics of a brick. Great product!
Mike Weiler - Mountville, PA 
1988 Ford F350
Just had a 14771 MAGNAFLOW muffler installed on my F350 with a 460 under the hood....told is is a muffler for a deisel, but let me tell sounds SWEET!!!! Big jump in horse power, and sounds Real POWERFUL!! I LOVE IT...need I say more??
Yves Denis - Tucson, Arizona USA
2003 Ford Explorer
Ohhweeee! is all i can say when i changed my exhaust yesterday. i felt a difference in power. i mean the factory muffler was just a big can. Heads turn every time i crank the ignition. I have wanted a magnaflow for a while now. Now i finally i got. The performance is awesome. My truck roars like an angry muscle car. For any one with an explorer go magnaflow, you will thank them later. You are welcome! good job and all the thumbs up to the magnaflow team.
Josh - Kountze, Texas 
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L V8
I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 with 4.7 v8, I just switched from a sinlge in/out 40 series F........r, to a Magnaflow 13236, single in/out, and WHAT A DIFFRENCE, i love the performance and sound is sooooooo much better than the F........r, thanks magnaflow for the great muffler.
Marion H. Howard - LaGrange, Georgia USA
2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L HEMI
The sound and flow are second to none. HP and fuel gains are excellent. This system is outstanding. Thanks for this fantastic product.
Bill Branham - Beaver, PA 
2004 Dodge Ram HEMI 1500 2DLB 4x4
I'm very impressed with my Magnaflow Custom Stainless Steel Duel Exhaust system. Its Nice Deep Tone while idling, even better when cruising. When I open the powerful 5.7L Hemi, with 2 Magnaflow mufflers, It could part the Red Sea!! Man do the heads turn. Just when you think it couldn't get any better, the Duel exhaust system improved the gas mileage by 2 MPG. Thanks love your product.
Nate Vamosi - North Huntingdon, PA 
1992 Ford Ranger STX 4x4 Supercab
I had a cat-back system installed on my ranger and it still gives me chills after every start. I was concerned about how it would sound being a v6 but after a smart choice to buy your system all my worries vanished. Everybody asks me who makes that great sound possible and I smile and say Magnaflow!! It has such a great sound I've turned heads of people thinking some hopped up car is coming and they look in ahh when it's really a truck. It has such a deep ballsy tone I once had a guy ask if I had a v8 I was shocked to hear it's only a 2.9 5 speed. Keep up the excellent work guys!!
Victor Digiorgio - New Orleans, Louisanna USA
2003 Ford F-150 Ext. Cab Lariat
I recently decided to change my stock exhaust to a cat back system. i was undecided on what brand to go with but decided to go with a magnaflow muffler after a friend recommended it. he has one on his new chevy and is very pleased with it. i went to express discount mufflers and auto repairs in new orleans and greg and the boys custom designed the exhaust,pipes and added some sweet magnaflow tips to add to the look. i'm very pleased with the sound, performance,& the looks. the truck rolls out really good now with the exhaust, computer reprogrammer & air intake. thanks magnaflow & the guys at discount mufflers.
Christopher - Holman, New Mexico USA
2000 Toyota Tacoma 3.4L V6
Dear MagnaFlow, all I can say is WOW! I've had two other top name exhaust's on my truck and magnaflow beats them both by leaps and bounds. My truck is a show truck, so it's important to me that my trucks sounds as equally as good as it looks, with MagnaFlow it does... I have your single 3 inch in with your two, two and a quarter outlet's and I still can't get over the sound. I'm stationed at 32nd Street Naval Base in San Diego and pulling on and off base everyone always tells me nice Tundra and when I say it's a Tacoma they ask if I put a V-8 in it, when I say no, it's just the 3.4 liter V-6 everyone is amazed. I recommend MagnaFlow to everyone now, Thanks Magna Flow MM2 Holman (USN)
Billy - Orange, California USA
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L V8
F........r, F........r, F........r That is all my FORD buddies kept telling me to get for my Ram. God am I glad I did not listen to them. The MagnaFlow that I installed on my truck is so clean sounding it puts all their annoying loud to pasture. Great work and thanks for making my 4.7 sound like a real truck. Who the heck needs a HEMI when you got a MagnaFlow!!!!
Scott and Donna Willard - Whitaker, PA 
1999 Dodge Ram
Magnaflow muffler 14416 and Magnaflow high flow cat is the perfect sound on our truck, we have owned the others and none compare to Magnaflow.
Kevin Armstrong - Coventry, Connecticut USA
2004 Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI
I just had one of your 3in/3out SS mufflers installed on my brand new truck because I just could not stand the factory sound, and wow what a difference. Factory mufflers suck!
Nathaniel - Goderich, Ontario Canada
1972 Ford F100 Ranger XLT
I put a set of Headman headers for my truck and Magnaflow mufflers and it sounds extremly good and all my friends like it, but the police however don't care for it. I have a 1969 Mustang fastback and a 1977 Mercury Grand Marquis that will be gettin a set of magnaflows as well.
Ed Colley - Aurora, California USA
1998 Dodge Dakota
I did alot of research on the internet and made numerous phone calls to come up with a good muffler for a 3" cat- back custom dual exhaust. I was going to go with the F........r muffler. That was until I spoke with Jim at Mighty Muffler in Lakewood , Co. Jim took the time to explain the difference of a Magnaflow muffler versus it's competitor. And just by looking inside the Magnaflow muffler I was able to see how the airlow restriction is to a minimal. This is what clearly enhances the performance. And I have to say my truck definetly gained the extra horses and it sounds great! I am glad I made the right choice.
Jeff - Henderson, Nevada USA
2002 GMC Sierra
I got the cat-back system on my 02 sierra w/ 5.3 motor and it sounds so good, its nice and mellow at normal driving and when you step on it gets louder but not annoying, and the cat-back came with a 4" tip and i've never been a fan of tips but i've got nothing but good said about how nice it looks and how good it sounds. Im so glad i DIDN'T get a F........r.
Mike - Lake Stevens, Washington USA
1974 Toyota Land Cruiser
Hi, I finally broke down and had a MagnaFlow exhaust system installed today on my Cruiser. I did an engine conversion a few years back and dropped in a Chevy 350. It was pretty nice until now. Now that I added the MagnaFlow exhaust system... my cruiser went from pretty nice to simply awesome!!! The power increase was very noticeable and the sound... WOW!!!! It reminds me of the way true muscle cars used to sound! I am very, very pleased with my new MagnaFlow exhaust system! Thanks for producing such an incredible product!
Larry Mangold - Virgina Beach, Virgina USA
2000 Ford F-250 Diesel
Just installed the 4" turbo-back and love the extra kick. Running 100 degrees cooler, and I can still hear myself think inside the truck (didn't have a muffler before). Great addition to my 110hp program and cool-air intake.
Ray Carlone - San Bernardino, California USA
2003 Hummer H2
Im doing this for my dad...i drive his hummer all the time anways...but he is very happy with the exhaust and so am i. It is the best!! It sounds so good, thanx alot magnaflow!!
Ray Carlone - San Bernardino, California USA
2003 Chevy S10 Xtreme
I bought Magnaflow because I was told it was the loudest for my truck, it might not be the loudest, but it is the loudest at which it still sounds great, not like f........r. F........r may be a little louder but it sounds like crap, i love my Magnaflow exhaust, and high flow cat.
Brett - Roselle, IL 
2002 Chevrolet Express Van
My work van was a pig when I first started driving it. Since putting one of your exhaust systems on it, I have been very impressed with the added performance (acceleration) and sound. You make a great product.
Josh Burns - St. Cloud, Wisconsin USA
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI
Chris - Simi Valley, California USA
2005 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Z71
I can not even begin to describe how great my truck sounds and performs. Its like I've unlocked the true power of the 5.3 V8. The catback system is amazing. I get more power and torque plus 4 mpgs higher on the highway. The sounds is incredible as well. Deep rich throaty roar at full throttle and at cruising speed, a nice rumble that is like music to the ears. Turns heads everywhere also. Thanks Magnaflow and the guys at Champion Muffler in Reseda for the outstanding work!
Scott - Santa Rosa, California USA
1996 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L
Well, what's to say! Magnaflow rocks! I installed your 14" on my 96 5.9 Ram a little over a year ago. It was deeper, but no louder? I then realized my cat had gone out, so a few months later I finally broke down and had a Carsound Cat installed. WOW!!!!!!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE! It really woke up that 14" muffler! And the performance gains after having the Carsound installed were phenominal! I was very suprised! The sound is next to none. Under acceleration it has a very smooth, fairly deep roar, and quiets down EXACTLY like stock at cruise speeds! And I mean EXACTLY like stock! I almost went with a Super 40 Flowmaster, but never again will I install a Flowmaster for performance gains. Magnaflow ROCKS!
R. Leach - Edmonton, Canada 
1998 GMC Sierra
I thought my truck had LOTS of power with a 454 ci under the hood of my 98' Gmc sierra with the stock exhaust. Put a magnaflow system on it 1 year ago. WHAT POWER!! Using way less fuel now. I'm a magnaflow customer for life!
Robert Alexander - Tampa, Florida USA
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI
This muffler is the best. I have single out with the tip on the side and you can't tell that it's a single out. The sound is awesome and you can't beat the price. All my buddies are impressed with sound. One said it sound meaty. Thanks MagnaFlow and to Ace Auto in Brandon who installed it.
Glenn Warden - Northglenn, Colorado USA
1999 GMC Yukon Denali
Chris - Negley, Ohio USA
2000 Toyota Tundra 4WD
I bought magnaflow exhaust because I heard that it was the loudest for my truck. The cat back exhaust system with dual stainless steel tips is what I purchased. Wow my truck sounds awesome now!! I increased my mpg from 15 to 17. That is pretty impressive. A lot of my friends are jealous because they didn't think that a foreign truck had the roar in it. Well I sure proved them wrong. Thanks Magnaflow for the great exhaust systems that you put out.
Vincent - Ortiz, California USA
2004 Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI
I've had my mind set on flowmaster for my 2004 ram hemi quadcab shortbed, but since researching competing brands,thats pretty much when I discovered MAGNAFLOW!! Then the guys at California Muffler in Conoga Park suggested I go Magnaflow,and WOW! not only did it feel great, sound UNBELIEVABLE!, and turn heads everywhere. Flowmater DOES NOT compete!!
Dave Breiner - Cincinnati, Ohio USA
2004 Dodge SRT-10 Viper Truck
I just purchased a Magnaflow catback and Gibson heasers for my SRT-10. The sound is awesome.The exhaust really brings out the throaty growl of the V-10 engine. Thanks Magnaflow.
Barry Matthews - Evans, Georgia USA
2004 Chevy Silverado 5.3L
Thanks! This the best tuned exhaust I have ever heard. Take off sound is awesome, cruising tone is perfect. Installation was well thought out. Trust me I did my research before purchasing and man did I ever make the right choice! Thanks Magnaflow and Full Line Exhaust (Atlanta) Trust me my truck and I will be spreading the word...
Glenn - Tampa, Florida USA
2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Great Product--Looks Good, Sounds GREAT!!! And easy installation. I installed this with my 13 year old son -- his first automotive project. 1.5 hours from putting the jack under the truck to test drive. Now my truck sounds (and runs) like it should! Thanks for a superior product. You can see the quality as soon as you open the box!
Mark - Athens, Alabama 
2004 Chevy Silverado 5.3L/V8
Just installed the Magnaflow exhaust yesterday and it is awesome. The system really matches up well with the Vortec engine. I love that deep rumble.
Moe - , California USA
1996 Dodge 1500 5.9L
Around October, I installed your 14" Magnaflow on the stock pipes of my 96 Ram w/ a 5.9 ltr. I'm satisfied with my 70 series on my 00 7.4 ltr, but I didn't want Flowmasters for the Dodge, they're to obnoxious on most all Dodges, so I decided Magnaflow was right for me. I had a Carsound Hi flow cat installed and WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!! Idle it's just DEEEEEP, and when you floor it it just sounds infreakingcredible!!!!! I was scared, thinking I'd get a lot of interior sound with it being louder, but at cruising speeds I seriously can barely hear it. But when you wake that puppy up, Ohhhhh it roars like no other. 2500-3k rpm's is the loudest, but it's still awesome. The increase in power is GREAT too. Firmer shifts, WAAAAY more responsive when you give it gas, and I honestly couldn't have asked for anything more. The 14" Muffler is just so awesome, so sweet souinding, and with veeeeeeeery very minimal interior sound. I was a half Magnaflow half Flowmaster guy, but I gotta say, after to
Ryan - Encinitas, California USA
2001 GMC Sierra 2500 HD
This exhaust system gave my GMC 8.1L V8 even MORE HP... With Intake and this MagnaFlow system, throttle response was much quicker, it also made my truck sound the way it should. LIKE AN AMERICAN TRUCK!
Adam Boyd - Athens, Alabama USA
2002 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab 5.3L V8
I recently purchased a used 2002 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab short bed truck with a 5.3L v8 5300 Vortec engine. I had an aftermarket cold air intake kit installed first, then it was time for some performance exhaust. I went to Clanton Muffler in Athens, AL (Bobby Clanton's place since 1965) and was set on gettin a F........r 40 series on my truck. He said "If I install that F........r on that big Vortec 5300, you'll be back in here tonight wanting it takin off, 90% of the people do." Well, I didn't like the sound of that, so I asked him what would sound good and give me the same performance or better than a F........r. He pointed to a Magnaflow sitting up on the shelf, the last one. I thought "What the heck, isn't that some sort of off brand." He looked at me and told me that if I didn't like the sound and performance of that 1in/2out muffler, he would take it off and replace it with a F........r free of charge. Heck, you can't pass up a strong offer like that. He installed it and I crank
Jason Pratschner - Fargo, ND 
2004 Chevy Colorado Z71 4x4 Crew Cab
Just wanted to say how awesome this truck sounds with my new exhaust. It really seems to get everyones attention and has increased my power and gas mileage. Just wanted to thank MagnaFlow for a great product and would recommend this product to everyone.
Dennis O'Hara - Chesapeake, VA USA
2003 Dodge Dakota
Just purchased a Magnaflow Cat back....what an awesome, booming sound. Thanks to Travis and the guys at "The Muffler Shop" Holland rd, Virginia Beach...great service, great product Magnaflow
Sam - Glendale, California USA
1995 Chevy Tahoe
I have a '95 Tahoe 2 door Z71. My first choice was Flows, but after I heard the Magnaflow I couldn’t turn back. I told myself I have to have Magnaflow. When Magnaflow was installed, my power increased, the air flow coming out of the exhaust was clean, and I got more miles to the Gallon. Till this day my heart still melts from the sound it makes. I will always stick with Magnaflow and refer it to anyone who wants a "Performance Exhaust". Cause Mangaflow is the way to GOOOOO! Thanks Magnaflow!
Eric Smith - Urbanna, Virginia USA
2004 Dodge Rumble Bee
I have a Hemi powered Ram and I have always used Flowmaster for my exhaust. I wanted something without so much noise at crusing speed so I decided to go with Magnaflow. It's the perfect combination of powerful sound and quiet in the cab. It's throaty and it makes everone around look at you, young and old. All my buddies with flowmaster now want Magnaflow! Thank you, and I guess I might have started a new trend in my area. Keep up the good work.
Dave Maslowski - Blue Grass, Iowa USA
2004 Dodge Ram QC SLT HEMI 4x4
Today my Dodge Ram entered into a new dimension. I had AAA Muffler in Moline, Illinois, install a MagnaFlow 14598 SS Muffler. Larry is a cool guy and did a super job at a reasonable price. He really eased my concerns and made me feel confident in my decision to go with MagnaFlow. But to my surprise when I turned onto the street from his shop and opened up the Hemi the sound was awesome, the acceleration was exilerating, and my smile was ear to ear. I looked at FlowMaster and AeroTurbine and Borla. Thank God I looked at MagnaFlow as well. Thanks MagnaFlow for making a quality product. I'm not only a customer, I'm now a fan.
Beto - Houston, Texas 
1998 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500
Back in 98 I bought my truck brand new and one of the first things I installed was a single in dual out Magnaflow Exhaust. I loved the way it sounded then and I love the way it sounds today, 6 years later. I still burn that expensive fuel revin' up every chance I get. Thank God for red lights.
Paul - Canyon Country, California USA
2002 Ford F-150
After researching exhaust systems for my 2002 4.2L F-150, I decided to go with Magnaflow. The 4.2L is notorious for having poor performance and low torque below 2500 RPM. Went to Bill's Muffler in Newhall, CA and they installed a 12640. As I drove away from the shop, I immediately noticed the difference with better acceleration and torque. Thanks Magnaflow for a great product and thanks to the guys at Bill's Muffler's for doing a terrific job.
CCS - Vancouver, BC Canada
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quadcab 4x4
I recently purchased the 15740 CatBack system for my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quadcab 4x4, 5.9 gas engine with 20,000 Kilometers. The sound is awesome and the performance increase is noticeable especially the torque at lower rpms. In addition, I noticed a marked improvement in fuel consumption; a considerable savings. All of the components fit perfectly using the existing hangers. There is a slight increase in cab vibration which I am sure your customer service department can assist me in reducing. Compared to my previous vehicle with a F---m---- r this is a real pleasure. Thanks again for a great product!
Simon - Glendale, California USA
1995 Chevy Tahoe
I have a '95 2Dr Tahoe with a 350. Ever since I put in single mangaflow w/ 3" in/out, my truck has had great performance, and the sound is incredible. Couple months later, I made it into duel exhaust, Strait 3" piping from the headers. The sound is out of control and the performance made a big difference. I've never been so happy with my ride. Thanks A lot Mangaflow.
Don Buchholtz - St. Louis, Missouri 
2001 Dodge Ram 1500
I wanted a healthy sound from my '01 Ram 5.9L, but not obnoxious. Had Evans performance, who was listed on your website, install the Magnaflow catback dual exhaust system. It has a great deep tone, but not intrusive in the cab. The local Magnaflow rep even stopped by my work to talk with me, before I bought the system. A great product and great service!
Lee Eckard - Hildebran, NC 
2001 Ford Explorer
Awesome! Exactly what I wanted! I couldn't be happier with my new magnaflow muffler! I scanned the internet and looked for comments that fit my ideal exhaust for my Ford Explorer. I was looking for a performance muffler that would give me a deep mellow sound without being too harsh. I went with the Magnaflow because most people said it provided a rich, deep tone and would not be very noticable with the windows up inside the vehicle. I am here to tell you that this mufflers's sound is music to my ears! It is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade to a free-flowing muffler that adds performance and also sounds deep and mellow. Thanks to all that are responsible for this excellent product I couldn't be more pleased by your product. It does what it claims to do! Thanks again
Brian - Danville, IL 
2003 Chevy 1500HD Crew Cab 6.0L
This system rocks! The gas mileage improved, along with the sound and the look of the truck. This is a great product.
Tanner - Topeka, Kansas USA
1987 Chevy Silverado
i put the new exhaust on my truck and it runs stronger than it did when it was brand new in '87, and the stainless steel tips look just as good as the chrome ones but they dont rust like the chromes. I recomend magnaflow to everybody who wants to gain horsepower and let everyone know whos coming down the road.
Christian - Edmonton, Alberta Canada
1989 Ford Ranger
This is an amazing muffler, it really made my truck more then i thought i could be, i have a 2.9 l engine and it sounds like a mini monster truck, i love my magnaflow and suggest it to anyone who wants a seriously great sounding viecle! amazing job magnaflow!
William Huckeba - Downey, California USA
2004 GMC Yukon
I once was a Flowmaster zombie...... but it all changed when i decided to get a 3 inch magnaflow cat-back. i couldnt believe how much horsepower and torque it gave me! It almost felt as if the muffler From Flowmaster was taking away performance. I am so glad i went with magnaflow, it sounds so nice and deep!
Jake - Ontario, Canada 
1996 Chevy Silverado
I've had my truck going on four years now. Two days after I bought it I straight-piped it. It was exceptionally loud, no one believed it only had a 5L in it. It had a really loud snap and cackle to it. I got sick of it though, as my neighbours did as well, but they didn't get the break they wanted. I put on a 2.5" single-in/dual-out Magnaflow WIDE OPEN PERFORMANCE muffler. Later I found out the Catalytic converter was plugged and restricting the flow. So I went back to Motion Auto Parts and got a HIGH FLOW CATTY; Magnaflow, of course. Spent half a day and put it on myself, and that initial fire-up made my month!!! When my cousin turned that key and just nailed the throttle to the rev-limiter, the truck was complete, that powerful roar of the Vortec was deep and throaty and just what I was wanting from it. That was a year ago now, and every week for the last year, the muffler just keeps getting louder with all that back pressure hittin' it.

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